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Hi everyone,

It's 6 weeks since my sweet 13 year old fella took a nasty turn. I can finally think about him without sobbing. So I've been trying to think what my fave memory of him would be and have finally decided:

When I was 23 my friends mum found a small, scared pup on the road in the middle of nowhere, apparently dumped. Unable to find his home, I offered to take him in. He was a very shy, scared boy when he first came to my house. He cowered and hid from my housemates and I. I put him in my bed overnight and left him with my housemates when I went to work the next day. When I got home, my housemates told me he had been very shy and hid during the day. They both left the house and my little fella came up to me and came alive! He started biting my hands and jumping around all excited. He continued this same ritual for the next 13 years.

That's it. Our first moment of bonding. I no idea at the time what a massive impact that little jerk face would have on me. Miss ya buddy.

If you're up to it, tell me your favourite memory!


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My favorite memories of Blackie and Squeeker are probably the days I first met them and brought them home with me. With Blackie, I adopted him sight unseen, and when we got home, I opened his carrier to let him explore his new home. He was so thrilled to have a home after being a stray for so long, that he was literally drooling as he walked back and forth between me and his food and water bowls. :-)

With Squeeker, I walked into his room at the adoption shelter, and he immediately came up to me, tail straight in the air, purring up a storm, and settled down on my lap, still purring up a storm. He looked into my eyes and put one of his paws up to gently touch my face. It was such a sweet moment, and then we sat there for about 10-15 minutes while I listened to the music that was piped in over the sound system and watched the snow fall outside. Then when I brought Squeeker home with me that day, he was absolutely thrilled to have a home of his own. He was still purring up a storm and he basically jumped out of his carrier, jumped onto my bed and immediately made himself at home.


- Kelly
Angel Blackie's mom
Angel Squeeker's mom

Posts: 580
I read your post and think this is a wonderful idea. It got me to thinking and I'm not sure if I can mention just one favorite memory. Termy and I spent so many wonderful times together over his life time and I can recall several memories that come alive now. One of my favorites is he loved riding on our Harley. If we went without him he would bark the whole time we were gone. We took him with us at every oportunity and he loved the wind in his face but he would fall asleep in my arms after about 15 minuets. He would wake up long enough, when we had to stop and look around but then go back to sleep when we started riding again. What I wouldn't give to take him again on the Harley.
Another one that makes me smile was when he broke his leg and was in a cast. After we brought him home from the vets he had to wear the cast for 6 weeks. Picturing him now hobbling around in the yard was funny. He broke his leg jumping off the deck, which he had done hundreds of times but it only took one time landing wrong and boom, a broken leg. He loved chasing chipmunks and was going for one on that dreadful day. After that we fixed the deck so he couldn't jump off it but it never stopped him chasing them. All we would have to say is "go get the chippy" and he would tear off down the yard after then. He also would chase birds. We would say " go get the birds" and just like the chipmunks he would clear the yard.
I do so miss the things he loved doing but it's so nice to recall the good memories too.
Thank you for suggesting to write about our favorite memories.
Love and doggie hugs
Termy's mom

Posts: 32
Thanks for sharing! I love these! From those beautiful first meetings, to badass Termy riding a Harley, you've warmed my heart!
It's so nice to think of the good times. Helps with the guilt too. Our mates were well looked after and loved.
All the best to you both.

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It's only two weeks today since I had to put my beloved Mr. KittyCat to sleep. I can't get through a day without tears, I miss him so much. He was a big (22 lbs before he got sick) tomcat and though the house is so empty I can taste it, there's this big black shadow slipping away at the corner of my eyes everywhere I look. Hard to pick just one memory, but I think my favorite would be our frequent naps on the couch. All I'd have to say is, "Mr. KittyCat, you wanna snuggle?" and he'd run to the couch and be waiting for me. I always took out one pillow from the back and put it under my head, while he lay down in its place, all snuggled up under my left arm. Sometimes it was almost like he could feel me thinking nap, and he'd be there waiting for me before I could even call him.  Once in awhile I'd lay down before I called him, but as soon as I called he'd come running from wherever he was. I can't bear to lay on the couch now for a nap. I can't sleep without him there. 

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Such sweet idea VT, thanks for bringing up this subject. My furbaby passed exactly 3 month ago today and I still have a hard time focusing on the positive and fun memories... 
Reading the replies here are heart warming and thank you all for that!
My first memory came to mind also the first days when I met my doggie. 
Mom and I used to volunteer at the human society back in the days, for doggie walking. At some point we took the boxer brothers out for a walk, so they can enjoy outside together. Sitting on the ground with them was almost impossible without being kissed all over and ears nibbling. Specially my baby was more affectionate, he kept jumping up on us, licking our faces and just overwhelmed with excitement. We didn't want an other dog since years before we lost our first one.
I remember every time we left the human society, he "stood up" on his back legs by the fence and kept staring at us as long as we were still visible. I can still see those big, gorgeous and sad eyes, him wishing he could come with us. We didn't talk about adopting him, just didn't wanna go through the pain of losing an other furbaby..
Not long after when I wasn't there walking him, but mom was, she called me up and said: "I'm bringing him home!" I was so surprised and overly excited, I right away run to the pet store to get him stuff so he could be more comfortable when he arrives to his new, loving home.

Thank you for letting me remember a good memory!

Posts: 32
Thanks for sharing everyone. I've just reread all these and find them comforting on the rough days like today.
I came across a dog today waiting for her owner and gave her a pat and she jumped up for cuddles. I love all the pets! All of them!

Posts: 158
You sound like a kind hearted person, VT. Wish all human beings would have as much love to all pets as you do. Imagine how much more loving this world would be..
I love pets too =)
Hope your coping going better since your recent post. Sending hugs!

Posts: 32
Just bumping this topic for anyone who feels like sharing. Still missing my mate so very much. Been looking at pet rescue sites but keep comparing the lovely dogs to my bestie and can't bring myself to get another dog as much as I really need to. So anyway, here's another memory I'd like to share:

It's a simple one. I took old fella to a picnic with some friends and we had a lovely day. Quite a few drinks later, old fella and I took the train home and he sat on the seat and sleep which was so unlike him but he was tuckered out. I drunkenly chatted to him the whole trip home and it was THE BEST!! Haha oh how I miss him.

Anyone out there struggling after a bit of time, please share, I find it helps a little. Take care all of you.

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I lost my bunny Foobert the day before Thanksgiving and I'm still a mess over it. I never thought a rabbit could be so sweet and loving. I've had a couple in the past and they kept to themselves. I could hand feed them but they never really allowed me to pet them or snuggle. Foobert was so different. He would jump on the couch and lay on top of you and insist you pet him. I think my favorite memory of him was over the summer we were on the couch and it was fairly warm in the living room so I was in a tshirt and underwear. I was petting him and when I would stop he would nibble on your hand or wherever he could and give kisses. He would then try to put his head under your hand and insist you keep petting him. So I had to get up and he is pulling at my underwear biting them. It was so funny and ridiculously adorable that I decided to just lay with him and pet him for as long as he wanted. He would just lay there for hours being pet. He had so many adorable qualities to him and for some reason today I've been having such a hard time with his loss. He was only 7 months old when we had to put him down and it kills me that he died the way he did.

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My niece's baby boy passed away and I needed to get to the funeral. I was going to fly, but, the weather was so bad that the flight was cancelled. I decided to drive and took Tilly with me. This was an 8 hour drive. She rode in the front seat and on the way I stopped at Taco Bell and got her 2 soft tacos. We stayed in a Holiday Inn. I was also sick with a sore throat and we stayed mostly inside the hotel. I even ordered room service and got her some hamburger patties. She was the best travel partner I have ever had and we really bonded on that trip.

Posts: 32
Thanks for sharing!
I giggled out loud at the image of Foobert nibbling at your underwear, I had no idea rabbits were so cheeky and adorable! He sounds little a little cuddle bug.

Jenny, I completely know what you mean, taking trips with my bestie was well.. the best! You painted a really cosy picture for me. You have it so good in the US when it comes to hotels and pets. In Australia, it's not the done thing but how I wish it were!

It sounds like your little mates were loved. I wish you both the very best, take care.

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We know it really hurts.  That's why we are here.

Posts: 22
One of my favorite memories of Kitty is how I got her. My ex husband came home from hunting camp and told me "i have something for you". I told him I didn't want a dead deer. He told me "you're going to want this". There she was! One of the strangest looking cats I had ever seen. A tabby with long legs and sweet eyes. She turned out to be the Best car I ever owned. My cousin always said I was Kitty's person. I was definitely hers. After 3 months it's still hard to believe she's gone.

Posts: 32
Hi twallace,
Apologies it's taken me so long to see this reply. Those first meetings really are the absolute best aren't they. You have no idea at the time what a huge impact your furry friend is going to have on you. Thanks for sharing. I love strange looking cats! So much character and charm! Kitty sounds like an absolute delight.
I hope you're doing ok.

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Its so nice reading everybody's memories.

My favorite memory of my baby was at the dog park. She was running around a completely dry dog park. There was a shaded area with a small mud puddle next to the bench I was sitting on. Maggie ran up to edge of the puddle and stared me down with a goofy smile on her face. I said "don't do it..." and she stood still smiling at me. I could see her thinking "so how much trouble are we talking ? Just a 'bad dog' ? Do I have to sleep in the crate? Ya know what? It's worth it..." and dove into the puddle.

A close second was the time my mom was babysitting her. They were walking and this elderly man who had the reputation of being grouchy and terrible to deal with was walking towards them. My mom tried to pull Maggie along but she pulled straight towards him and wrapped her body around him. He petted her for a long time then she just continued their walk. A week later, the man passed away from a brain tumor. He was so grouchy that nobody talked to him long enough to know about the tumor, but Maggie must have sensed it.
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