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My foster dog Fenway has been with me 6 days..let me tell you he is a golden boy. So calm and ready to wait ..for love food a drink he doesnt mind being last..he sits there hopeful for what ever is "left" he has yet to bark or growl and puts up with whatever my dogs kids and cats give him. He is so special. THis incredibly thin dog makes me smile just seeing him. He has found a good routine this week and was doing great til we noticed loose stool.. last night it was full blown diarreah. :( he wouldnt eat and didnt want to get out of his cage. So the rescue told me to take him to the VET. Ugh...they have decided to keep him over night for tests and stuff. I feel just awful he looked at me with his sad eyes and just walked away. I feel awful knowing hes stuck in yet another new place and confused. I know its where he needs to be to get well, but it scares me for the news to come. I know i cant save them all but i dont want to loose them either. SO please i beg of you all to say a prayer for this gentle soul called Fenway.

Lennys Mom Katie

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Dear Katie,

First of all, you are wonderful to foster these "throw aways" and I am proud of you.

Prayers coming Fenway's way from good old North Carolina.  Keep us posted and we'll keep the prayers coming.

Love, Diane

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My Dear Friend Katie,

By His Stripes We Were Healed!!!!

Dear Father God In Heaven,
We Come Before You In The Name of Jesus Christ,
Father we stand in agreeing and ask for the total and complete Healing of Your Precious Creature Fenway. Father, Fenway has found Love finally in his life. We ask you Lord to give Him a Long, Happy Healthy Life Lord. Talk to his Precious Heart like you do my Glory's and tell him that his Mommy loves him so and he is just there long enough to get well Lord. We know that your Precious Creatures pray to you and you hear their prayers as well as ours. All things are possible through Christ Who Strengthens Us. Thank You Father for Healing Fenway and letting him know that he is coming home to his Mommy.

In Jesus Name We Pray
Amen Amen and Amen


Posts: 1,901
absolutely prayers for you and and the gentle soul known as fenway!!!   thank you so much for loving this baby.   when you get to take him back home be sure and give him some extra big and warm hugs from his petloss family.   will be anxious to hear what the vet says.


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Thinking of you and Fenway...hopefully it's something easily fixed for him.  Poor guy, it would break my heart to have to leave him too.  I hope you are doing ok.

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I hope everything is going well with Fenway. I'm sure he knows you are only doing what is best for him. I hope he gets back from the vet's soon.


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Dear Katie,

Praying dearly for your golden boy (((((Fenway)))))! He sounds like a very sweet, gentle boy!  I'm always amazed at the gratitude and love these babies show after they've suffered so miserably. I think the word you used was "special" and that he must be, to have taken your heart so completely in such a short time!  I'd like to echo Mayme's sentiment in it's entirety!  She is a wise woman who knows God's power and love for all of His creatures.  In my heart I don't believe that He will take your precious Fenway from you!  I too believe He will heal his sick body and return him to you to live out his life!
Have faith..............the prayers are coming your way as I send this to you!
God Bless You, Fenway and your entire family as you move forward in giving this sweet boy a loving home!

In Jesus Name...........
Donna (Rudy & Rileysmom:)

Posts: 11,059
Sweet Fenway!!!  He will be in my prayers for a quick and complete healing.  He needs to be with you, and now!!!

precious Christoph ~ best bunny in the land ~


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My heart goes out to you. I will keep Fenway in my thoughts and prayers.


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Dear Katie,

I will most definitely say a special prayer for sweet Fenway tonight. Bless his heart. I am so sorry to hear that he is sick and having to stay at the vet's. That is heartbreaking, but especially for a foster. I'm sure it's confusing for him. And I know it just breaks your heart to have to leave him there.

Keep us posted. God bless you and sweet Fenway.


Posts: 1,040

                       Prayers are flying your way for precious Fenway.....along with a lot of positive "energy" for a good recovery and quick return to his new "forever" home!!!!!!!

Love and {{{HUGS}}} BlakeGirl's  mommy  (Chris)


Posts: 308
Thank you Thank you Thank you... for the kind words and prayers. I went to see him last night the vet the rescue uses is WONDERFUL, they allowed me to see  him at 9 pm we went for a walk in the rain and then sat in a private room , although deaf i think he felt the kind words from me?? I hope so. He hadnt eaten all day. But was still drinking water...and seemed "ok" or no worse. Test results today after 10. Nervous waiting... most of you no the struggle i am having with loosing Lenny its been so much harder then imaginable. But it feels good to be able to help Fenway from the terrible life he had, I only want to give him a life of love comfort and fully belly . Please keep him in your prayers...i will post more later!!!
Katie Lennys Mom..and Fenways too!!!

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Dear Sweet Katie,

Fenway and his Mommy are so in my prayers. You know, our Fur Babies are smart. He knows that if he eats, it might make his tummy sick. I pray for wonderful results with his test this morning. Your Love is the best medicine for Fenway. God bless.

Love Mayme, Sammy and Glory's Mommy
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