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Hershey has rounded up a cre to start looking for chumetz. he and the gang have started a major cleaning and hunting project. Maedy Susan is enlisting the help of Nike, Spartacus and Brany to help with decorations, centerpieces and table settings for the seder. It will be a large event as everyone at the bridge takes part. The recipe for the purple eggs has been snet to Sophie Estther.

I put together and sent to the Hersh the Haggudahs in English and Hebrew so everyone can follow the story of the Exodus from Egypt. The holiday begins on Friday, April the 19th so there is much work yet to be doen. Hershey keeps track of all the things being made and what still needs to be done.

He and the Schatz and Maedy will visit along with Elijaha as we open our front door wide,

Blessings to all at this most special time of year.


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Betsy will be sitting patiently beside Sophie Esther as she prepares the eggs.  Then, she will run any errands that may need to be run to help everyone prepare.


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Dear Meriam -

I so love the image of all of our fur babies sitting around the Passover table for a Rainbow Bridge Sedar.  Mostly though, I love that you gave me this wonderful thought of my baby visiting with Elijah.

Peace to all.

Rusty's Mom

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Hi Mom and bros,

It is time to get serious about hunting for bread and grains and selling them or putting them in storage. Thanks for ssending all the Passover goodies. Sophie Esther has starte soaking the eggs in beet juice so we will have our tradiotnal purple eggs. Betsy has been a big help. Sophie tells me that Betsy is going to roast the chicken, that sound yummy.

Whisper Weissman sent me a note today and said that you and the boyz and Curly and she and all the other Weissmans are having a Prime Rib. Remember to send us the bones. Whisper also said said that she misses sleeping with me and I told her that Kuggel is a nice warm companion. Curly is after the Whitetails.

Well, I am tired after a Nice Shabbat meal and Betsy and I are sharing tea with Nina Maria and Teddy before bed. I will be up early in the morning to organize the cleaning brigade and the hunting party.

Loves and hugs,

Your forever Hershey.

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Awwww, Meriam, what a wonderful post!!!!!!

Nothing makes me happier than to imagine all of our babies running, playing....and yes, planning for Passover up at the Bridge!  Can't you just see all that excitement now??

Big hugs to you and the boyz,

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Dear Meriam,


Here are some contributions to the Passover celebration that Ollie sent to Aurich to share with all of his friends at the bridge.

We will find more later to share.



Love and Peace and a Happy Passover to all,





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Kathy and Ollie,

Thank you for sending a care package to Aurich. it is funny because the boyz and I drove to Helena, our state capitol yesterday to finish Passover shopping. It is a reall challenge in Montana.

Hershey is so looking forward to the Seder. This is one of his favorite holidays.

Thank you for helping us to celerate.

Meriam, Silver, Mozart and Kuggel

Hershey sends his thanks from the bridge

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passover.gif picture by BartendersBluesWolf


Happy Passover


Passover Blessings

matza_blessing1.gif (5462 bytes)

I praise HaShem, who is Lord and Ruler over all,
for bringing forth bread from the earth.


matza_blessing2.gif (7143 bytes)

I praise HaShem, who is Lord and Ruler over all, for
teaching us the commandment of eating matza.


bitter_herbs_blessing.gif (6330 bytes)

I praise HaShem, who is Lord and Ruler over all, for
teaching us the commandment of eating bitter herbs.

Passover-1.jpg picture by BartendersBluesWolf


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Spartacus and Brandy have told me how hard everyone is working. The music is really going well. He said he heard something that sounded like, woo-woo-woo-coming from the choir

room. I said I have an idea just who it is.

The Passover play is also going well. They all look so cute in their Hebrew and Egyptian costumes.

I was told there is going to be a huge special effect when the Red Sea parts -Charleton Heston

stopped at the bridge to reunite with his pets and they convinced him to stay and help with this important story. Everyone knows him from his movie, "The Ten Commandments,” which played every year on Passover.

The four questions will be spectacular. Half of the babies will ask the questions and the other half will answer. They will all have the ten plagues at their places and will

Hold them up when it comes time. Oy the food is so special. Nike and Brandy have been pitching in. The food is always hard because there are always some ready to eat it at a drop-I meant drop-drop it you lose it!  There will be  Matzah Ball Soup-Gefilte Fish-Brisket – Tzimmes, Farfel,  Matzah Apple Kugel-Hershey said,” Can’t forget the kugel!” , and a ton more of food-then Aurich piped up-Hey! What’s for desert? Hmmmm  Macaroons, fresh fruit, and…We’re going to keep it a secret aren’t we girls?

They all smiled while the boys looked perturbed.


Everyone will join in on the songs with great enthusiasm.

Then they went down the check list.

Baskets of eggs for bunnies to pass out….check

Special picture Seder books……………check

10 plague symbols at every plate………..check

And on it went. Extra places were set for those new babies who come to the bridge and extra baskets were put aside.

The excitement was mounting as the day approached.



Everyone left for the big Welcome Party and Birthday Party but their minds are on the wonderful Seder they will have tomorrow. Many said they were going home to visit after the Seder and when the door opens for Elijah, they will go in too.

Spartacus, Brandy, Mutzy, Shezam, Magoo, Loki, and Pandora were definitely going home but were going to be invisible. Most choose to be invisible so they won’t disturb their parents, who are grieving for them, on this special night. They are going to leave a sign though to be found later. . Aurich said,” I’m going home and my Dad is there too.” Hershey, Betsy, Nike, Pooky, ShiShi, Muffin, and a whole bunch more said they were going home for a visit too.


Have a wonderful Passover


Carol and Family





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Oh, Carol, what a heartwarming....and comforting post!  And thank you Meri for this wonderful thread.  My little girl Betsy is so excited to be a part of the huge Passover Seder.  The food sounds simply delicious. She is just brimming with joy and enthusiasm and (I'm afraid) has been doing her little tap dance...and her "WooWooWoo-ing".  I hope this is not too distracting for the rest of the participants.  But, I know all of them are excited as well.  Spartacus, Heshala and Brandy are getting down to the last minute details. All of the furbabies will enjoy the visit from Charlton!!!  Oh, what a happy and joyful time at the Bridge!

SHALOM and many hugs to all,



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Hello everyone,

The Bridge Seder was a huge success. Everyone had fun listening to the story and looking at the pictures in the Haggudah. All of our babies had a huge meal, followed by yumy desserts.

This morning, Hershey and Betsy were up early to make Matzah bries and finsih cleaning up the dinning hall. It is a wonderful morning at the Bridge.

Hersh is just amazed that here on earth his family is snow bound. Yes, that is correct, snow is piled up so high near the back door that when I opened the door it cascaded down into the kitchen. It is also cold, only 18 degree.

Hershey and the other traditional babies at the bridge will celebrate witha very small Seder tonight and continue to feast on gefilte fish and matzah brie the rest of the week.

To all, a Happy day and a Happy Passover,

Meriam and all the babies both here and at the bridge


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Your wonderful post about the celebration made the whole idea of the day come to life.
Thank you so much for the beautiful vision of how our babies were going to be celebrating at the bridge.
 You have helped bring so much joy to this thread with your wonderful colorful posts.
Because of your sweet pups our babies have all had such a wonderful time at the passover celebration.
Thank you so much for your help and planning.
Thank you for the warm wishes and the beautiful picture.
I know it made our babies smile.
We all love reading about special times at the bridge because it makes us all feel closer to the ones we love who have run on ahead and feel that they are celebrating right along with us here.
Love and Peace,
Love and Peace,
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