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Everytime I try to take a good picture of EmmyLou, she runs away from me.  It is rare that I get a good candid shot of her.

It makes me wonder if perhaps someone shot at her with a gun and she thinks that when I aim the camera at her she has flash backs. 

Has this happened to anyone else?


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Sammy didn't like the Camera to cover my face. I think that scared him. I hope and pray that no one was ever cruel to your Baby. There is a Judgment Day. God bless.


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Clara, I don't have the same kind of situation with a camera with SilverCloud, but I have found that he has reactions to loud noises and sudden moves that lead me to believe that he too may have suffered some abuse.

As I look into his sweet, deep blue eyes, I can't believe that anyone would've ever raised a hand to this wonderful spirit.....but I'm pretty well convinced that it happened.  All I can do is speak softly to him, especially as he's getting ready to go to sleep for the night, scratch his sweet face and ears, and let him know how much I love him and how much I will do everything I can to keep him safe.  God help anyone that I see raising a hand against such a pure and innocent creature!

Just love your little EmmyLou!   If she is afraid of the camera, don't use it!  Rick

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Clara, we just don't know what these babies have been through before they came to us. It is sad. Paco is afraid of loud noises, Bic lighters, he cringes if we pick up a stick or garden tool, etc. But he is doing better and learning to trust. We just have to give them time to heal and move past their history of abuse and I'm sure it takes time for them to truly trust us and understand that they don't have to be afraid and we won't hurt them. That we love them and will keep them safe. We just don't know what they have had to endure and it's heartbreaking. But it is wonderful to see the progress once they realize they are loved and in a forever home.
You are giving Emmylou all your love and in time maybe she will overcome her fear of the camera. She knows she is safe now.

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EmmyLou sounds a lot like me!  I run every time I see one also!!



Posts: 628
Mare---lol.  I probably should have figured it out because I hate to have my picture taken too!!!!

That was funny.  Gave me a laugh to start the day.


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Clara, I know you want pictures so you have lot's of memories to look back on.  Maybe if she is only photoed from a little distance if she's in your lap or your husbands with your arms around her she'll know she's safe and won't be afraid.  Poor little girl, it could just be the flash, or like someone said, it covers your face and she doesn't know what to think of that.


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My sweet schnauzer girl hates the camera too. I find that it's the light clicking sound it makes. I can get one good candid and then she's through. So different from our other pups we've had. So bad that her rescue photo on PetFinder didn't look like her at all:)

I think it has nothing to do with abuse, but rather the fact that she has a heightened awareness of sound coupled with a very high prey drive. She hears the click and goes a-hunting.

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