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I am so sorry to hear about Elsa. When I lost Maggie you were so helpful with kind words (in the chatroom). I hope my words can bring you some comfort. Elsa was very lucky to have a family like yours. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.
God Bless,

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I'm so sorry for the loss of your Elsa.  My Bosco passed away 100% unexpectedly on Friday, April 11th, so I can completely empathize with you.  It's not easy.  My thoughts and prayers are with you.


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Lady Abbey:

Since Tremor went to the bridge six months ago you have been there for me and now when you need me I find myself speechless.

I know the days filled with indecision and then the terrible pain of freeing Elsa from her pain and suffering.

I hope in the days to come your pain will ease and you not only remember the good times spent with Elsa, but may a smile come to you as you think of her and your beloved Abigail together at the bridge.


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I am so very sorry to hear of Elsa's passing, I know all to well just how deep the pain is, I miss my Kristy so much,on the 24th of April it will be 6 months since she went to the bridge, you are in my thoughts and prayers, we are all here for you.

Love and kind thoughts


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I am so sorry to read about Elsa.  I had read many of your posts and know how much you love.    Please be good to yourself..

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Dear Mommy,

We are together again

at the Rainbow Bridge.

We can run and play all day.

One day when the road turns,

we will all be together again.

Until that day,

we are sending you love.



I just know they are together

just as my babies are.

Love and Hugs,

Carol aka Carewolf


Posts: 87

Dear Petloss Family.......
I want to thank each and every one of fellow wolves and all the petloss family for your outpouring love and caring for Elsa and me.  This means so very much to me and I thank you from my heart. 
On Saturday I noticed Elsa had not moved from where she was laying the night before.  Her breathing was labored.  She had no desire to go outside with Myah.  I tried to give her a favorite treat, she refused it.  She acted as if she wanted to get up, yet she couldn't.  She acted as if she wanted to sleep ,yet she had difficulty putting her head down. She was coughing and as I listened to her realized her lungs were filling up with fluids.  I called to see if the female vet was working, the one I like so much.  She was. 
My son just happened to be in town and stopped by.  He tried to get Elsa to eat, she always was willing to take any food from him, but again she refused.  I knew then that she was failing rapidly. 
We put her on a blanket and took her to my van.  My son got in the back of the van and talked to her, kissed her and said his goodbyes to Elsa.  My eyes filled with tears at that point.  He loved Elsa so. 
They brought out a stretcher to take Elsa in the vets office.  Dr. H came in and I told her I wanted her to check Elsa's heart and lungs.  Sadness came over the doc's face and said that Elsa's lungs were filling up and she is shutting down.  I wanted to know without a doubt that there was nothing she or I could do to help Elsa.  I then made the decision to let her go with dignity and not prolong her suffering. 
Dr. H was choking up herself, bless her heart.  She said she had grown to care for Elsa also and that she wished all owners were like me with a heart of gold and doing all they can do for their pets, but also knowing when to let them go.  She then hugged me. I told Elsa it is ok...go be with Abbey that she is waiting for her and that I will be OK.   I was with Elsa the whole time and so very glad I was the last person she saw when she left me.  Her passing was peaceful.  The vet said to me that what I see is but a shell of Elsa for she is now soaring!  How very true!  I am so very glad that Dr. H was able to be there to help Elsa on her journey with her caring and compassion.   
I chose to have Elsa cremated.  This will be a first for me.  I am assuming that her ashes will be ready next week.  She told me about 10 days. 
My shepherd, Myah is still rather lost.  I am actually surprised that she is acting this way as she has always been so much alpha. I think she is missing her buddy and is grieving too. It will take time for Myah to adjust to being the only dog in the house.  I am trying to spend extra time with her now.  She will be ok in time.
Time will heal the emptiness I have in my heart for Elsa.  I am starting to heal.  Knowing she is not suffering and in pain any longer.  Elsa was truly a gift to me.  And now I have the gift of remembering her.  The waves of sorrow will come and they will go. Elsa took my love with her on her journey.  Yet her love will always be with me in my heart.  I thank Elsa for giving me 14 wonderful years.  How great is that?  Many, many wonderful memories I have of Elsa.  As I laugh, as I cry, I have those memories. Knowing she lives forever in my heart is comforting.  I will always love and cherish the love Elsa gave to me. Both Elsa and Abbey taught me much.  Abbey so very protective and wise.  Elsa such a loving, sweet, innocent soul. I was truly blessed to have them in my life.

Now you are both at this place we call the rainbow bridge.  Free of pain you had on this earth.  Along with countless other furbabies. I will always be grateful for having Abbey in Elsa in my life.  All my love to you my ladies.  
Luv, hugs. and healing to all! 



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Oh Abbeywolf
I am so glad that you have found the strength to share your beautiful girls last moments.    I am assuming that she was a big girlie.  This might sound so strange, but 7 years ago in February, I had my beautiful Shepherd/Leonburger Pts.  She had Leukaemia.  It was the most peaceful passing I have ever had with a baby.  My vet knew her from a pup, she belonged to a vet that used to work with him, she didnt come to me until she was 3 and a half years old.  If I had not taken her she was going to be PTS.  She was my angel and my heart.  When the time came, I took her to my vet. 
My vet was also a holistic practitioner and so was his wife.  We put on music and I held my Sorchas head.  After, we all sat together on the floor, my vet his wife and me.  We were all crying, but we all knew that Sorcha wanted to leave then. 
My heart is with you, but you know and I know that you have made the right decision.  I am so, so sorry, but I know that your darling is now flying free.

Peace, Light and Love, Di xxx

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I'am so very sorry for your loss of your sweet  Elsa,know my heart and prayers are with you as you greivefor your baby,She is okay at the bridge playing with all of our bridge kids,but she's watching over you to ,she loves you so much with all her heart and will be waiting for you at the bridge.
Healing hugs to you & many Hugs and Butterfly Kisses to Elsa.
Love & Hugs,
JoAnn Sammy Sus's Mom

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Dear Abbeywolf

I am so sorry for the loss of dear Elsa.  What a peaceful transition she had to the rainbow bridge with you there loving her the whole time.  Your strength is inspiring.  Thank you for sharing her story.

Kate (Gus's mom)


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Dear Georgia,
I understand so well the deepness of your loss which goes hand & hand with the deepness of your Love for your dear little one.
Such a loss of a beloved friend brings many tears but with each tear , your heart will heal .You have many friends who care and will lift you up through your sadness. Your Elsa is in a place where there is only Love and she is surrounded with the unconditional Love that she freely gave to you . Hold tight all your memories and one day you will find your way back to her.
Peace to you,
Max's mom Jo


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(((((((Abbeywolf & Elsa))))))))
I am sorry about Elsa. I know how you feel right now and remember I am here for you. You took very good care of Elsa and she knows how much you love her. She's at Rainbow Bridge getting to know Sidney and all the other furbabies there.
Take Care and remember I'm thinking of you.

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Your recent update is so very touching.  Again, I find I have tears in my eyes.  I know you are so very grateful for your time with Elsa, and that you were such a good mom...  She was loved.  No one can ask for more. 

Thank you for sharing this with us.  I know how hard it must be, yet how wonderful to know that Elsa is fine again, and with Abbey. 

Big hugs to you.  You are such a great inspiration...



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Dear Georgia,
I just read your updated post and you have such a beautiful inner strength which will help you through your sadness. When the days are more difficult to face ~ I know your little angel will be walking beside you and guiding your footsteps each and every day . You will feel her beautiful spirit all around you and you will have many people that care and will be here for you.
I cremated my beloved Golden Max and I have a beautiful tribute to him on my dresser with candles and his stained glass urn surrounded with little poems and tiny golden statues. It eases my heart to have him there for me although I know his spirit runs free at Rainbow Bridge with your sweet girls and all the other very loved furchildren.
Be gentle with yourself and allow the healing to flow through you.
Much Love to you,
Max's mom Jo


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Dear Abbeywolf -


I'm so sorry to hear about your sweet baby Elsa.  I know you went through so much with her.  Her spirit flies with you now, wherever you go.


You truly are an amazingly generous person – always providing such loving and compassionate support for all of us here.  I hope that at this time you know that we’re all here for you now.


In thought and prayer.


Rusty’s Mom.


Posts: 43

Dear Abbeywolf,

   I just saw your post and I  gasped out loud "Oh NO!!!!!!!" I am so very, very sorry, my sister, to hear that Elsa is gone. You handled it with your usual dignity and grace and thought only of your girl first above all. Many of the signs were the same as with my beloved catty girl MyZelda, so I know the agony and helplessness seeing them in Elsa caused you. So many occasions you have helped me and others, even coming into PetLoss chat room on the nights when Elsa had had a seizure and I know you wanted to be by Elsa's side every minute, yet you came here to listen to everyone who needed help. Yes, indeed you do have a heart of gold and golden memories of Abbey and Elsa to keep it filled to the brim with love. Myah will now look to you more than ever for special attention and I know she will be able to give you back that love & comfort that you both need. I like to extend my condolences to your entire family, and I admire the courage with which you are facing this loss of a dear family member. Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers at this time as always. Love, HopeWolf, Laurie


Posts: 613

Dear Georgia, I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your precious beloved Elsa, I feel your pain and share your grief.   I'm sure that Nike was there when Elsa arrived at the Bridge to welcome her into the Golden Club that exists there.  She will be surrounded by nurturing friends, and made to feel comfortable, warm, and welcome in her new home.   She was deeply loved, and your connection and bond with you will never be broken.  Take good care of yourself during this difficult time.  Hugs from Houston, MsSavion


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Dear Abbeywolf, I am so very sorry to hear of Elsa's passing. She is now with all our furbabies watching over us. I know they do. Someday we will be with our darlings again. I wish you peace and comfort. Donna. Mr. Meowgy's mom


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Abbeywolf, just now heard about Elsa (I have been out of the loop for about 6 weeks). So very very sorry. The body gives out and we miss their physical presence. Even though we can wrap their spirit around us like a warm blanket on a cold night, it still hurts. Peace to you.

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Dear Abbeywolf,

   I'm so sorry to hear about Elsa's passing.  I know how much you loved her and will miss her.  Hugs,

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