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     Well, Gizmo " My little baby boy it is really hard to believe that tonight we are honoring your 2 year anniversary since you left us that fateful night back on October 2nd, 2008. It was a night that mommy and I will ever forget. That night when I came home late from work and I not noticed that you had trouble breathing. On the way to the nearest Vet. hospital that was still open you wrapped your little self up near mommy's neck, which was a sure sign that you were scared. As soon as we arrived they took you from us and we never saw you alive again. From then came the dark days. Those days that I cared little about anything and was so involved in grief. The days that I longed for my " Gizzy ".
     So, what did I learn since your death, Gizmo ?  Nothing that I already did not know, but just maybe needed to be reminded. I now realize how precious life really is and to try not to take things for granted.  I also to live each day a little bit better because you never know that it just might be your last. It might have took me awhile but I think that I found that " Inner Peace" that JerryC as well as others have talked about at great length. It is truly a shame about his passing, I hope that JerryC is now tending to his own loyal flock of Peaches, Noah, Fuzz, Pokey, And Sammy.
     Gizmo, even though it is now 2 years I still love and miss you so very much. I make it a point to continue to do our " Remembering Game" every Wednesday to keep my memories of you alive. They say that memories are golden but you just cannot hug a memory. One night while up at your grave our other dog, Nikita came up to your grave and sat next to me. Gizzy, I swear that she still remembers you. I know that you loved her so. Gizzy, if only I could have you back, If only a little you lived longer than 6 years. If only I spent more time with you. But, we cannot change what has been done. We can only move forward. I have Nikita and now Dino to care about in our lives. As I always say to you Gizmo... Dino is your Legacy. We got him not because of the way that you died, but how you lived. You will always be my Heartdog.
     So, my little baby boy I must now move forward and celebrate your life and the times that we shared rather then mourn your death. I will never forget the friends that I made here on Pet Loss, even though many have moved on. It's nice to know that others are here to help the new ones to this site to make it perpetual. Will I still do the "Remembering Game" ? Will I still pray at you grave site each night and bless those who helped me? Oh yes Gizzy maybe not just as often. I have many pictures of you and will always remember our friendship. I think of the poem that JerryC sent me for your first year anniversary entitled " an Inseparable Pair". It really described our relationship and I will always be indebted to Jerry for giving it to me. Gizzy, maybe later I can figure out how to attach pictures of you to this post. In closing my friend we must not think of it as an end, but rather a new beginning in our relationship where you are forever in my heart helping me cope with life's problems. God Bless you ever so special on this day, Gizzy. I hope that you played with your friend Muttley today. You remain forever in my head and in my heart.

With Love forever,                                       

Your Dad  ( Jeff )


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Your precious Gizmo celebrated his 2nd anniversary at the bridge with all of our special babies.  I am glad you're able to remember more of the sweet memories with Gizmo rather than dwelling on his passing.  You were blessed with a great pet and someday you will see him again!

precious Christoph ~ gone two years ~


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I cried like a baby when I read your story.  What a loving and beautiful relationship.  It is amazing how much are babies really teach us even from the grave. 

It is hard for me to see the life lesson in all of this, but I to now realize that life can be taken in any instant.  We to lost our baby suddenly, he was only 5.  He was a chihuahua. He was an amazing little spirit that lit up any room he walked into.  It has been 2 months today for us.  The pain has only become worse, but I know if I were up in heaven and he were down here that he would be playing and still very happy.  Yes, he would miss us for awhile.  I don't want my babies death to be in vein.  I want to carry on his legacy even though it is a struggle everyday.  I long to hold him and kiss him as I am sure you do with Gizmo.  Thank you for sharing your story and your hope.


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My Dear Dear Friend Jeff,

My thoughts and prayers are with you for Gizmo's 2 year Bridge Day. I took a stroll down memory lane. I looked at Gizzy's Pictures. Jeff he is such a Doll. He has the most soulful eyes. I miss him with you Jeff. I love him with you. I look forward to meeting that Beautiful Boy. You have been a Dear Friend to me Jeff. I am so sorry that your Heart hurts for JerryC. I know you two are fast friends. Jeff... just think on that Glorious Day... After you meet a Praise Your Lord... the many smiling faces that you will see and know. Our Babies and so many Dear Friends have paved the way for us. If I get there before you My Friend, I'll be the one smiling from ear to ear holding a 22 lb.Tabby Cat named Sammy. Take are and God bless you Jeff. Thank you for your Prayers.

Love, Mayme ~ Sammy's Mommy

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     I just read your tribute to your precious Gizmo and it was so very heartfelt.  I can't believe it's been 2 years.  Your love has only grown stronger  for one another.  Your bond is so special and your love and devotion grows deeper each and every day.  Remember me? Cleo was my heartdog.  I have Lucy now and my other poodle Tiffany is 9 years old.  Lucy's eyes are so soulful and I know Cleo's spirit is within her.  I have been blessed.  I know Gizmo heard every word you said and I also believe that Jerry C heard every word two.  He is watching over all of us and he will hopefully guide us too.  I'm so glad you are celebrating Gizmo's life.  I ate cake and ice cream for Cleo's last birthday.  The next one is coming up on October 23rd.  She would have been 14 years old.  Well, as you said, life goes on.  It was nice to see you here on the board again.  I wish you all the very best.  Nikita and Dino love you very much.  God Bless.
                      Sleep peacefully,
Your Daddy adores you and he will always always love you for all eternity.

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My Dear Friend Jeff,
Your post does bring tears to my eyes, especially for your acknowledgement for our beloved Jerry.
Sending love and hugs for the two year anniversary of dear Gizmo's passing.  I wish I could have posted over the weekend, but I was out of town laying my grandmother to rest at a cemetery in Sacramento.
Our Beloved Jerry was still alive on Gizmo's 18th Month Anniversary, and I repost the words he wrote to you back then:


All those memories you have shared with us. Those you remember, well I assure you that Gizmo also remembers them as well. And as you sat there on your porch steps he was there right beside you. Yes they do teach us about life. You are not alone Jeff. Many,including me,have
had the same thoughts. Wishing that we could go back and perhaps change a few things. But as you know we can't. No Jeff, all we can do is take those lessons of life they taught us and carry them with us. You see Jeff, it is a life time that we have shared with them. A time in our life like no other. A part of our life that will never be the same but will always be there to look back on just as you have done here. That life time will always be with us. All though your time with Gizmo was short it was time that he will always remember also. For Jeff that was his life time. As short as it was it was a good life. The best life that Gizmo could have imagined. He was given a gift Jeff. That gift was you. And how lucky he was to haven been able to spend his life time with that one person that gave him as much unconditional love as he gave in return. And what a life he had Jeff. All because of you and your love for him.
You have done him proud with another tribute filled with that love you still and always will have in your heart.

You and Gizmo are in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless....Jerry in Oklahoma, Peaches, Noah, Pokey, Fuzz and Sammy up above with Gizmo.




So Jeff, I am here for you as you have been for me for nearly two years.  You have followed all of my struggles and have included me along with my beloved pets in your nightly prayers.  I thank you for your friendship across the miles and am eternally grateful for all of your sincere support.
May God Bless You and Keep You in His Care,
Ceci's Mom (Robin) and Mama to Lil' Red, my precious boy
                                                                         and The Pinny Gig


Ceci and Me

"Kissing Ceci's Ears"





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~ Such a Precious Picture ~


Your Precious Gizmo!


What a Little Love Bug!




Posts: 398
 Thanks to everyone above who gave me inspirational messages of Love and Kindness. Our furbabies are truly our precious gifts. I think that even now they continue to guide us in helping ourselves by helping each other. Many of you have responded to my posts before and I  consider friends like Mare, Mayme, and Robin,  and now there is you Cathy and Pam that will be added to my nightly prayer list. It shows how precious life really is and its never a good time for our loved ones to go, but as Jerry and I once talked about... If we had to do it all over again and endure the pain that we would; Over and over. This is something non-pet owners just don't understand. Love is a gift and it's up to us to what we do about it. Once again thanks to all. 


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