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A little over a year and a half ago, my sister in law told me they were looking for a kitten, Jordyn - my neice, really wanted a kitten. They had 2 cats already, who are so spoiled and loved and they wanted to share their home with one more. I called my vet to see if they knew anyone who had kittens. They gave me the number to a gal who had a litter - she had already made arrangements to get her mom kitty fixed - so I was not supporting someone being irresponsible. I called her and she said she had 5 kittens, they were keeping all but 2 white kittens - a boy and a girl. So, my friend and I packed up and were on our way to her house to get my brother a kitten!
I get there, and to my surprise her 2 white kittens were both kittens with no tails and siamses markings - the boy had the prettiest blue eyes. I grew up with a manx with siamese markings named Chirp - he was my moms pride and joy. Needless to say I came home with the 2 kittens! My mom was nearly in tears when she saw them - and quickly decided she wanted them both! My brother and his family came over and fell in love with them as well - so they ended up taking the girl and we kept the boy.
We named him Gus, and he is such a sweet wonderful kitty. He shares our home with our chihuahuas and our other 2 cats - Fergie and Tugz. All of our cats are indoor and are fixed and always kept current on their shots. We have lots of kitty trees as well as lots of yummy treats for them! Gus is our entire families loved family member, but he's my moms pride and joy. She never thought she'd see another kitty like Chirp - and boy does Gus love her with all his heart!
Well, a couple months Gus was feeling under the weather. Not thinking too much at first - everyone has their down days - we just t hought he might have had an upper respitory infection or something. When he didnt get better within a few days - we made an appt. for him at the vet. We took him in - they did blood work and told us they'd call us in a few days. She called me when the results came in - he was negative for leukemia and aids - YES! Now just fix  him please, we want him feeling better! Not so easy... she said he had a weak positive for being expossed to the corona virus... unsure what the severety of that was - she explained that it could be something called "FIP"... they dont know what causes it and there's no cure. No way, he doesn't have FIP - it's some rare unusual thing that he just doesn't have! They sent him home with antibiotics and steroids... he didn't perk up too much. We took him to another vet for a 2nd opinion - because the 1st vet recomended taking him to the specialty center to see the internal medicine doctor.. and there was no guarantee he'd even be able to diagnose him... FIP is tricky they said. The other vet was so nice - looked over the blood work - prescribed a stronger antibiotics incase it was an infection - and sent us home, he said if it didnt get better within a week or so - to re-do the blood work because chances are if he had it - it'd go from a weak to a stronger... a week goes by - he's a LITTLE better.. but still not the same.. we made another appt. after he was not getting better. They re-did the blood work - and called me the next day - it's FIP... he has FIP... there is  no cure and our baby was sick and was not going to get better.
He just turned a year in November.. and now he has to die? Why - it's not fair. We just lost our standard poodle to cancer in November - it's too soon to say goodbye to another loved one. It's the worst feeling in the world to know WE CANNOT SAVE HIM.
I cannot even look at him without crying. I want to be around him the whole time - spending as much time as I can - but I just cry, I listen to the song by Garth Brooks, "THe Dance"... it so describes it... "life is better left to chance, i could have missed the pain, but i'd have missed the dance"... I love him - so much - my mom loves him with her entire heart.
There's this song by Annie Lennox I think called "Into the West"... pull up the lyrics or download it - it's beautifuil, but again makes me cry. Also - go to youtube and type in FIP cat.. and watch the video "a memorial of madmax"... it's playing that song, it's such a wonderful slideshow of his kitty, Madmax who was also taken by FIP.
We found out he had it on Friday - and cannot bare to put him down. He still has life.. he's not eating much - but he's eating some wet food and kitty treats, his favorite are the crunchy pounce treats. His meow has always been very small and kitten - like - it's pretty quiet now, it's fading. His eyes are a little glossy - but he does not seem to be in any pain. Tonight he's not doing so well, again - doesn't seem to be in pain or we would take him to the vet to put him down - but if he can go at home with us - we'd prefer that.
It just sucks though - I miss him so much - I want the old Gus back, the one who runs around the house full speed chasing the other cats, the Gus who will beg for a dog bone beacuse he thinks they are good.
It's so hard to say goodbye, I'm not ready to say goodbye.

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I am so sorry that you and Gus have to go through this horrible experience. It just seems so unfair, I wish there was something that would help ease this pain you are in. All you can do is spend as much quality time with Gus as possible, give him loves and tell him how much he means to you. My heart breaks for you.

I watched the youtube on FIP and I loved what he did for his tribute to Max. I loved his comment at the end about him waking in paradise. It also broke my heart. 

"When they wake in paradise...... they won't be afraid... and the glimmering light that is God will warm their hearts and caress their souls for all time."  I thought that was beautifully put and wish that for all of our lost ones.

Sara, I am sending you many prayers for you, your Mom and for Gus. Many hugs to all of you during this difficult time.


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Hello SaraNW113;  I am so sorry to hear of your heart ache and Pain you are going through; with your Special Angel Gus;Our babies come into our Hearts and become our life and soul mates;it is so hard to even think they are so sick when it happens;so suddenly it just cant be Happening;; I havent heard of Gus,s illness before but I shall go and look up the sites you suggested??so as to get a better understanding;  I know what it feels like to be just waiting to see what may happen; I had Molly just go of her food for a few days she went to the vet and he said it was not good ;;;I said what do you mean Molly never gets sick and you said a few weeks before she was fit and healthy for years to come;;;next day I had to say goodby ;that was on 8th April 08. and now it is a waiting game for Lucy maybe only hours;; So my heart and Prayers are with you to;Gus knows how much you all love and need him and how you gave him a wonderfull family to love and care for all his needs;; Give lots of hugs and kisses to your wonderfull Angel;; I send my love and prayers to you all you are in my thoughts;;  MOLLYSMUM. Marion.


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To SaraNW113,
I am so very sorry to hear about your beloved cat Gus. I too watched the youtube on FIP and I loved what he did for his tribute to his cat MAX.... It just sucks when our furkids have to get sick, it ain't fair. I lost my kitty NIKKI to lymphoma cancer on JUNE 26th,2007. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Gus knows how much you love him. Be sure to give your Gus lots of hugs and kisses to your furbaby. I send you and GUS my love and prayers and my thoughts are also with you. I'm also from the state of Washington. Please keep on coming here. Please keep us posted on how your GUS in doing. Again i'm so very sorry about GUS.. Lots of (((((((((((SARANW113&GUS)))))))))))))).
Take care,

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The only way to diagnose noneffusive FIP in the cat antemortem is through organ biopsy. Have you had that done? Or just blood work? If yu have only had blood tests done they can't confirm FIP. If they are suspecting it based on a titer, it doesn't really mean anything but that the cat was exposed to it at some time in his life. If he has the wet or effusive kind them there would be fluid in the abdomin or chest that could be sent in to the lab and that still wouldn't be 100% for sure that he had FIP. Go online to the MERCK veterinary manual and look up FIP, see what it says before you go making any descisions.
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