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          Our Beloved Betsy Noodle

Five months ago today, with your little favorite "baby" stuffed toy pressed gently against your cheek, Daddy holding you in his arms, and my face pressed tightly against your shoulders, we whispered for you to go with the angels and said farewell to you, our precious beloved Betsy Noodle.   Not one minute has gone by since then, that we have not held you tightly in our hearts and minds.   We miss you more than we ever thought possible.....and more.   We love you still.   We will love you forever.  Your sister, Gracie, and your "big" brother, Ralph, miss you, too, my little love.   Daddy and I stumble through the days, thinking of you, listening for your little "WooWooWoo" yodel on the wind, and longing for your dream visits.  Oh, how we miss you, sweetheart.   We know we will all one day be reunited, little one, so, sit tight, until we meet again.

I will be singing this today for you as I always did when I held you in my arms:

You Are My Sunshine
My only sunshine.
You make me happy
When skies are grey.
You'll never know, dear,
How much I love you.
Please don't take my sunshine away

The other nite, dear,
As I lay sleeping
I dreamed I held you in my arms.
When I awoke, dear,
I was mistaken
And I hung my head and cried.

You are my sunshine,
My only sunshine.
You make me happy
When skies are grey.
You'll never know, dear,
How much I love you.
Please don't take my sunshine away.


Love, hugs, and many kisses,

Momma, Daddy, Ralphie and Gracie


Posts: 991
Molly has made Betsy some special chicken biscuts for her special day at the Bridge. Betsy has been busy showing Moll the finer points of roasting chicken and helping out Moll at the Biscut Shoppe.

And for you, my heart and my prayers are with you on this difficult anniversary day. Betsy had a charmed life with you. It was a mutual admiration society between you two. How blessed you were to have her in your life.

Molly and Cricket's Mom

Posts: 1,415
   HAPPY 5-MONTH BRIDGE DAY, DEAR BETSY!  Oh, how time flies, doesn't it?  And yet, time has a way of tricking us, too.  It seems like just yesterday that I first read about your dear little Betsy and felt the same grief that you were going through.  But it's been 7 long months without my little girl and 5 long months without yours. 
   I know you must shed some tears every day, as I do.  These little fur creatures have a way of pulling at our heartstrings and never letting go.  We wish so hard for signs to know that they're all doing well and patiently waiting for us.
   I hope that you and your husband can find some peace today, and that your sweet little girl will come to you in your dreams.

               Many thoughts and hugs to you--

                                     Teddy's Mom

Posts: 95
Happy Bridge Day Molly. Please give my love to my beautiful baby boy Bennie. He gets You are my Sunshine sung to him ever night, because he was my sunshine. His treat was chicken jerky. Hope you are both eating plenty of both!!!


Posts: 1,328

Melissa--Your little Betsy was blessed to have you. And, you, her. I hope she's eating some chocolate and my little Puffy is right there, too, eating her tuna or chicken along side of her.  Take care.


Posts: 699
Dear Melissa,

You are in my thoughts today, your sweet little Betsy's 5 Month anniversary at the Rainbow Bridge.  My heart goes out to you, missing your darling girl so much.  There is a little heart with Betsy's name on it throbbing with love inside of your own.

HAPPY 5 MONTH BRIDGE DAY, Sweet Betsy (you are the cutest!)!!  I know there is a huge party going on for you, ROASTED CHICKEN specially featured on the Bridge Party menu.  ENJOY!!  I'm afraid my Boxer boy, Grunt may get a little rowdy and messy with drool waiting on the serving line, please feel free to exert some of your Terrier Power to calm him down!!

Katharine, Grunt's Mom Forever

Posts: 1,288
I had to have a small cry over your song. That was our song and my Mother's and my song also, so the memories are very emotional for me as well. Don't you just miss singing to her and watching how happy it made her. You could see the happiness in her eyes, I am sure. She was your pride and joy..

It is hard to believe that it has been 5 months already. I am so sorry that it had to be so. We just don't get to keep them with us long enough. Never long enough at all.

Bless you and Betsy,


Posts: 846
I'm so sorry.  We miss our babies so much, and some days are harder than others.  You always have such amazing, inspiring things to say to us in your posts and I am coming up with blanks, I'm so sorry.  But please know that you're in my thoughts and prayers today as you miss your sweet Betsy. What a complete doll she was.  I will also ask my girls Gypsy and Luna to tell her to send you some doggie kisses from Heaven and to visit you in your dreams.  May God hold you in his loving arms and grant you peace.  Many hugs to you.

And for your Betsy:
Sweet Betsy, HAPPY 5 MONTH BRIDGE DAY!  Your mommy misses you so much.  What a precious soul you are.  Please remember to visit her in her dreams.  God bless you sweet one.

Gerlie (Gypsy and Luna's forever mom)

Posts: 686
Dear Melissa,

It is hard to believe that it has been 5 months since you lost your sweet Betsy.  I just passed 6 mo. with the loss of my Gus.  We never stop missing them, but we do learn to accept that they are gone.  Betsy is so precious.  I can well understand why she was your "Sunshine".

Warm thoughts and hugs
Kate (Gus' mom)


Posts: 1,205
Dear Melissa
Your Betsy is just so cute.  Such a sweet little face.  I know that you miss her so much.
Happy Bridge Day Betsy, tell my Basil to leave you alone, he was always one for the ladies.  Tell him that Mummy is watching. 

 Here is a rainbow for you dear Mummy, please know that I am with you, and will always love you.  WOO WOO WOO.  xxx

Posts: 196
My thoughts are with you.  I think all of wish we could get to a place more quickly when we aren't grieving, but can remember our babies with a smile.  It's been 3 1/2 months since I lost Herbie -- I lost 4 in less than 2 years -- and I think I am still in shock some days.  I still look for him, and think I see him everywhere.

We were blessed to have our fur babies in our lives, but, OH! how we miss them so.

Herbie and Belle's Mom

Posts: 1,015

My Dear Melissa –


My heart goes out to you as you remember your sweet little yodeler Betsy Noodle. It’s hard to believe it’s been 5 months for you and 4 months for me . . . time can be cruel and kind all at once. I know how much your sweet girl means to you and how very much you miss her. Our love and devotion for our angels is so intense, and so it only logical that our sorrow and sadness is a deep as that love. The pain I feel is still as painful as the day Rusty left me . . . a terrible ache in the pit of my stomach that works its way up to my heart, resulting in what feels like a skip in my heartbeat.


Melissa, I’m sending you a big huge warm hug today . . . you’re in my thoughts, always.


Dear Betsy Noodle, please know your Mommy, Daddy, Gracie & Ralphie all miss you everyday . . . and they will forever. They’re sending you very special love and kisses today, your 5th month anniversary at the Rainbow Bridge. Send a smile and yodel their way soon.


To our sweet little earth angels that have gone before us . . . we love and miss you so . . . until we meet again.


Hugs again!


Rusty’s Mom – Allison.


Posts: 1,199

Dear Melissa,

I know how much you loved your beautiful Betsy, my heart aches for you and for the pain you are feeling over missing her.  She is such a beauty, you can see how much she was loved and how much she loved you in her eyes. 

As Allison said, time can be so cruel but it can also be kind.  It sounds as though you are able to look back on the time you had with Betsy and smile - I hope I can eventually get there. It has been over 10 weeks since my Blackie went to the RB, I cannot even imagine what it will be like when I reach Blackie's 5-month anniversary...

I'm glad you posted the words to You Are My Sunshine - I had fogotten that I used to sing that to Blackie, but I only knew the first verse.  Now I can learn the 2nd verse and sing it to my other cats, LOL!

I hope today isn't too painful for you.  I'm sending you a big cyber hug to let you know I'm thinking of you.

Take care,

Blackie's mommy



Posts: 774
Hi Mellisa;
That was a beautiful letter to your betsy. Your grief  is so sad. Continue to remember the good and let her memories keep your heart warm.

Posts: 1,234
Hershey fixed his special chicken noodle soup and some cake. He and Betsy are cuddled down for the night. Loves, Meri and the boyz

Posts: 657
Oh, Melissa, That was my dad's favorite song.  I always thought it was so sad.  I remember right after my dog died, I would wake up in the morning and just for a split second forget what had happened. and then I would cry. 

YOu and so many others were so good to me when i started posting here.  The pain and sorrow are unrelenting. 

YOur baby is beautiful and your post brought me to tears because I feel the same way.

Posts: 258
Dear Melissa,

I am crying as I read your beautiful tribute to sweet Betsy, and I am sending you an enormous hug!  The memories stay with us always ~ unfortunately, the bitter and the sweet ~ and some of them never lose their sting.  When you spoke of saying good bye to Betsy, it reminded me of when I said good bye to Max...6 months and 2 days ago.  It's sometimes hard to imagine where we found the strength to let them go, isn't it?  I know that the strength came from our deep love for them...where else?  I am so sorry for your pain, Melissa, I understand and relate, and my heart and prayers are with you and your husband as you miss your darling girl.

Sweet, soulful Betsy ~ Happy Bridge Day to you!  I know that Max was there with a roast chicken to share (Be sure to share, Max!  Don't be too greedy!) and probably some cream puffs too!  Watch over your Mama and Dad and comfort them with your boundless spirit and love.

Hugs -

Posts: 261

Dearest Melissa,

I read your post with tears in my eyes.........I know how much you miss your sweet Betsy, as I miss Rudy that way too!  You were the best mom ever for her and don't think for a minute that you are not in her heart each day that goes by!  Just as you think of her, she thinks of you! I think I've said this to you before, but it bears saying again.............we were blessed to have them in our lives!  They changed us forever  in the very best way possible! Never forget that is their legacy to us..........they made us better people!  If that's not love then I don't know what love is! She loved and still loves you from the Bridge where she is happy and healthy once again.  What better gift can we receive then the knowledge that they are made whole again!  That is her gift to you.  Believe it!
And to you Sweet Betsy Noodle........may the sunshine brightly on this your 5-month Bridge Day!  Find a way to comfort your momma as she comforts all who visit this site!  Your mom and dad miss you so........perhaps a visit would be good about this time to reassure them that you are doing well in your new home!  Much love to you Betsy......and if you see Rudy........tell him his momma loves and misses him too!

Love and hugs coming your way...
Donna (Rudy & Rileysmom)


Posts: 763
Dear Melissa, I always love to see pictures of your darling Betsy. She has the most beautiful, shiny coat. Betsy looks like such a gentle little lady. I felt so sad when I read about your last day together. I know what you mean when you say you miss your baby more than you thought possible. I too miss my doll boy more than I thought possible. I have changed since he has been gone. I would bet you have changed since that awful day 5 months ago. I can feel your pain. I hope your beloved Betsy and my beloved Mr. Meowgy and all their friends had lots of roasted chicken in celebration of Betsy's 5 month Bridge Day.
Happy 5 month Bridge Day gorgeous Betsy! Let Mommy know you are near and that you know how much she loves you.
Donna, Mr. Meowgy's mom

Posts: 1,569

Happy five month bridge day Betsy Noodle, I am sure you and Peaches are having fun with all your new friends. You are with us always as we are with you as you look down and watch over us till we all meet again.---Jerry in Oklahoma.


Posts: 2,245
Dearest Melissa:
The pain just never goes away.  It is hard to believe that 5 months has passed since I saw your first post.  Your Tribute to Betsy is beautiful and I understand your pain.  The song was perfect and of course made me cry.  I wish there was something I could say to lessen your pain, but as you know there is nothing that helps.  This huge hole we have in our Hearts will remain Forever.  As I looked at Betsy's adorable picture it brought about the same thoughts that I have when I look at Christopher; how is it possible that they are gone Forever when they look so alive?  It just breaks my Heart that God had to take them back. 

These Precious Angels brought so much Joy into our Lives. We are so fortunate to be their Mommies.  You and Betsy and in my Prayers on this very difficult day.


Lots of Hugs
Georgeann and Christopher

Posts: 1,328

Why is Betsy called Betsy Noodle? It's a very cute name, whatever the reason.


Posts: 881
My heart is with you Melissa. It's will never be the same without them..ever. Your beloved Betsy is still here..that beautiful spirit of hers did not die... but the loss is not being able to touch her and it's the physical presence that we're all longing for.

I have never gone through anything that even touches the pain of this loss.

Sending you many many hugs and wishing you peaceful thoughts of your beautiful Betsy.


Posts: 5,100
I wanted to write a quick THANK YOU to everyone who has posted.  You are all angels.  I will thank you individually very soon.

Nancee, you asked about her name.  I chose Betsy's name before I found her at the SPCA.  I just loved the name because it sounded sweet and feminine.   When I saw her I immediately realized I had found my "Betsy" and would be taking her home with me.  I picked her up and sat down on the floor of the Puppy Room to play with her.  She had just ben dewormed and was so sick and anemic that she had no muscle tone.   With no muscle tone, she slipped from my arms like a wet noodle, hence her middle name of Noodle.  Thank goodness, I was sitting on the floor with her and she slipped into my lap.  I remember that day just like it was yesterday.

She would always yodel the most when I called her "Noodle girl".  It was like she was laughing with me.   God, how I miss her.

Love and hugs to you all,


Posts: 35
I know it must have been a very difficult day for you.Yesterday was Kaldi's 3 month bridgeday and it was a very hard day for me. I burned my candle like I do every month for him and looked at his pictures and remininced on our 5 yrs together and of course balled my eyes out. I'm sure that's what you probably did too. It is so sweet how you express so much love for Betsy in all your postings. It is so clear through your words what she meant to you and how hard it is to go on without her. I know she loves you and misses you as much as you do her.I love and miss my Kaldi too, more than words could ever say. Kaldi's a New Orleans boy. I bet he showed your Betsy how to make my grandmother's chicken gumbo with lots of file'. I can see them licking the pot clean right now! Hope you're feeling better today. God bless you and your family.


Posts: 111
Thinking of you on the 5th month Bridge day.  She was such a beautiful girl, and a definite "sunshine".  I hope she is watching over you well, smiling and surrounded by roast chicken.
Thoughts and hugs,
Heather, Hanks' forever mommy

Posts: 15
Your post has really hit me as that was the song I sang to my little angel constantly.
Betsy was absolutely adorable and I am sure your heart must be breaking today.
You are in my thoughts and prayers.

I bet you my Little Mickey and Betsy are listening to that song together with the warm sun shining on them.
The day will come when we can hold them in our arms and sing to them all night long.


Posts: 1,040
        {{{{{ BESTY NOODLE }}}}} I hope you had a very special day on your 5th. month bridge day.I hope my Sammy sus was there and hope you sang and yodel for all your guest,I'll bet you sang your favorite song your mommie sang for you, and I'll bet everyone had a great time.Run and have fun sweet girl and enjoy your day.Sending you and all the bridge babies  many hugs and many butterfly kisses.
Bestys Mommie I hope Besty's special day was not to hard on you,I know how much it hurts when they are not with us anymore and it just seems so unfair when we lose them.Sending healing hugs and prayers to you,to help you through this time.
JoAnn Sammy Sus's Mom


Posts: 613

Dear Melissa, thinking of you and your family as you mourn your precious little Betsy on her five month bridge day.  The picture of her with her toy is so sweet, and brought tears to my eyes.  There are certain little fur babies that we bond with immediately, and feel as if we know them, and your Betsy is one of them.  You have described her little antics in such a way, that it is easy to visualize exactly who this little princess was, and of course, it is easy to see why she was so cherished.   I like that you chose her name ahead of time, that is interesting as I am VERY CLOSE to adopting a new fur baby, and I too have a name picked out.   Your Betsy fit her name perfectly, a little bundle of love and sweetness.   I'm sorry for your pain, and know how deeply you miss her. Hugs to you, Jan

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