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I don't know that I'm strong enough to read all the posts going on right now but I did want to leave a memorial for my darling furbaby, Bridget Killian.

We had her for 11 years. She was relatively fine on 5/6, cuddling and kissing us at night that night, then the next morning very very sick. As we came to find out, she had internal bleeding (either from a tumor or her spleen) and although in no pain, just extremely tired, we really had no choice but emergency euthanasia. She was in no pain - she was never one to mince words when she was in pain.  But you could tell from her face, she was just...done.  

  She was our first child DOB 1/18/97 (we always said that if she was still alive after six months then we could probably try for a kid :-} ) and sure enough in Nov of '97 our darling human kid was on his way :-D (DOB 8/98). 

She was a Boxer, Lab, Terrier mix. The sweetest dog ever.  Her tail was docked from birth I'm guessing (no doubt they were trying to pass off the litter as MOSTLY boxer :) ) and she just wouldn't have been Bridget without that docked tail.  We christened her a nubby wagger, and her whole butt just wagged from side to side.  It made people happy just to see her be happy. Everyone was her friend. She'd bark in a frenzy at someone at the door. But we always said, she would do that and then when they came in she'd say..."ohhhhkay, the stereo's over there, the tv's there, now if you'll just get me those treats in the big room with the cold thing you can do whatever you want..."

It never ceased to amazes me that I got a dog to understand the command "bathroom" but yet my son wasn't TT'd til he was FOUR.  :)  (Maybe I should have started him on newspaper???)

She was an odd dog, did things we never did understand. Just part of her charm, and actually fit right into our family as we're all pretty nuts.

She barked whenever the phone rang and you said, "Hold on..." when getting the person who the phone was for.

She barked incessantly whenever I said "Do me a favor" to my husband (and only me, not anyone else in the house) so much so that this pasty white Irish lass that I am started saying "Por Favor"  because Bridget didn't understand espanol, apparently.

She barked when I said my husband's name ("Mike").   What was that about.

She preferred sleeping on MY side of the bed.  the WHOLE side of the bed.
And when I tried to come in, gave me that look (you all know that look, no matter what type of furbaby you have) like "yeah, where do you think you're going? I was here first."  And yes, occasionally I actually acquiesced and slept on the couch....
She would "help" me clean by picking up stray pieces of paper (or juice box straw plastics, or receipts, get the idea) and 'holding them hostage' until I gave her a treat for them.  Sometimes, if we ignored her too long, she would pick it up in her mouth and give it a chew so she made sure we heard her.
She knew the phrase "Grandma/Grandpa" so it was because of her we began calling our parents by the name "G&G" in conversations, so as not to get her all excited. (She'd go excitedly to the door looking for my mom if she heard "Grandma")

I miss my darling daughter, and she will forever be with me until I see her at the bridge...I'm hoping my cousin Eileen (who was a huge animal lover) is taking care of her and my 'keets from years gone by.  *sigh*  I can't believe how much that puppy worked her way into my life.  I miss her every day when I come in through the door, and almost 4 weeks later, I still come down in the morning expecting her to be on her couch.  

My heart has a hole in it.  But, as the days go on, it doesn't get better, just easier.  Or easier, not better. I'm not sure which.  

If you've read this far, thank you. I'm sorry it's so long.  

Bridget Killian    1/18/97-5/7/08 

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I am so sorry for your loss - Bridget sounds amazing.

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What a lovely photo, she sure is a beauty.  From what you said, she is a real character too.  I am so sorry that you had to let her go, it is so hard.  Thinking of you, Love Di xxx


Posts: 11
Thanks guys!  We thought she was a beauty too. :)  The way we knew she was the one out of the litter for us was she was sleeping on the bottom while her littermates crawled all over her. :-D  LOL.  At least I can talk about her now and not break down!   That is a step in the right direction.

That's one of my favorite pics.  That's my son Kelly in the background...we were at Cape May at Sunset beach and that look she's giving me is "oh please can't we go home YET".  She wasn't a beach puppy. :)

This board is really wonderful.  I was getting all teary eyed but in a good way last night trying to wade through posts. I'm so sorry to everyone here for their losses. 


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What a beautiful dog and incredibly smart too..understanding so many words.
I know what an enormous loss this is for you and I'm so sorry you lost your sweet Bridget.  She will always be your shining star in the heavens and in your heart.

Many hugs,

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