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I am so tired of hearing that. I guess because I'm an adult, I'm not supposed to be heart-broken after losing my fur baby.  I've had a few friends understand, but my family does not. They all think I'm nuts because I was so upset about the loss of my beloved hamster, Speckles. 

The first hamster I ever had was really for my son, who had been researching for a year and begging for longer than that  to get a hamster. He got one for Christmas 2011. Hammy passed away due to complications from a broken bone Sept 28, 2012. Shortly thereafter he got a male hamster named Max. I was so heart-broken from Hammy's death that I wanted my own hamster, and I adopted a female Syrian and I named her Speckles. 

And now, less than a year later, she passed away suddenly. She had just been to the vet and all was well for her checkup. She was eating like a pig, and her normal self (which meant hyper and generally getting into trouble). 

Last Wednesday, she seemed a little tired. I took her out of her cage after dinner to snuggle with her, as I did every day. Both our female hamsters loved to cuddle with me for hours. They'd sleep peacefully in my arms, oblivious to the world. Speckles was sleeping a lot longer than normal, and when she woke up she was acting just a bit off. Nothing that screamed "I'm sick!", but I was told I'm just imaging things, and my mom told me i was a hypochondriac and that the hamster was fine. I was taking her to the emergency vet just to be safe, and I was driving with her still in my arms when she passed away. 

My mother lives with me and my two children (11 and 12). When I walked back in the door holding my beloved Speckles after she had died, all she could do is say "Oh stop it. It's just a hamster. What did she cost? Ten dollars? You spent way too much money on her between vet bills and toys and whatnot. You'd think you'd lost a dog or something the way you're carrying on crying. It's only a hamster, so get over it!". 

That is all I've heard for the past week. Why should I have loved my hamsters any less than I did the dogs, cats, ferrets, and other critters I've had over my life? It's so hurtful to hear that I shouldn't be mourning like I am, as if I'm some sort of psycho for having had a hamster steal my heart. I wish people wouldn't be so hurtful. It just makes everything so much worse. 

I came here to try and get some support that I am not getting from anyone else. :( Thanks to those who read this for "listening" to me about Speckles. 


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You shouldn't have to "just get over it." That's such a horrible thing to say.

I had a hamster once that I rescued from a school laboratory. I don't know what happened but the little guy passed away suddenly and I cried and cried. I thought it was so stupid to cry over a little animal like that. But now I realize that it isn't stupid at all. Empathy is a wonderful thing to have and I wish more people in the world could be like you and care about living creatures, no matter what their size. Don't listen to anybody who would belittle your grief. I'm so sorry for your loss. :(


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I am a true animal lover. No matter what animal I will have I will love them all equally. No one should ever tell you it was just a hamster. Animals are all equal, they all feel pain and love and she knew she was loved and you can be thankful for that.

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Sounds like you had a very close and special relationship with Speckles . That's pretty unusual for a hamster to be so tame and cuddly. obviously you spent a great deal of time caring and nurturing the little creature and he repaid you by being extremely tame and friendly , that's why we become attached to animals in the first place because they return our affection. Sonetimes they are there for us when humans are not. they don't criticize but accept us for who we are that's why you love the little guy. We here on the forum understand your grief and hurt as only animal lovers do. Give it time and then go find another little critter who would be so happy to have a mommy like you


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I am so very sorry you've lost Speckles and even more sorry that you're having to hear what you're hearing from people who don't 'get it'. I have said it before and will say it again: grief is not a species-specific phenomenon. I love the way a human does, grieve the way a human does, and form relationships the way a human does because I can't do anything else. I am 'only human.' The fact that the object of my love is a dog, a cat, a hamster or a bird does not change the quality of the love one bit.

You have the right to feel what you're feeling and to know that your hamster is as deserving of this depth of emotion as any other living creature who lives in your heart and with whom you shared your life. Speckles was yours, she was important, she mattered to you. Her genetics don't diminish the quality of your loss so those who say she was 'only a hamster' don't know or don't understand that this loss is being experienced by a human being. It's not about Speckles, it's about YOU, and having people who love you provide the support and care you need to grieve this loss, any loss. They may not care about Speckles, they don't have to, but they should care about you.

Your love for her shines through in every word you write. I am so very sorry she's gone, and I wish you hope, and peace, as you grieve for her. You are most definitely not alone.

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Dear Rehabnurse,

It is totally OK and even beautiful that you loved you Speckles and are mourning her passing.  I am so sorry for you.  Souls are souls, and when we connect with one, what difference does it make whether it is a dog, a person, a stick insect, or a goat?  Love is love, souls are souls, and loss is devastating when we love a soul.

Those that don't understand or even be decent and tactful enough to lend a little support to those suffering the pain of heartbreak from loss, are truly unfortunate people. They are lacking something inside themselves and they will never experience the kind of love we do.  It's sad really.  But try to let it roll off of you and come back here, where there are many who understand you pain, listen to you, let you cry, and can offer you hugz and support.

My Honey passed in June - she used to bring me tiny little mice from the garden unscathed.  She would spit them out at my feet all soaked in her spit, but safe and sound.  I know she has Speckles in her mouth right now ... showing her around.  Don't worry, she's just being a darling and will spit her out once the tour is over :)

Honey's Mom

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Speckles was more that "just a hamster". I don't think it should matter if she was a dog, cat, bird, fish, or any other animal. You love her, and she loves you, and that is the important thing. The love you two shared is all that matters, so ,of course, your going to be upset and sad that she is gone. Some people don't get it, I guess. To us, they are more than just a pet, they are family. You shouldn't have to get over it, you need to have time to grieve for your little friend, without anyone telling you that it is the wrong way to feel.   

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I'm sorry you lost your Speckles.  Unfortunately there a lot of people who just don't understand our connection we have with furry and feathered friends.  They really just don't understand how someone could love an animal, bird, rabbit, rodent, etc. to the point of grieving when they die.  It's too bad because to me they miss out on something so very special in life.   We are the lucky ones who are able to have that special connection even though it brings much sadness when our babies leave us.  Don't let anyone make you feel your love for your hamster was insignificant.  They are the ones who are missing out on something very wonderful to have in their lives.  

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The physical size of the heart in no way dictates the size of the love in it.  Some people do not get that - but here, we do.  Mourn for as long as you must mourn.  And when someone says "get over it" say "thank you" and then just walk away.  When they puzzle through your ambiguous response, often they come to realize that their words were inappropriate. 

You know your heart.  Follow it.

Peace,  Donna - Ben, Oscar, Archie and Basil's mom

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It's truly a shame that people do not have the proper respect for living beings and spirits that they should have. But don't let other people bring you down, even if your family. NOTHING they can say can affect how YOUR relationship was with your baby. NOTHING. You're stronger than that. Steel yourself, get around positive people, do something else away from the negative nellies (even if it's your mom). Just get away...

That said, I can feel the pain in your typing in the OP. Something similar happened to me with my pet raccoon when I was in school, and I had to handle it all by my 14 year old self. I was told, "Just get another one, they're free anyways...", but Stormie wasn't just a raccoon, she was a rescued baby whose mother had died, and she was family. It was so hard to get people to understand. We all know what you feel on here. Lots of us who believe in living souls in our pets have been ostracized for believing just that, whether we've mourned a dog, a cat, a bird, a mouse, a rabbit, or whatever.

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It is what we hear it was only a dog cat rabbit horse and yes hamster people are insensitive to the fact our pet  children become our family. The unconditional love they give is such a gift we are left devastated by their crossing over to pet heaven/rainbow bridge. That is why this wonder space was created and why you are smart to come here . We have been through and often are going through the same. Here pet children are respected so we can cry and heal together. Take advanatge of the message board chat room and go to the candle service it will make you part of the pet lovers community and give you support. I am sorry for your loss and send healing thoughts and prayers your way.
Suzanne aka Kikiwolf

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I'm so sorry for your loss. I don't know what else I can add that hasn't already been said other than to let you know I completely understand your pain. Speckles was special and you loved her so very much - it is so clear from your post how much you loved her and how much she loved you. When we lose one with whom we've bonded, it hurts so much, perhaps even more when we don't get the support we need from those around us.

Please keep coming here and writing about Speckles and the life and bond the two of you shared. Nobody here will get tired of reading your posts and you will always have the unconditional love & support you need, no matter how much time has gone by...

Take care,
- Kelly

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I agree with everything that's been said.  You grieve for your special baby, no matter what the species is.  People have a way of not understanding this grief and try to minimize it.  Just surround yourself with people that support you.

We lost our special dog Brandy about 6 weeks ago.  The pain is just unbearable at times.  When we lost our parakeet quite a number of years ago my husband was devastated because he had become so attached to her and she was very attached to him.  So it doesn't matter what kind of animal - they all have beautiful souls and teach us many lessons about life and love.

Hang in there....wishing you thoughts of peace and comfort.

Brandy's mom

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It is never just a hamster or a fish or a dog or a cat; a pet gives love and receives our love and becomes part of us. 
Mourn the loss of Speckles because you love her and she lives in your heart and the times you spent with her will live on in your heart and you will always remember.

I have had hamsters and they are the sweetest little animals and I have loved mine too.
Your mother doesn't understand that the original cost or what we invest in a pet has nothing to do with the relationship between us and whatever the pet is.  The hamsters I have had all different personalities and were loving pets.  The problem with hamsters is that they have a short life span and I have found that I haven't had one for more than 2 to 3 years.

You have described Speckles as an affectionate little pet who gave you much love and of course you miss her and grief for her.  I am so sorry for you loss.



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That was cruel and thoughtless of your mother. I've stopped speaking to my mother when she said  not to throw my life away on "just a dog". *There is no hierarchy of grief: you feel what you feel and it is pointless and frankly horrible when people play the Oppression Olympics' game. 
Pocket pets are so special and Speckles sounds like a little love bug!  The folks here understand and are wonderful to boot.  (((Big hugs!)))

*there is a term for what pet owners experience

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Firstly, I'm so sorry for your loss. I had hamsters for years and I know exactly how you feel, I loved all of my hamsters and I still miss their cute little personalities.
Anyone that says "it's only a hamster" and similar comments are ignorant. You have a right to grieve for your pet - hugs xxx

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I am sorry to hear about your lose of your beloved hamster, you should never have been told or treated like that in such manner. If you are able to show love to any living creature, why not show the same feeling of mourn when one is lost. Some people just cant understand as to why we love our pets so much, and think of it as "Crazy pet owners" I love my babies as if they were my own children. My mother had a hamster when she was in her late teen years, his name was "WALTER" she loved that lil guy like no other. She would hold him everywhere, take him everywhere, she feed him his special treats, of egg yolks and bread, even one time he somehow escaped out of his cage and was lost for a day, she searched and searched for him, calling him, she finally found him in the basement of her mothes house, in a vent type place. Like how some hamsters would run away once they see a person, he did not, he stood there on his hind little legs looking at her, she put her hand down and he crawled up onto her hand nesstled into a lil ball, simply giving her the feeling of thanks for saving me i love you. Made her heart grow with happyness. She had him for about two years, then he sadly passed away. She buried him in her back yard in a nice case with a blanket. Made it all comfy for him. She was devasted, cried for months how she lost her beloved pet, walter. Her mother said the exact same thing to her as yours did. Among other people too. They just do not understand.

It has been now over 30 yrs and my mother still talks proudly of walter. She even still has some of his belongings, even to some of his hair she managed to clip off. She loves him and shares his memories with me. And I am glad she told me the stories of him and how much she loved him.

You take pride in your love of your little speckles, she loved you dearly! Do not let other people make  you feel that way, you just tell yourself its unfortunate that they do not get to experience a love like that for an animal, any animal at that. We definitely are here for  you hun! Please do share some of your stories with your lil fur baby! And if you have any pics please share those as well! Time will get better, you will always miss her, but that major pain will eventually slide away.

Thanks for sharing your story with us!



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I am so sorry for your loss of speckles!!! I too had many hamsters in my youth and they all but 1 died of a disease called wet tail. Each one was bought and given medicine, but it was a hard disease to ovecome! I remember crying so hard and there was my mother crying with me. We had funerals and my dad even took our furnace all apart one time to retrieve my fur baby!! They are a loving creation and it is just as devestating to lose anything that is so loved! Sending you healing prayers, and loving thoughts to speckles(such a cute name!)

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I feel I wasn't allowed to mourn pets or really people at all as a kid.  I remember being told often to "get over it".  

Our beloved hamster Lovey died last night suddenly.  I'm not sure if she had cardiomyopathy, or ate some pine needles during her escape the other day...but she died peacefully in her sleep.  Barely a year old.  

We're devastated (my daughter and I) today, and my mother is totally cold and "get over it".  But you know what?  Eff that attitude.  Pets are pets no matter how small and EVERYBODY is entitled to grieve for however long and whatever they want to.  

Lovey used to sit there on her hind legs and watch me walk around the house.  Hilarious.  She was one in a million.  At least I have pictures and stories.  


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I am so sorry to hear about Speckles. Some people are so cruel and unfeeling aren't they. We have had quite a few hamsters over the years and when they passed over they each had a decent burial and were mourned.  All of them were allowed the run of the house in the evening with plenty of obstacles to run around and keep them happy. Each one had his or hers own special personality. I often think about them all and how gorgeous they were. Give it time, no matter how long it takes, you are entitled to mourn for as long as it takes. 

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I found this page again...a couple years after I posted about losing my little girl Speckles. I am back here yet again, devastated by the loss of another hamster.

It seems every year around this time, I lose a furball. A full year after Speckles, it was her brother Max (who has lived the longest so far of all my hams). Today is was a beautiful Syrian satin hamster named Creampuff, or Poof, as she was called most frequently. So called because she had this gorgeous, wavy, silky orange gold hair and a cream undercoat. She literally looked like a creampuff. :)

These past two years have been really rough on my family. Lots of joy, but lots of sadness thrown in for good measure. I guess that is just how life is, though.

What made me smile, and then cry, and then smile again, was the outpouring of love and unconditional support for me that all of you posted. I wish I had been able to
come back and thank you all then. Unfortunately my son became gravely ill and I spent a month beside him in the hospital. My focus was completely diverted.

But I found myself here again. My son is okay, for anyone wondering. He had a very rare disease but thankfully pulled through. Just this year he was diagnosed with type one diabetes, another autoimmune condition that was likely related to what he had before. He has really been struggling, and today's emotions have really upset the delicate balance of his blood sugars.

I am so thankful to be able to find this
page again. It brings me such peace that I am not alone. I am here in the middle of the night, waiting to recheck my son's blood
sugar again. I am sitting here crying because my heart still hurts so much. My hamsters cage is right mext to where I sleep, and I swear I still see her moving through her cage.

I am rambling on here, sorry. I just had to post a reply here, and hope that each of you who took the time to post such kind words to me know how much it means to me. I seem to feel everything a hundred times more than
most I know. Which is a double edged sword. I truly want to thank you all for being so kind. I hope to be able
to find some pictures and be able to come back and post some here, as well
as get to know you all here.

Thanks again, from the bottom
of my (broken, for the moment) heart.

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Hi rehabnurse,

I worked as a nurse for a time in rehab too. It may not be the same kind of rehab that you do but still wanted to mention it.  

I'm so sorry for the loss of your little hamsters Speckles, then Max, and now Creampuff.  Such cute names!  No it's not "just a hamster".  It's a creature who has just as much right to be here as anyone else.  I get so tired of people who just don't get it and I admit I have no patience for them.  How can anyone not love a hamster?  They are so cute!  There is a commercial being aired right now that shows a little hamster in a maze.  He stops at some point and starts washing his little face.  I just melt.  But I have kitties so it would never do to have one.  I love all animals and if I could, I would have a menagerie of them.  All kinds.  Some days I love animals more than I like people.  People can be heartless, especially family sometimes.  So I can surely empathize with you there.  I'm still dealing with their heartlessness but now in a much more productive way that benefits me.  I'm so glad your son is now better.  What a relief for you.  I had a friend who also had to stay up nights checking her daughter's blood sugar.  She was extremely brittle because she was very non-compliant (13 years old!)  

Like you, I too came here a while back - in 2004 when Garfy died - and found some very supportive people here.  Sharing grief really helps.  Now I'm back again having just lost my Gracie in July and once again have found some very supportive people here.  It really does help knowing you are not alone.  Take care, hugs!


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I had a Teddy Bear Syrian Hamster named Num Num, I love STILL love him to death. The day he passed away was extremely heartbreaking for me, he started having a seizure and I started screaming and yelling to my parents that he was dying (He was sleeping next to me while I watching TV in his little cage.) My parents came running up to see what happened and seeing him dying was too much for me to handle to my dad held him until he passed. It was during Christmas week so I had no school and I was so devastated for New Years eve and when I went back to school I still can't get over his death and my teacher asked what was wrong with me and I told her my hamster passed away and she heartlessly told me "it's just a hamster". I'm still angry at her for just carelessly saying that when she KNOWS animals are my world. I still can't get over his death but I know he's watching me by my side. He's my little angel. I plan on getting a memorial tattoo of him when I grow up to keep his memory alive.

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I've had solely cats in my life and my heart.  But I very strongly object to "it was just a hamster" regardless. These furred ones are sentient beings, capable of giving and receiving love, so whoever said such a thing to you is either wildly ignorant- or willfully stupid. I have zero patience with such people and am so sorry you had to deal with that.

Love is love, it is sacred.  May your pain soon begin to ease.

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Thank God for this email thread.  I just lost(my daughter's hamster).  Okay, we got it for her, a beautiful Winter White dwarf named Snowie (short for Snow White).  Well, who fed her everyday -Me.  Who cleaned her cage every week - Me.  Who took her out every night to play - Me.  Who fell in love with her - Me.  My daughter liked her, but I really loved her.  I would hold her in my hand, and lay her slightly sideways and kiss her belly and she would lick my hand while I did it!!  She knew how much  I loved her.  She trusted me.  I always gave her special treats.  If I was cutting up cauliflower or a strawberry, I would always think of saving just a little to give Snowie as a treat.  Well,  I put her in her play area and was not careful enough, when I went back to check on her a few minutes later, I couldn't find her.  I lost it searching for her, until I look down the stairs and saw her laying there - she got out and fell off of our second floor hall landing onto the stairs below.  I lost it completely, screaming and crying.  She heard me and started moving a little, she was not dead but dying.  I had to call my husband to help me because I was such a disaster I could barely breath.  That was my worst nightmare.  I ALWAYS told everyone to be careful holding her so she doesn't fall.  Hold her over the bed or sit on the floor and hold her.  And I, the one who was always so cautious, was not safe enough with her and did that to her.  I am so heartbroker over this, not only was I such an idiot not to be more careful, but I killed my child's pet.  Thanks God people like you on the forum understand.  I feel like she had a little itty bitty heart, but she gave me so much love out of it!  God Bless my beautiful Snowie.  I hope she knows how much I truly loved her and how much I miss her!

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Hamster, dog, bird, cat, does not matter. You loved a living breathing being and the saddest part and believe me I totally understand how you feel is the lack of empathy of others especially family members. I am sorry you lost something dear to you. Please don't ever allow anyone to make you feel bad for how sad you are. Some people never understand what we get from animals, that is why I prefer the company of animal friends over people, I have met some very understanding people on this site and I am not ashamed to tell them a 54 year old man cried like a baby. I wish I had a magic wand that I could waive over everyone that takes away the pain. Please take care.


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I understand, my hamster died 3 months ago and I miss her so much and I cried so much (so did my mom and my two younger siblings) when she died, I had her about a year and a month or two, I have had past animals I didn't even cry as much when I had to give my dog away, I just loves my hamster so much. My Syrian hamster started acting weird the day before she died. She bit me - which she never has before (except for once but I had food on my hands) - and it was really hard I started bleeding a lot then she didn't seem that much more active I thought she would pass away and I was scared and didn't want to think that way but I know how sometimes animals change before they die and the next day when I returned home I walked by and saw her sleeping and I knew something was wrong with her because she was sleeping out in the open next to her wheel which she likes going up to the top part and burying herself when she would sleep at first my mom was like "what do you mean she looks fine" she was trying to console me because I started crying and then she opened her cage my hamster wouldn't move I cried for hours straight and then I went to go see her I would see little breath moves every now and then and I watched her for an hour, my mom thought I was seeing things and the my hamster took a really deep breath and my mom saw it , my mom got gloves and held her and we tried giving her water, I wanted to take her to the vet but it was closed. She technically lived for another day but it was as if she was in a coma in the morning my brother tried petting her but he said she was cold and stiff and I could see her breaths anymore. Although she has been gone for quite sometime I still feel very sad. I didn't talk to anyone about it because I know a lot of people would say she was 'just' a hamster. I feel like people think since they are smaller animals that their lifes are somehow smaller than ours, which they shouldn't be. If someone had a dog they had for a year or two and they died and someon was very upset people wouldn't be like oh they lived for a few years it is just a dog so they shouldn't do it to our smaller living animals.

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Dear SocialMisfit,

I am so sorry about the loss of your precious hamster. You are right that it does not matter whether the loss is human, large animal or small, it all hurts very much. For me, sometimes it seems even more painful with a small animal. We hold them so close physically and they are so profoundly dependent on us for survival. I hope you find peace and comfort soon. Please know you are not alone. There are many stories of loss on this site, including numerous ones of small animals.

Take care,


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I had this amazing hamster my first baby her name was poppet used to call her sweet pea she was only a year old when she passed I had to make the horrible decision of letting her go it broke my heart I cried so much as her being my best friend my mum was there for me but everyone said she was just a hamster :( I put flowers on her grave and for a few days I would sit there talking to her I was so angry when she passed but upset as well I really didn't know what to do with myself it nearly been a year now she she died and it's sometimes still as raw as the day it happend I still miss her like crazy but I can't show anybody that cause they will call me crazy and stupid and say "it was just a hamster" well it's not she was my best friend.

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Dear Leahjade626,

I am sorry about the loss of your beloved poppet. I want to thank you for your post because I too feel like no one understands. My precious baby (dog) has been gone a little over a year and I still miss him to the point that I do not think I can stand it sometimes. The one year anniversary and holidays were extra hard. Please try to be prepared as the one year anniversary date for your baby approaches. Pet loss books say our reaction to the loss of our loved one is determined by the relationship we had with them. The fact that they are an animal is irrelevant. I thought of my dog as my baby and I believe my suffering reflects that.

Please know you are not alone. There are many of us still grieving many months after the loss of a loved one.

Take care,

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Hello Rehabnurse,

I really appreciate you being open and trusting us with your honest feelings towards your lost pet. My sincere condolences. I'm sorry if this was a late reply.

We lost my daughter's hamster recently on 3/16/17 from Cutaneous Lymphoma, a type of skin cancer that just appeared out of nowhere and took us by surprise! And my daughter and I were very heartbroken when he passed since we held him daily, fed him, and provided for him. He was such a good little hamster with such great personality, very docile, friendly, and very cute! I still feel very sad and heartbroken, and although we tried to do the best we can, and wanted to remove his Lymphoma and get surgery it was too late as it had spread so quickly, plus the cost would have been about $300-$600. So I understand your loss, and remember and just a kindly reminder at least they are no longer suffering and try to be remember all the great memories you had with your hammy, and maybe get a new pet? Remember they only live up to 2 or 2.5 years, however, we were very fortunate our hammy lived closer to 3 years old, while we adopted him at 8 months old. Rest in peace to Speckles.

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Dear Milo,

I am so sorry your family lost its dear hamster Speckles. I think the intimacy of holding, feeding, and caring for a little one daily makes the loss very difficult.

Wishing you peace, comfort, and strength,

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Hello boys-mom,

I appreciate it - thank you. Milo was on antibiotics and pain meds for about 6 days, helped his swelling go away, but the cancer instantly attacked his heart and the top of his head/brain/throat. Poor baby 😞 - he didn't deserve to die this way. I would have rather he died of old age and not suffer through skin cancer.

Milo was very special to us. We had him in our care for about 2 years, so he was spoiled, loved, and very much cared for. We miss him so much! Rest in peace, Milo.

Can we add photos on here?

Milo's 2nd Mama.

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Dear Milo's 2nd Mama,

I am sorry Milo was so ill at the end. Watching a loved one suffer is very painful. The instructions for posting photos can be found on the main message board, the one with the columns "Subject", "Author", "Replies" ... If you look at the second entry of the "Subject" column you will see "How to post photos on the message board". Click on the link to read the instructions. I have not posted pictures so I do not have any specific tips but I see the instructions are pretty lengthy. I hope you post a photo. It would be wonderful to see your precious Milo.


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Thank you for the information. I really appreciate it. Will check it out. Yes I want him to be remembered.

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I had my hamster jojo from 3 months old he died in my hands at 1 year old few months he died of tumor we both still miss him he always be little baby I had a wired dream I could hear you in bedroom
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