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Last night I made the decision to reach out and call one of my dear friends (Beth) to let her know what had happened this past week. We don't see each other much these days but I was so glad that I did. We talked for about an hour and I really let my feelings spill out. That's me - I don't hold back. At some point in the conversation we talked about something called emotional intimacy with our pets. This is a little talked about topic. Most people would dismiss any such connection and counter with "emotional intimacy? That's something you only share with another human being." I heartily disagree. To keep yourself emotionally healthy, why not not both - humans and pets? I told her that I frequently let my dog know each and every detail about what I was feeling. Sure, your dog can't talk back but they can intuitively sense what you are feeling through your voice inflection, eye movements and body language. Dogs are sometimes better sounding boards than a lot of humans. They don't judge. They don't criticize. While they can't categorically break down  the finer points of your talk with them, they do know that something is either good or bad. Dogs are that special. My friend agreed with me and further added that "most pet people know that - it's a given." I felt a great sense of relief after speaking with my friend last night. She gets it. 
So glad that I called her.

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I am so pleased to hear that you found someone to talk to who was on your level re pets & who had the intelligence to understand that pets do feel a connection with us and have good intuition, which is a gift a lot of people do not have & it cannot be taught..It must have been refreshing for you to have had that chat..Pets know when we are down, they feel us, they do thing's like offer us their paw, come over to where we are and lie next to us, sometimes they might give a little cry, or sometimes put their sweet heads on our laps or try to give us kisses..They love us like nobody else and ask for nothing in return.. Your dog sure had a long life and I believe amazing!

Sending you comfort and support...

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  Thanks so much for your kind and understanding words. You obviously do know that our pets are much more than merely dogs or cats. They are (4) legged anti-depressants. I never even gave depression a thought when I was in the presence of my little girl. They really do help balance our emotions and keep us healthy. It's a proven fact that by merely petting our furry friends it can help to lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety and promote a sense of well being. As I navigate through the grieving process, it's so reassuring to know that there are people out there like you that understand the magnitude of our special companions. Once again, I want to Thank You for your visionary thinking. 

Hugs sent your way,



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thank you so much for sharing about this aspect of our bonds. I share the same sentiment and belief about emotional intimacy with our loved furbabies.  My boy, Mossimo, came into my life when I was diagnosed with a psychiatric disability and our bond was deeply connected through emotional intuition.  He was my life line during many episodes over the 12 yrs he was my service dog.  I have felt the depth of that emotional intimacy and can say it is a special gift to have.  I miss my boy dearly, and feel like Im back to where I started before he came into my life. But I have to try to remember all he taught me and that he is watching over me as best he can. 

sending lightness and comfort to all,
Mossimo's Mom - Anastacia

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Mossimo's Mom:

  Thank You for sharing about your beloved Mossimo. Yes, they can be service dogs, confidants, walking companions, therapy dogs and , of course, our best friends. I am so happy that you and he shared a special relationship that lasted for many years. As far as emotional intimacy goes, dogs can't answer us with words but they can put a paw on our laps to let us know that everything is going to be okay. They can rest at our feet and gaze longingly into our eyes as if to say "I understand," You can tell them anything and they won't judge, criticize or berate you. The emotional bond that I had with my dog was very real. I miss her dearly.

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