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My dad got Sharkie when he was 16 weeks old back in 2008. By 2012 he became my dog and I became his person along with companion to my 3 smaller dogs. At this point in time I knew he was a “runner” because he would always jump the fence at my dads and get caught winding up at the pound and us having to go pick him up. Fast forward a couple of years in 2014 he began to get aggressive toward other animals, mainly cats, which we didn’t think much of because we didn’t have any. By the next year things progressed and he attacked a dog in our neighborhood and had to be rehomed out of our County.

I rehomed him with my sister because he had been around her dogs for years and was familiar with them but within weeks he turned on them as well. A friend of mine agreed to give him a trial run with her because she also only had a chihuahua and she recently got a Rottweiler puppy. Things were great for 2 years and then he snapped and attacked their neighbors dog which meant he came back home to me. I was overjoyed because I had moved and was allowed to have him and he knew the dogs he had grown up with so there weren’t any issues with him being around unfamiliar dogs. He was fine for about a month and one night not even provoked by anything he attacked 2 of my small dogs, dogs he was sharing his food bowl with earlier in the day. His aggression continued to grow over the next few days, growling at even their barks from the room we had them in.

I had to make a decision. He was a liability for me, my dogs, others dogs, and at the rate he was going the potential of an attack of a person was growing. I could tell in his eyes and his mannerisms that he was miserable, he would hide and sulk after attacks and getting angry but he couldn’t control it. I contemplated all of the options and none really would give anyone or any animal safety so I decided to euthanize him. It was the hardest decision I have ever had to make.

I did this on 1/12/18 and I feel so much guilt and like I failed my best friend. Could I have done something more? Did I act to rashly? Could I have just kept him separated from the other dogs for the rest of his life? These thoughts roll around in my mind all day every day and I have total melt downs randomly throughout the day. I feel like a part of me is gone, I have no children so he was like my child along with my other 3 dogs. The vet told me that with age his aggression would likely get worse but that didn’t make me feel any better and nothing anyone says makes it any less painful. My bed is empty feeling, I resent my other animals, I have a hard time coming home because he isn’t there to greet me. People are making me feel like I’m being ridiculous but like I said he was like my child and I’m mourning him as if he was a person. I held him until his last breath telling him I loved him and how sorry I was but the pain just won’t let up. Over the last two days we were together I took around 100 pictures of him and I can’t even look at them without bursting into tears. I am completely devastated. His ashes are not ready yet and I really hope I’m strong enough to bring him home where he belongs. I hope I’m not alone in this situation...

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I feel your pain, having spent the last 8 years with a aggressive dog I think you did the right thing.  8 years ago I adopted a super cute 9 lb dog after losing my dog of 16 years.  I had been looking for a dog for 2 years and when this guy came up I had to go for him.  When I went to the shelter to visit him I knew he had some problems he couldn't of cared less about me being there, but I adopted him anyways.  Two weeks later the aggression started, he started attacking everybody, I wanted him so bad I decided to work with him.  He was a abused dog, they seized him after it was reported that he was in a crate in a travel trailer, I know why I think it was his aggression.  He didn't show any at the shelter, nor at the vet that had neutered him before he was adopted.

I didn't know he would attack people but soon found out, I would take him to work with me he lunged at people and bit a couple of them, so I had to watch closely and finally couldn't let him out of my truck when people where around at work which made working harder as I didn't want to leave him at home.  If we had people over it was a night mare he would bark in fits and lunge at company trying to bite.  One day my aunt came over and she walked onto the deck I had the front door open and he literally attacked her and for a small dog believe me they can bite hard, he should of been put down then but I didn't have the heart.  He also attacked me and my father that hard, once when I was petting him on the head, he grabbed onto my hand biting and ripping my skin still I didn't put him down, he attacked my father the same, and my husband pretty much anybody he had a chance to get too, so eventually I became a prisoner because of a 9lb dog, I couldn't take him out unless I could leave him in my car, and I couldn't enjoy the very reason we have a  pet. 

Because of this aggression taking him to the vet was literally a gong show so when I finally got the nerv to take him in it was too late I put him down three weeks after a radiograph on his heart he had a episode I thought he was going to die in front of me that day I took him in and the vet told me euthanasia was the only option, my heart is broken hard to believe that a dog that bit and was a complete handful could make me grieve so hard.  I totally understand how you feel believe me, but I also think you did the right thing it is really hard to worry about them hurting someone on a daily basis I know.  I feel like after the mourning is over I am going to feel free so even though you loved him just understand that you must think about yourself and others around you, hoping your dog and mine find peace. Take Care

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Years ago a friend of mine had to have her aggressive pit put down.  She paid a trainer thousands in an attempt to control him but I strongly question the methods of the trainer.  She and her boyfriend broke up and he left the dog with her.  The dog challenged my friend's dominance all the time.  She was scared of him.  One night she moved her foot in her sleep and he bit her foot.  He also bit the tip of a finger off, a small chunk of flesh from the top.  She knew it was going to be her or the dog.  And if not her, god forbid if the dog ever made contact with anyone or anything else.  I stopped visiting her because I had never seen a dog's jaw quiver and it want to shred me apart so bad.  It was a frightening animal that she had to put away for company.  

She had to have him put down.  I remember her guilt because the day of his death, he was so well behaved, she said.  Very happy and listening to commands, doing everything he was told, including hopping right on the table for euthanasia.  She felt tremendous pain having to do it, but he was a dangerous, strong dog that wanted to kill.  Unfortunately, its just a sad situation.  

Please don't beat yourself up. You took responsibility.  You protected him, too, from biting someone, being confiscated, and put down by the state.  I get that you resent the other pets right now.  Your other pets brought you joy, too, that's why you have them- you are temporarily numb and will love them again.  Its not their fault your dog became increasingly aggressive, and with time those feelings will subside.  I know its never easy to go through an ordeal like this.  They needed you to protect them, yourself, and other people's beloved pets as well, and you did, because dee down you knew that was what you had to do.  

As a child, my mother had an aggressive dog put down as well.  He was a cocker spaniel mix.  He bit and snapped at the kids and other dogs, and when my mother went away for a week, he tore apart the brand new sofa that they had just bought.  She did put him down and I was haunted by it and dreamed about him all the time.  As kids we didn't go to the euthanasia- we just came home from school and he was gone.  It was surreal and disturbing for him to just be gone, but he bit people, and my mother is normally an animal lover that sometimes seems to put pets over people but she knew to put him down.

I'm so sorry for your pain.  I know you miss your friend.  (((hugs)))


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