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Peach as your two month anniversary is a few weeks away I think about you each and every day. Now more so of the good times we had. I had a memory today that brought a smile to my face. I remembered how when the door bell would ring you would go into a frenzy with your little Chihuahua bark. Even a door bell sound on the TV would send you to our door. Being out here in rural Oklahoma we don't get many visitors so there were times I would go outside and ring the door bell and could hear you barking. I would open the door and you would get down in you little crouch, front legs down and your hind end up in the air. I would say, "I'm going to get you girl" and you would take off running all over the house and return to my feet in your crouch ready to go again and again.  Mom and I would laugh and I would laugh so hard I would have tears in my eyes, like I do now, not sad tears but tears of joy. I have thought about what my journey will be like. I believe I and so many will make that journey but on different paths. I also believe that our homecoming will be a very special time, just being reunited with those who had left us will be special. But I see mine as arriving at a door with a door bell and I will push it and hear your bark on the other side. I will open the door and see you as you were in your youth and you Peach, you will see me once again because your sight will have been restore. When our eyes meet you will crouch down and as I step across the threshold I will once again say....."I'm going to get you girl", and we will cross the bridge together, wouldn't that be special Peach girl.
I just sat back down to the key board, I had to do it just once more, once more for old times sake........push the door bell. I wonder Peach, did you hear it did you girl, were you off with some of your new friends or as many here call them "Furbabies" or were you with your first family, Gwen's Mom and Dad or perhaps you were in her mother's lap when off in the distance you heard that faint door bell chime sound......did you girl, huh, did you.....and if you did, did you send out a few of your Chihuahua barks.....did you girl, huh, did you.....................I'll bet you did!
                                      FOR PEACHES
Jerry & Gwen----------In Oklahoma.

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Jerry and Gwen,

Well now that I can see the keyboard again I will try and respond.

What a beautiful way to be re-united with your Peaches. I can see it so well in my mind and it gives me a very happy feeling to know that you will have such a happy reunion. They had the most wonderful ways of having fun and I know that they knew just how much we enjoyed what they did. They were all about having a good time.

I am sure that she heard the doorbell and responded, she will be waiting to hear it again I am sure.


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Dear Jerry and Gwen:
What a sweet and funny memory of your beloved Peaches.  I have read some of your postings and I know you shared  a tremendous love and bond with Peaches. 

You shared a special time of day with Peaches and your walks.  I know it's hard but I hope if you go down those paths you are talking to Peaches.  I think it's the best part of my day talking to my Meister. 

I am so very happy for you that you can now think of all the happy times you and Peaches had and are smiling together. 

Thank you also for being so supportive and loving to so many people at this site.  I know it means so much to me. 

Meisters Mom 


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Thank you so much for sharing such a sweet memory of your precious Peaches. My eyes filled with tears as I read it.

I too try so hard to remember all the sweet memories I have of my baby cat Cheeseburger, and not dwell on his loss. It is so hard because I miss him so very much as I know you miss Peaches.  I truly believe they are once again healthy and strong, all the sickness and pain from them is gone.

We were all blessed to have such special angels in our lives.Their love and spirit lives on in our hearts forever.

Thanks again for sharing and I am sure Peaches heard you ring the door bell!

Dee >^..^<

Cheeseburger's Mom

Dee + Cheeseburger = LOVE

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Peaches was lucky to have you as his dad.
My one cat did that,too, striking that pose when my husband would play with her. He used to love playing hide n' seek with her when we lived in another house that had "cutouts" in the bottom of the doors. She would run through these holes from top level to next level and to the basement.
It's funny the certain memories we have of them. I know I have so many, too. Take care.

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What a wonderful, heart-felt letter to Peaches. I could just see her reacting to the doorbell and then putting her little rump up in the air when she saw you.
I believe Peaches heard you ring that doorbell today. And I'm sure she gave a little bark and recognized it was you ringing HER bell.
I like to think that's how you'll meet her. What a sweet, comforting thought for you and your wife to treasure and look forward to.
God bless you both tonight.
Molly's Mom

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Oh, Jerry.  Well, I guess I am almost speechless.  What a lovely story.  All I can say is:  May we all be greeted in such a wonderful way when we arrive at the Bridge.

You know, I think I, too, will ring the doorbell, and I will hear that joyful "WooWooWoo" yodel. Then, when I catch a glimpse of her beautiful, radiant face, she will be doing her famous tap dance, just so happy to see her mommy. 

Jerry, since Betsy passed, I have absolutely no fear of death.  Not that I am ready to go now.  I still have many things to do, and people and furbabies to care for.  But one fine day, one beautiful, GLORIOUS day, she and I will meet again, never to part.

Betsy's forever grateful and loving mom

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Jerry, I had to read this even though I cried throughout.  I had a driveway doorbell and sometimes an animal would set it off.  She would go to the door and bark, but then she would come to get me like to say, "Help me, mom".  I always laughed because she sounded so ferocious but she always wanted me with her when she barked.  I always unplugged the driveway bell when I was gone because I didn't want her to be afraid when I was gone. I cant wait for the reunion.


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Dear Jerry, now that was a tearjerker!   I smiled and cried as I tried to visualized your little Peaches running in a frenzy throughout your home.  Yes, I do believe that is how you two will be reunited,   but at this reunion, when you ring the doorbell, Peaches will jump into your arms, and smother you with kisses.  That will be a sight to behold!   Keep on sharing your stories about her, they are absolutely precious!    Hugs,   Jan

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