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Some of you, dear friends, may remember when we brought home our little Georgia just about 4 months ago to live with us and be a dog instead of a used little puppy mill breading machine. She came spent, tired and in pain from her vertebrae disc disease, heavily under influence of those nasty steroids and painkillers:

Despite her condition, she was trying to be playful and cheerful girl, but somehow it didn’t work very well:

We all were trying to make her more comfortable and feel home, including our Rocky boy. It wasn’t too hard, considering what she has been through.

To avoid any further possible damage, we educated ourselves about her condition and restricted her movements in a hope that her condition will improve:

To truly have good diagnosis and learn about Georgia’s condition, we had her MRI done two weeks later as her supply of steroids and pain killers were running out:

There was only one solution as we have learned from the pictures and doctor’s report. Immediate surgery to stop the never ending pain and prevent full body paralysis if the disk herniation brakes up and damages her spinal cord. Three days later, Georgia is home after her neck surgery:

Six weeks of therapy and rehabilitation followed, in a crazy home with additional family visitors and yet another dog. But it wasn’t that hard as she craved for touch and cuddle:

And who would resist to it:

Well, certainly more then six weeks passed, visitors have all left and Georgia’s real therapy started. Taking her first walk in the woods along Rocky’s side:

And stopping by Ginger’s Memorial we started by bringing small rock every weekend since she passed just 6 months before:

As you can see, her rehabilitation is going reasonably well as Georgia is becoming more and more blurry when we are trying to capture her in our camera. Here she is in full flight over fallen tree following Rocky wherever he goes:

or wherever he may turn:

She is not shy to explore things by herself. Taking the lead and leaving Rocky in a dust:

Sometimes I may even get lucky with my camera:

And as you can see, she does not shy water either:

Her favorite activity is chasing chipmunks, squirrels and other critters, following them (or Rocky) anywhere:

But same like Ginger, her most favorite part is the snack time. Wherever it is:

including this wonderful place:

where we used to take and remember our beloved Ginger.

And Georgia reminds us of her in so many ways:

By being also a great companion to Rocky:

That we can never forget her:

Not in a million years:

Not ever:


Thank you, for allowing me to share the life of these beautiful humane beings.


For Ginger


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Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!!!!


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Oh Roman, thank you for sharing about Georgia, and of course Rocky and Ginger. What an inspirational story. Is Georgia really running and jumping around so free now? What a wonderful dad you are, to have given her this new chance at a better life.

What a great play ground for everyone there. Wish we had a place like that to go to. It looks so peaceful.

I loved the way Rocky looked sitting at Ginger's grave.

Thank you for sharing all of your beautiful memories and present days with your pups.



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How beautiful!!  I love the term "humane beings".  I'm going to use that, since I've been searching for a word that epitomizes what my pups mean to me.  More than pet,  different than human.   Your pups are very fortunate to have such faithful, loving parents.


Posts: 356
Thank you Bubba's Mom and Piezon's Mom. And yes, Georgia is really running and jumping like there was no tomorrow. She's nuts and I prefer to use more fitting description : she goes ballistic! Sometimes, it scares me to the point of seeing more $ $ for her surgeries. But no. She just shakes it off and goes at it again. 
I am still careful with her though and don't want her to get hurt or have the disc herniate again. It's tough. 

This place is truly wonderful and beautiful piece of nature. Especially at this time of the year and the pictures don't give the colors any justice. I would prefer to own it but I am still couple of millions of dollars shy ( it's about 40 acres?) ... So I can only drive and come here every weekend ( it's about 30min drive).

Lori, I know I don't talk much about Rocky, but I must say that he is such a wonderful boy, a pillar you may say, who was helping and taking care of Ginger, helping us to heal when she passed while mourning for her himself and being a great big brother to Georgia when she joined our family. He truly has grown from young crazy pup-boy into a big "man". For American Cocker Spaniel, 40 pounds is a lot. That's all the exercise he gets as there is not a piece of fat on him. Just muscles. We love him very much.

Thank you again,


Posts: 607
Oh my gosh, those pictures are just amazing and inspiring of your sweet little Georgia.  She is such a petite girl but look at her go, happily and without pain keeping up with big brother Rocky! And wow, does she ever look like Ginger in some of those photos, rolling around especially.  I couldn't be more happy for you all (even though I am tearing up again with your update)!  Georgia was meant to be with your family and she is the luckiest little pup - so deserving of a new start with a loving family!  I think she knows how fortunate she is to have landed in your arms!

Yay, Georgia!


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What a fantastic, inspiring story!  Those photos really show how much healthier and happier she's become--she is so lucky to have you.  Thanks for sharing.


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this sounds like something out of a james herriot book.    just the kind i love with a big teary eyed happy ending!!!!!  thank you so much for getting georigia out of those horrid conditions and showing her what love is all about.    i know that she loves you and your wife to pieces as much as you love her.  and that rocky is a wonderful big 'bro.    

the pictures and the stories were wonderful.   thank you for sharing.

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ps-if your camera allows it, set your shutter speed to a quicker shot and maybe you'll be able to 'freeze' your little speedster in some pictures.

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Beautiful story and beautiful pictures of Georgia! It is so great seeing her running and enjoying her life.  You and your husband have hearts as big as Texas. 

precious Christoph ~ my sweet bunny ~


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Roman, thank you for sharing these beautiful pics and for updating us on sweet little Georgia. I am so happy to hear (and see) that she is doing so well. What a lucky girl she is to have found you. Your story brings tears to my eyes. Thank God for people like you. I'm so happy for all of you!


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My Heart and Cup runneth over. God Bless You.


Posts: 80

This is the sweetest thing I've seen and should be made into a book or movie!


Posts: 22

Just beautiful!


Posts: 564

My Lord, what a beautiful story, and such special pictures!!  I always regret that I didn't take more pics of Luke and Lil, nor did I take would've been so nice to have more of those, capturing and keeping special occasions as you have.  Yours is a story of Love!!  Thanks so much for sharing it!  Rick


Posts: 356

Thank you all dear friends,


I use the term humane beings for them because it is more fitting for them then it is for me. I waive from it. They never do.



it is true that it meant to be. I could never imagine the events of the past half year or so to be so intense and absolutely no coincidental. Shaping me to be more humane too. Say Hi to Scout from our two suckers :)



Thank you. Georgia is truly a beautiful girl. She is smart and good learner too.. Oh yeah, and so stubborn too!



I certainly hope that Georgia will stay healthy and live long. We will do our best. They don’t deserve anything less, while remembering our beautiful souls, my Ginger and your Jude, you are just celebrating 7th month with.

I am using my 5 year old Rebel SLR which can do darn fast sport photos with a great cadence too. But the light conditions that day weren’t so great, the shade and full light changes are very strong and she’s still moving fast J !



Georgia truly enjoys her life to the fullest. Especially in the Kitchen! She is like a boomerang. You tell her to get out through one door and she will sneak back in through the other. We have to do that not to step on her or fall over, while we are preparing food. But the smells are sooooo gooood!



Thank you and I am the lucky one who needed serious healing help after our Ginger passed away. I still miss her very much as you miss your beautiful Chico.



Thank you, and God Bless You and your precious Sammy as well. And it’s not just heart and cup runneth  over. It’s everything! She’s unstoppable!



Thank you, I will reserve tickets for ya J



Thank you. We all need to share the good stories as well to help us heal, go on and remember.



I am glad I took so many pictures of Ginger, Rocky and now Georgia. It does help to remember those special moments, but what truly maters is in our hearts, and we all here share our wonderful stories of love and compassion for our little monsters J

Thank you all again.


Posts: 2,123
This is such an inspirational. It's so thrilling to see the look of release and freedom on Georgia's face. She looks so much happier than the earlier photos you shared.

I can imagine how I might cringe watching her run, jump and play, for fear she might hurt herself again. But at the same time, she's FREE and needs to be able to finally enjoy life.

Thank you again, for sharing this lovely story and the photos.


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