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While sunning himself in our front yard last Saturday, my dear, sweet Fluffy was killed by a pit bull.  The owners of the pit bull said it ran past them out the front door, and I am consumed by anger towards them for not going after their dog and that all they have to do is pay a fine and move on.  Their dog has gotten out twice more since then and come right back to my house.  One of those times my gate had been left open by my son and it went after my dog who is trained not to leave our yard.  Thankfully this time I heard the yelp and saved her.  Someone from animal control told me it will come back looking for another kill.  I even wrote the owner's a letter telling them about Fluffy and expressing my pain.  I am also consumed by guilt because I had several fans going full blast and could not hear what was happening just outside my front door.  I could have saved him.  I am tormented by images of his broken body, and thoughts of his last moments on earth filled with such fear and pain. 

I adopted Fluffy 8 years ago when he was 3.  He was one of a kind and came when I whistled for him.  I can barely get through each day because there is not a second that goes by that I don't think about his sweet face and the joy he brought to our lives.  My family doesn't really understand why I am so consumed by grief, so I searched online to find people who would understand what I am experiencing.  How will I get through this pain and loss?  I have so much guilt, and what if's I feel like I am going to lose my mind.  I keep saying to myself, "I will never see him again, he's gone forever."  I still cannot grasp that this has happened.

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Oh Angel I am so sorry to hear about Fluffy.  What a tragic end he had.

I can totally understand your anger towards the owners of the pit bull.  In some places this breed of dog is outlawed.  I know people say it is the owner and not the pit bull to blame. 

I did hear the topic discussed on the radio one time and they said that what makes a bite by a pit bull worse than say by another breed of dog is that pit bulls have tremendous strength and their jaw just locks down with tremendous force.  

Again, I am so sorry to hear of your sad loss.

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I am very sorry you lost your beloved Fluffy in such a horrific manner.  My heart goes out to you and your family.

What state do you live in?  Many states have enacted dangerous dog and "one bite" laws.  You MUST call animal control every single time this dog gets out and roams your neighborhood or enters your yard.  Your child could be attacked next.  If animal control does nothing, call your local police or sheriff's dept. and tell them you fear your child is in danger.  Remind them this dog has already killed once.  This dog will kill or maim again.  It is clear in your post that these neighbors cannot control this dog.

You can also sue this dog owner for damages in small claims court.  You don't have to have a lawyer; you can represent yourself. 

I don't mean to sound like I am lecturing you in your time of sorrow, but I feel it is so important that you, your family, and neighbors are protected from this dangerous predator.

You are in my prayers.



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Oh Angel I am so very sorry for your loss. I cried reading your words of pain and despair and my heart truly goes out to you.

God's love is full of mercy and I'm sure He had already taken Fluffy's sweet little spirit before he could even feel any pain or fear and is running free at Rainbow Bridge with no recollection of what happened. Please don't beat yourself up with blame and guilt, it was an accident and you would have saved him if you could. I know he knows that and will always love you.

My prayers are with you,


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Thank you all so much for your heartfelt words of support.  I felt so alone, but now I've found people who understand fully the pain and loss.  Thank you for your prayers. 


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Hi Angell;
I agree with WooWooWoo. You mest be a squeeky wheel or this matter will get worse. the owners of that dangerous dog need to make sure that dog never escapes again or put the dangerous dog to sleep. You know, there is no excuse for a dangerous dog. They could install an invisible fence, a shock collor or some serious behavior classes or an apointment with a behaivorist. there is no excuse for what happened. These people obviously are takng everything with a grain of salt if their dog has been permitted to run loose again. Slipping out the door is no excuse.
The shock collor and invisible fence ideas are only as a last case resort I would not recomend them normaly.
To protect yourself, get an air horn or some thing of that sort and if that dog comes near your yard use it. You should not ever get in the middle of a fight because you will get bit. The dog should be put to sleep because it cannot be controled by its owners. Find out if anyone else in the neighborhood has had a problem with it. Get a petition signed. Write city hall make a real loud squeek with this. You have been done an awful injustice here. Let your grief fuel your cause.

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I called animal control the first two times, and all we could do was file a complaint.  They were cited twice for dog at large, and attack on an animal.  They pay a fine, or if they choose not to pay they will end up in court.  The woman I filed the complaint with told me that if, make that when, that dog gets out it will always return to my house looking for another kill.  

We called animal control the third time, but they were gone for the day.  We called the police and they said if the dog was not a threat to people there's nothing they can do.  So, we actually followed followed the dog in the car and saw the reactions of three people.  They have all had run in's with this dog previously because one came out with a knife, one came out with a bat, and one guy was afraid to get out of his car as the dog sat outside the driver's side window just staring in.  We explained to each person we encountered what had happened to our cat, and we told little kids we saw outside to go in immediately because of a mean dog. 

We went to the owner's and they apologized again, but they did not go out and get the dog that was on the loose.  We felt powerless.  We finally talked to animal control the next day, and explained what had happened with those three people and suggested they get statements from each one, and were told we could not even file a third complaint without pictures as proof.  They also told us we could capture the dog and bring it to animal control and put it in one of the outside pens.  Yea right like we're going to attempt to capture an aggressive pit bull.  They told us they cannot take the dog unless it attacks a person.  The research I've done says an attack on a human is preceded by the aggressive dog killing another animal.  It is absolutely ridiculous that they will only impound a dog like this after it attacks/kills several animals, or, God forbid, attacks a person, more than likely a child.  We've thought about passing out flyers around the neighborhood warning people about this dog, and asking them to call us if any one has had experiences with this dog. 

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What a situation to have to deal with. These owners should be taking full responsibility of their dog/his actions.
Sorry about your poor Fluffy. It must be very difficult for you right now. I hope the situation somehow gets better.

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I have never heard of an animal control agency behaving in this manner.  Animal control can pick up a roaming pitbull with only one report.  Did you talk to a supervisor or the receptionist?

This is only my opinion, but I would call an attorney and ask him/her what your options are.   This attorney will look up your state law and tell you what to do next. 

I live in a small town that has a very responsible animal control department.  You NEVER see a dog roaming the streets for long here.  In fact, when my friend's Golden got out, the police brought it back to her house and reminded her of our local dog laws!  That is now proactive we are here.  There is NO EXCUSE for allowing this pitbull to roam and it is probably against the law in your state or jurisdiction anyway. 

In my line of work, I have seen what a pitbull can do to a child.  Like Loudpurring said you have to be a squeaky wheel to protect yourselves.  You can do a petition or you can have all your neighbors call Animal control over and over again when this dog gets out.

We are all wishing you the best and are so sorry you are having to endure this pain and worry.



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Hi Angell,
My heart goes out to you....I lost my Chaz to a coyote last Aug 16, in my neighbors front yard. I can feel the pain of imagining Fluffy's final moments, as I do that with Chaz. But I can't believe that it was a neighbors dog that did that, and nothing can be done. I though most states had a "one bite" law. That dog should be quarantined, and possibly put down. If it is going to continually look for another kill, THERE IS A PROBLEM!!! My prayers are with you, and I hope that the authorities in your area come to their senses and do something about that dog. Obviously it's owners don't care....
Eileen (Chaz's Mom)

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