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Posts: 35
How do you get over the feeling of being so alone?
Coco used to sleep at my feet, every night until the day she was diagnosed.
It's been 5 days and my husband just flew back to work today, much to our protest..
I have a teenage daughter, our 7 year old dog and 3 cats, but the house still seems so quiet without her.
I've just jumped into bed and it feels so empty and huge. 😭
The 7 year old dog prefers her bed, so I can't even tempt her to sleep with me and our cats only come on if they want to.
My daughter is already asleep, but to honest, I think it's better that she's not with me like this..
Hoping I can ever get over the loss of nothing on my feet at night.
How does everyone else do it?!?

Posts: 19
I'm so sorry for your loss of Coco.   Our 12 year old cat, Tony, died 2 weeks ago.   I wake up sometimes thinking I feel him jumping onto the bed - he was a big boy at 15 pounds.   I've actually turned to smelling the essential oil Frankincense.   It seems to help me a bit at night.  I spent the first week and a half crying every night and then started realizing that the grief pamphlets from hospice would help me so I've read those - very little bit at a time.   The Frankincense seems to help calm me and if I'm real bad I put a drop on my wrist and rub it in.   We are dealing with our older cat, Meena having kidney issues and the dreadful awareness that she is declining - so another decision will have to be made likely soon.    I hope that you can find peace and comfort ... I feel like time helps just a little bit ... it's not quite as intense after a few weeks.   Another thing that helped me was getting up and checking our other 2 cats - sitting with them - ......   Then going back to bed.   I had to also improve my eating so that I wasn't wide awake from the wrong kinds of foods.  
Peace, love and mercy to you!!!!   ~Chris~

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I am so very sorry for your loss of Coco. I am going through the same thing. I had to put my 18 year old Chihuahua, chi chi, down yesterday. We don’t have any other pets and the loneliness is killing me. My husband works nights so chi chi was my companion. I dread going to bed, it’s a reminder that the furry love of my life is gone. I have three teenagers that really aren’t interested in sleeping in my bed anymore so I’m kind of losing my mind knowing my bed will be empty for a long time. My house feels so empty and quiet without her. I never thought I could hurt this way. It’s all so new and I’m terribly afraid I’ll feel empty like this forever.

Posts: 35
Thank you both for your support.

I think it's hurting me more because she was so young and it was so sudden. She was only 4.

It's been a week today since she left and I still feel so guilty as well as the loneliness. I'm not sure what part feels worse... We found out she had kidney failure and she was that sick that she had to be put to sleep 24 hours later. The horrible part is, she was fine the days leading up to it..
I keep thinking it's my fault and I could have done something or should have noticed something...

I'll try the frankincense, hopefully that helps. I'm open to trying anything at this point in time.
I haven't been sleeping much, so have been checking on my dog and cats in the night. But I used to do that all the time anyway, so it just feels normal.

I also have the fear that I will feel this way forever. Does the guilt of failing your baby ever go away?...

Posts: 123
Hello MC....
Saddened at your loss, miss chi, age 18y ! A lot of TLC to reach that. My own loss, a 16y chihuahua, almost 2mnths. Yes, the loss is devastating, indeed a family member, a void in our lives. Take it day by day as you will have a whole host of emotions in the beginning to the final acceptance of. I have found this Forum of immense help along with his effects, his favourite stuffed pig, a lit candle by his photo to keep the memory alive. Gone from Our Lives--Not Our Hearts.  Warm Wishes,                              Sherry/Perryx

Posts: 4
as hard as this sounds...only another little dog will help...your baby doesnt want u to suffer and at 18 chi chi couldnt stay...consider opening your heart to another dog who needs a mommy like u

Posts: 27

I am so sorry for your loss, my friend. I too had to put down a beloved pet just this past weekend. His name was Braveheart and he was the best little doggy ever. I haven't been able to sleep for the past 2 nights. I tried to sleep, but after 2 hours I awoke, feeling so sad. My other dog Lucy whom is still around is doing her best to be strong for me. It's actually very cute how strong she is being right now, what a sweet girl; but nonetheless, my heart is still so broken. The ache of the heart is such a true and profound thing; I can literally feel the ache right in the center of my soul and chest, and I feel like it will not get better. I just want to be okay. I also want you to be okay. 
Just know this, Coco's momma, that you are not alone in your sadness and grief. Although we are likely miles upon miles apart physically, we are together, spiritually, grieving the loss of such beloved family members. You are not alone, my friend. I too, am here with you.

God bless you 

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