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My little Taz passed away exactly one month ago to this hour. I have not posted too much since shortly after that, but I'm still suffering from a range of emotions. First was just the shock of him dying. Even though I tried to prepare myself for it, realism is another thing. Then I went through a phase of guilt. I kept thinking was there something else I shoulda, coulda done. Did I show him enough love during those final hours of his. Did he know I loved him and would miss him so. Now, it's back to reality, and I still can't believe he's gone. In some ways, it's worse because it's sinking in that this will be forever.

Oh, things are somewhat better. I'm not spontaneously bawling out of nowhere. But, I still cry when I think of him...when I think I see him...or when I think I hear him every night in his bed trying to get settled. 

So, exactly one month ago Taz left me forevermore.  Wonder how many more emotions will appear and for how long. I mean, I do know that time will cure a lot. But, I've changed too. A lot of things that seemed important to me before don't seem to matter much now. Thanks for hearing me out...


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your words have brought tears to my eyes as I can relate to the range of emotions, with the reality sinking in... 

its very hard for me to carry on with the things I was doing before, it's hard sitting in certain places as he'd be there next to me.

All I know is its good to keep talking and sharing, for however long xx

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My experience with grief is that is got much worse as time went on because I knew my dead pet was never coming back. In the beginning it was too strange to believe it so I held out hope in some ways.

Over time (years) I am adjusting to to the unthinkable.

I wish you well.

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SheCatWoman2...thanks. I forgot to mention Taz was a dog. I guess I assumed from previous posting this was taken for granted. But it makes no difference. My Mom's nickname in real life is the Cat Woman. She has so many cats I've lost count. At one time nearly 30. No, she's not a hoarder. These cats are VERY well taken care of.

But, thank you so much for responding to my post. I guess I'm just looking for some kind of support from people who've been there, done that. In many ways our loving pets is what makes life worth living. Unconditional love that one rarely finds among humans...

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Thanks grievingmom. You've already reaching out to me and I appreciate it so, so much. This has got to get better. These lost feeling are starting to now effect my life. This was probably a really difficult weekend. I can hardly believe that it's been one month as of 1:50 pm today, that Taz is finally gone. I just don't know what more to say right now. Thank you for caring...
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