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I really don't know how to write this and/or if anyone is going to read it... my English bulldog is almost 7 years old and has been becoming more aggressive lately.  for 5 years it was just him and my oldest son plus my 16 yr old schnauzer.  Leo, the bulldog, attached himself to my oldest as they are both the same age and since he grew up with Will, the schnauzer, they were best friends.  Leo has always been the protective type... if you play wrestle, he gets angry and will bark and try to nip at you since he thinks you are being hurt.  Since he was little, he was taught to not bite.  We have trained him well and people say he is the most obedient dog they have ever seen.  He is house broken, listens to commands and follows them, will not eat until told to, knows to find people if you ask him to.   Ever since he was little though, he never liked little girls.  Not sure if it is their voice, but he doesn't care for my nieces and has growled at them.  So we always would put him in his kennel if they came around.  It wasn't until my youngest son was born that Leo started showing signs of progressive aggression.  He would growl when ever the baby cried.  So we let him be an outside dog for about 1.5 yrs.  Any new dog we tried to bring into the family, he despised and would not get along with them.  Always snapping and growling whenever they would come around.   With my youngest being 2 now, we decided that maybe Leo could come inside again and try to re-acclimate himself as a trusted house dog.  There were times when he would growl at my youngest and we would discipline him that that was unacceptable and John was our baby and he should protect him like he does Eric.  He would do ok, but whenever John comes around, Leo gets real tense, almost like he shakes.  And his eyes are always going from side to side if he gets too close.  About 3 weeks ago, he charged a gas worker who wasn't even in our yard.  Luckily, the worker knew how to handle animals and put his hand out to say hello.  I tried to yell and tell him to come back, but Leo wouldn't listen.  It wasn't until I got close enough to tell him that he was being a bad boy and to go back inside.  He did let the worker touch him.  The second time I noticed something odd was when I was disciplining him for growling at my son, he tried to snap back at me.  I then put my hand on his neck and rolled him over to his back to show that I am dominant and he is not.  The final incident happened a couple of days ago.  My youngest and I were on the couch reading a book.  Leo was laying in front of us on the carpet.  My boy got off the couch and kicked up his leg towards Leo, at which time Leo lunged, snarled, and growled at him snapping at the same time towards his foot.  John jumped back up on the couch crying.  Leo ran to his kennel... he does this anytime he knows he does something wrong.  I went after leo to discipline him.  While trying to do so, he began to bark, growl, and snap at the switch.  I then got my husband who was able to take him outside in the garage.  When he went to tell him to not growl, he was going to pop his mouth at which time Leo bit his hand.  He didn't let go, so my husband yanked it out.  He has two cuts on his finger where he was bit.  One should have a couple stiches, but he decided to put a butterfly band aide on it.  
We are at a crossroads with Leo.  He has been our beloved pet for so many years and practically another child to us.  We don't want to give him away to just anyone that is going to use him just for breeding purposes... we didn't stud him out because we didn't spend the $1500 on him for that... we don't want him to go to a home where he stays outside all the time and is chained and or beaten for messing up.  we don't want him to go to another home with children either.  my husband feels like he cannot trust him anymore and I feel like I have failed him somehow.  like where did I go wrong in raising my fat boy?  is it my fault for bringing other dogs around, kids, etc. ? so... our only option right now that we are considering is euthanasia.   my husband and I feel that we can no longer trust leo... that he could do it again and this time much worse where the effects are life damaging.  is there anyone out there that can give me some insight as to what to do or how to go about this? we made the decision to put him to sleep with the angels scheduled for 1/5/18 @8am. I don't know how to tell my 7 yr old and I don't know how to tell myself ... I'm still in denial. please help.


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Hi Val,
why dont you try to rehome? there are plenty of older couples out there that he may suit and or look at taking him to a trainer or some obedience?
i wouldnt rush to putting him to sleep :) just try to suss out some trainers and even get some advice


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we considered it and can't find anyone suitable enough to take him. we want him to be as loved and cared for as we have him here. people that we have considered aaid they would keep him as an outside dog and or breed him. but we dont want that for him. leo is an inside dog and has never been chained. also we have nevrr bred him because we didnt want to. when we talked to his vet today, he agreed that it would be too much of a liability to rehome him. and as far as obedience, he listens well, but has stopped wanting to take any correction. it's such a hard decision that we agreed on, but when our vet, he delivered him when he was a pup and has seen him grow. to include see his aggression build whenever we take him for shots. so much so he has to be muzzled when he goes for his yearly . I just feel so bad and helpless and I feel like what did we do wrong. we gave him nothing but love and he lived like a king here. and I feel even worse that I feel like I'm picking between two children.
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