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This all started last week. My pups sister got sick with Parvo. I took her in to the vet and she recovered fine the next couple days. Two days later my pup showed symptoms. I had a lot of things leftover from the first visit. Antibiotics, pills for nausea and pedialyte. So, i started to give him the meds. He constantly vomited but the second day he stopped. However he didn't eat or drink. I tried to get him to do both to no avail. The last day he had diarrhea and i got an IV going. We forced water in him evey hour but he passed at 5am Saturday. He was 5 months old.

I feel like i failed him. I didn't take him to the vet thinking i had enough knowledge and could save him. I thought he'd recover because his sister did. The nearest vet is about 30 miles away and i had gotten instructions on what to do so i thought i was equipped. I had just learned of the virus and thought, "i can handle this, he'll be fine." And now he's gone and its all my fault. I should've taken him in, i should've been more aggressive with his treatment. I'm to blame for his death. I don't think i can ever forgive myself. I'm so devastated, depressed and full of guilt.

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Do not be hard on yourself for this. Parvo is very tough to deal with. Chances are if you took him to the vet you would have spent a lot of money with the same results. We had a puppy who got parvo and we took her to a vet. The vet gave her an anti viral med, an IV bag and a lot of needles. We gave her a sub Q IV a couple of times a day and she pulled through. Her brother which my mother in law had caught parvo at the same time from the same place and she did the same as we did and he passed away. Parvo is so hard on puppies that even if you give them the best care its just a crap shoot if they make it. 

Please do not hold yourself responsible, you did what you could and spending a ton of money would not have changed it.


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The tragic loss of a pet like this one just about always results in an awful guilt trip for the human(s) involved.  You can make yourself crazy with the what if's? and should I have's? running through your head.  Try not to beat yourself up too much.  Come to these boards for support.  Everyone here sympathizes and understands.


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Thank you. I'm still dealing with this and its been hard. I question whether i truly cared for him.. because if i did why did i let him suffer? Why didn't i rush him to a vet? Why didn't i do more?? I have never felt this amount of guilt before. I feel so horrible everytime i think of him.

I keep seeing the image of him in his last hours. Its like he wasn't there anymore. He just laid there slowly going and i couldn't do anything but watch him suffer and it tore me apart. It still does, everyday.

I'm sitting on the bathroom floor at 140am having another breakdown. I'm not asking for pity but no one close to me really understands. I just wanted to vent for a second.

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We tear ourselves apart with the guilt, with the questions, the doubts when we lose a sick animal.  I've had some die of illness, some of old age, some of injuries...and it's tough every single time.

I'm sorry that your pup died.  Please treat yourself with kindness.  And I hope you will find peace, in time
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