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It has officially been 1 week and 1 day since my dog Braveheart passed on to Heaven. The first 3 days were the hardest. I wept like a baby. That's right... I didn't cry, I didn't tear up.... I WEPT. 
I wept to the point where I had to deeply inhale just to catch my breath. 
But thank the Lord has gotten easier, less intense, and less raw within this week. 

I still am not able to look at Braveheart's pictures all the time. I am not able to keep his necklace on that I made, and I am not able to keep the picture frame up on the wall yet (its got a piece of his fur in it). But I am working on these things. 

The thing that sucks the most is that I can't hug him. Braveheart gave the best hugs, and he loved to be hugged. Aww what a sweet boy. I'm smiling just thinking about him 😉 It also sucks knowing that I cannot physically touch him until I, too, pass on to Heaven..and that is probably going to be a while because I'm only 26. 
I just can't wait to see my boy again. I love him so much. He's like a son to me. I know that he is in Heaven with God, and I know that he is being taken care of, and that he is super happy up there...but I miss him. 
I still have his bed laying in my floor where it should be, because it just looks so empty when it's not there. 
Like I said, the feelings of sadness are not as intense as they were a week ago...but there is still an emptiness that lingers in the house, as well as in my heart. It is just not the same without my sweet and loving boy, Braveheart. 

God bless you all here on this forum. I wrote this in the hopes of letting you all know that it will get better with time...even as short as a week. The emptiness is always going to be there...but it's gotten less intense. The most comforting thought/fact that I have is that I know our loving animals go to Heaven when they pass away. They are not gone. They're just in Heaven; waiting for us. Jesus will lead you to them. 

God bless.

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Hello Jesse,
Appreciated your words of Inspiration. A new day and I hope your coping is going better for you since your last post. Yes, one is never prepared for the aftermath of the loss. When they go, a piece of our Heart goes with them. We Love them to the moon and back and they return the Love and it seems impossible to see a Life without. I read once, ''they just change adressess'', a cute connotation... As mentioned in my previous posts, what has been of immense comfort has been EDW FORUM along with the Moderatiors... Betsy,Jean&Mondo, combine that with my own coping measures of daily candle lites, his fur in a locket, photos around the lites and the comfort of Perry's stuffed pig, the item that he ''eyed'' for years and now that inanimate object has taken on a Life of it's own, so to speak...There is so much that we as humans donot comprehend about the ''Energy of Love''. Love is a powerful energy that bonds people and energy. We ARE linked to Our pets, through this energy. I truly believe the Bond so strong, carrying on and into the afterlife. We will always miss the physical presence of and long for. Memories are Forever, Long live Braveheart's & Perry's memories.........

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Dearest Braveheart and Perry's moms,
I read your post and it really hit me for I feel as you both do. I miss my Heart Dog (Termy) so very much. I know he is with God and is being taken care of. This is where I found my inner peace. I did read a few books on "dogs in Heaven" and "cold noses at the pearly gate" and they reassured me that God has place for all his creatures. So I cry less but still miss him. I let him go almost 6 months ago (march 18th will be six months) and I too cannot put away his dishes and toys because of the emptiness. His stuffed Wolf slipper is on my bed post and on really bad nights I fall asleep holding it just as you do (Sherry) with Perry's stuffed pig. Oh, what we wouldn't do just to hold them again and smell their fur and hug them and say "I love you" in their ear.  But we cannot, So we comfort each other here on this Forum and share our grief and support each other. I couldn't have said it any better for reading your posts is exactly how I feel everyday. Thank you for sharing. I go out every night at 8:30 and look for the star I feel is Termy's star and talk to him. All I can do is what makes the emptiness feel less.
Love and doggie hugs
Termy's mom

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Hi Jesse,
I am so so sorry for your loss of your  Braveheart.   Your words are encouraging both here and the message you wrote on my thread about my cat Meena.    Today is exactly one week ...... and I am still weeping and unable to go to bed without one final bad spell of the day everyday ....
But I know that I felt the sharpness of the emotional pain reduce some after losing my Tony on Feb. 15th ... now it seems it sort of compounded after losing Meena on March 5th.  
My counselor was helpful today ...
I realized that I was having trouble in the spiritual area ... because although I feel very connected still to my Dad (he died 3 years ago) I feel I have lost the connection to my beloved cats.   And it is puzzling and I need to find my way as to having enough faith to know they are not "gone" they are in a different, non-physical place and I'm stuck here on earth having to deal with time and space and a body still.   They are free ... and my counselor made the comment that they don't remember being ill because they are in such peace and comfort there ...
That did  help.
Thank you for your ability to encourage others (and me) while you are still grieving your such recent loss.   I'm usually a person who encourages and can really "help" others but these losses have put me over the edge and I've had to reach out and accept help and wisdom from others.   I'm glad people like you are there.   You are in my prayers too ... may you feel peace and comfort and joy with the memories and pictures of your Braveheart.  

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Hello Cosesmom...
Appreciate your recent note. What 'handsome' photos of your Termy at 16y. My wee Perry was also the same age. You are correct in saying their lives are too short. Where do the years go, from puppies to twilight in a blink ! Have mentioned in the past, the importance of focusing on whatever brings ''You'' comfort, whether a twinkling Star or a stuffed sock. Memories are all we have, gone from Our Lives--not Our Hearts. See the entire picture as a Whole and not just the final snap. Let Us be eternally greatful for having had our pets grace Our Lives, and continue to do so in Spirit.
My Heart goes out to ALL on this Forum who are in despair with emotional turmoil. We join Forces as One. Take a day -at- a-time.                                                      Sherry/Perryx 
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