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Dear Petloss Family,
I picked up Elsa's ashes and she is now home with me.  This is a first for me, as I have never had a pet cremated till now.  When I was leaving the vet's office, Dr. H came out of a room.  I was holding Elsa's ashes. I walked over to her and thanked her for her caring and kindness in helping Elsa on her journey with peace. We hugged each other and she thanked me for having such love and compassion for my dear Elsa.  I thanked her for the card she sent me. 

Having Elsa home is rather surreal.  Just yesterday, I found many pictures in the basement in a box of Elsa and Abbey together, along with Mandy, my cocker spaniel that passed years ago.  I admit my eyes began to water, yet thru the tears, I smiled and laughed at some of them.  The box that I am waiting for to hold Elsa's remains has a place on the front of the box for a picture so I am going to have to pick one to put on it.  Hard decision for there are so many good ones! 

Many of you have asked me how Myah is doing. She is grieving, and I am doing my best to pay extra attention to Myah and I take her with me when I can to have some special together time. Myah loves to go with me.   Dr. H told me it could take some time for Myah to get over her grief and to make sure she is drinking and eating which she is just not as much as she was.  Myah will be fine as I will help her thru her grief and she will help me.  I understand Myah more than other family members.  As Elsa was, Myah is also my girl who I love so very much. Myah misses her buddy, Elsa who was 10  when I got Myah. Four years of companionship for them,  and in ways I think that perhaps Myah helped Elsa keep going.  Elsa's will to live was so strong and she was also very brave.  She had to be to tolerate the personality of my German Shepherd, Myah.  
I realize that everyone grieves differently, and in their own time.  For me, I choose to honor Elsa with the love I have in my heart for her and all the wonderful memories of 14 years.  I know Elsa would not want me to be sad.  The waves of sorrow will come and they will go.  Yet I am at peace with helping her on her journey.  Elsa knows I carry her love with me. What a great feeling that is.

I thank all of you in the petloss family for your support and caring for me and my dear golden, Elsa. Her legacy lives on.

Luv, hugs, and healing to all!


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Hello Abbeywolf,

Hershey had two fur brothers, Silver and Mozart. Silver was devoted to Hershey from the get go. Mozie and Hershey were the squirrel patrol duo of the family. Silver had been an only dog, Mozie has never been an onlu dog. So when Hershey went to the bridge. I was torn about getting another pet. Sil and Moz mourned and fretted, they would not wlak, they would not ride. So in early January, Kuggel was added to the family.

I miss and cry for Hershey. He was young and his death was very unexpected. May you find peace and good memories. I am sure that Hershey and Elsa are buddied up at the bridge. Hershey is a real ladies man.

Peace and hugs,

Meriam, Silver, Mozie and Kugs

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You are so right Abbeywolf, Elsa's legacy goes on as you help more people through their losses every day. That is no small comfort.  Peace to you and Myah.

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Dear AbbeyWolf

I am glad to hear that Elsa is back home.  I lost my Golden Retriever Butch at the age of 10 on March 29th,2008 suddenly to cancer.  He went within 1-1/2 weeks and we did not know what was wrong.
I too never cremated any of my dogs.  Butch was the first.  He held a special place in my heart like your Elsa.
So when his ashes came back in his rock type urn, I felt a peace and a loneliness.
Elsas' spirit will remain with you always. After I had my loss, I knew you were suffering with the illness of your beloved Elsa and it was only a matter of time she would be with your Abbey and my Butch, running pain free and happy beyond the rainbow. My deepest prayers go out to you

I am trying to do up a DVD in memory of him and I find going through some of his pictures are happy and sad times.

I never did get another dog, so when Butch left for the Rainbow bridge I could not stop crying.  I missed him so, but I knew he was no longer in pain.

I started going on line and looking at rescues and then I found some 6 month old puppies.  I did not want another male but low and behold, my husband and I now were chosen by another Golden "Cody Bear". I gave him the CKC name of" HDS Golden Keeper of the Stars" He is about 6-1/2 months old.  I now know that Butch would be happy that I am able to share my love with another. I still cry and am sad, because there will be no other like him, but already Cody has a corner of my heart. Cody is helping me through my grief also.

I am glad you have Myah and she really needs you now. I know that when we picked up Cody, he had been living with 7 other dogs.  Three siblings and his Dad.  When we were going to take him in the van , his Dad kept coming over and kissing him on his nose and face.  It was kind of heart wrenching to see.  As if he was saying goodbye.  I knew that Cody was missing his family for the first 3-4 days.  He looked so sad and lonely, and we were all he had now. So, I can understand Myah's sadness and loneliness, since she was with Elsa longer.

Take care, love and peace be in your heart always. Look after Myah and yourself.

Betty and "Cody"


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Dear Abbeywolf, I am so sorry for your loss of Elsa and the pain you are dealing with.  I am glad that bringing her home gave you some comfort and your Vet sounds so caring and thoughtful.  I remember when we brought Peanut's ashes home I thought I would be a basketcase and not even be able to look at the oak box knowing my baby was in there. However, my reaction was quite different than I thought it would be. I looked at the pretty urn with her name on the bottom and I didn't cry, I just sat there holding it and I felt this strange wave of calm and comfort envelop me and I felt peace that Peanut was now home again with us; her favorite spot in the entire world.  It is so nice to hear that you are at peace with your decision to put her to sleep and to free her from her pain and sickness. I so wish I could be as strong and do the same. It has been 10 months since P passed and I have been struggling with the guilt of making that decision to put her to sleep but I also feel like maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel and perhaps someday I will come to terms with it as you have.  I am so glad you have Myah to help you thru your grief and loss and sounds like she needs help from you as well. Together you will get thru this and build an an even stronger bond between the two of you. 

Hugs to you,


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Dear Abbeywolf,

What a lovely post...thanks for letting us know about Elsa coming home, and the update on Myah. I think of Myah all the time, and wonder how she's getting along - as I do about you, too. It is so wonderful the way you honor Elsa's memory. Maybe, with the place for a photo on the urn, you could change it every month or so? I don't know if you have to seal it in there, or what, but with so many good photos, maybe you could change with the seasons, or whatever.

I think of you often and send you love!


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    I cried reading this. You're in my thoughts & prayers. As you know we had Lucy cremated.  I know that every one here has been very supportive. Elsa's legacy will ALWAYS live on.


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My friend Abbeywolf,
I am glad Elsa is home. I too put Sheba's ashes in a beautiful oak doghouse with a picture on the front. I look at it everyday. I remember all the nights and hours in the "room" talking about Elsa, Myah and Sheba. They were sad times but also at the same time they were times I will remember always. I have made some good friends here at Petloss but none as remarkable as you. You helped me through some really tough times and I thank you very much for that. I told you that you were a strong person , but you always doubted me. I told you so! You are a very strong person. Your love for Elsa was a strong one, and one that will last forever. I wish I could be stronger for my Princess and Brandy, and I am trying to get there everyday. I will remember you and Elsa and Sheba forever and I will hold these times in my heart forever. I am glad you are feeling better and I wish the best for you and your family. I will talk to you later my good friend.

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I am so sorry about the loss of your darling Elsa. I think it will bring you great comfort to have her home with you. You can talk to her and sing to her and tell her all about your day. My beloved Mr. Meowgy is in our yard and I go out every night and spend time with him.
I am sure Myah does miss her buddy. Mr. M's sister was acting very strange. It took 3 days but she started sniffing all around and wanted to be held all the time. Very unusual for her. She is better now. You are right to give Myah extra TLC and assure her everything will be ok. Our poor babies don't understand why everything is so different. Peace and comfort to you. Donna, Mr. Meowgy's mom

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Lady Abbey:

I bestowed that name upon you since even in the midst of dealing with the impending loss of your Elsa you found time to help others.  Your help with my loss of my Tremor went a long way to helping me heal.

I remember well the first few weeks of coming to chat and being able to cry and grieve and then the times when there was laughter in the room which is a healing tool. You have been the epitome of what the role of the wolf should be to those that discover the wonderful site that is petloss.

I am glad that Elsa like my Tremor is now home where she belongs and that you have not only begun to heal, but to look forward to being able to recall the good times with a smile instead of tears.

No way can you ever replace a special animal. Each one is unique. I truly believe God made them that way.

With love and friendship,



Posts: 52
Dear Abbey, 
I am glad Elsa is back home with you.  I really like MollyWolf's idea of changing the photo every now and then, if you are able to once you put the picture in it.
Hugs to you and Myah,
Boo Boo's Mommy

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There is such a peace in your memories and although the tears will come and they will go,  the Love remains as Golden and bright as the Sun. You hold her Legacy  in your heart and when you speak of her with pride and Loving words, she is with you. I wish you comfort on the difficult days and smiles when you recall all of those Golden Days~
Love to you,
Max's mom Jo

Posts: 166
Oh Abbeywolf!

I have been away from here for a while as I had some other very urgent issues to deal with.  I am so sorry to learn of your loss of Elsa! 

I am glad she is home with you now.  I have 8 Shelties in their urns on a shelf beside my bed.  My hubby built the beautiful shelf for me.  It makes me feel better to know that they are with me.  And although I know that they are really at the Bridge, I know that I have a part of them with me.

HUGS dear Abbeywolf!  You are an angel to all of us!

Kassidy's mom
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