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God cares very deeply about your pain and feels it Himself for you. He loves and cares about all the animals and it pains and grieves Him when any have a bad time of it--not even a little sparrow falls without Him knowing and caring about it Matt. 10:29  God supplies food for the wild birds Matt 6:26 and He even hears the cries of newborn ravens crying to Him for food Job 38:41.
He loves and cares for you personally, and us all, so much that "Surely he hath borne our grief's, and carried our sorrows" Isaiah 53:4. That includes the awful pain we feel about the loss of beloved pets. He took it upon Himself so that someday ( if we choose Him ) He will be able to wipe away every tear we have. This is the same awesome, powerful God who created the universe and yet He cares about every single thing--including our pain over our lost pets and every single tear we shed.
 If you haven't watched the flash presentation pleases do so (be sure to turn on your speakers--it is so incredibly beautiful and comforting). Everything it says is from the Bible  Click here: The Origianal Father's Love Letter - YouTube

It is a long story but it really hit home for me how much God personally cared when my Mom's beloved dog, Brutus, was dying of cancer right before Christmas 2001. He was technically my Mom's dog but he was the whole families darling baby. God sent a special Christian girl  to pray with us and Brutus. God showed her many things about Brutus that we knew to be true but that she had no way of knowing. This was not psychic/occult dabbling which is something to stay absolutely away from, this was a Christian girl who was blessed with words of knowledge from God. These are two very different things.
 She came and prayed with us over Brutus a few times. On the last night she came Brutus was suffering  but my Mom absolutely refused to put him to sleep even though my we begged her to for his sake. The girl told us that Brutus should be put to sleep to end his suffering but he didn't want to die because sick as he was he was worried about who would protect our family--he felt my Moms T-Cup Poodle was too tiny. We told Brutus that it was okay for him to let go and not to worry about us, that we would be okay. The girl told us he understood. She also told us that Brutus had been a gift from God for us.
After she left to our surprise my Mom finally agreed that he should not suffer any longer and allowed us to call the vet to our house. We all held our baby as he went. I am just crying my eyes out as I type this. It still hurts so badly.
As far as the Christian girl knew when she left that night my Mom was adamantly opposed to putting our baby to sleep. Left to nature he would have painfully lingered for days. But that night the girl had a vision of Brutus young and healthy again running joyfully across the most beautiful green field imaginable in Heaven. She said his tongue was hanging out as he ran and that he had huge beautiful white teeth. She had never seen our baby in his glory days when he had the most astoundingly big beautiful white teeth you've ever seen. When she called the next day to tell us what she had seen I asked her what time she saw it. It was the exact time our baby was put to sleep.
Even though I was just devastated at our loss I felt such comfort at this. At the time I didn't know the Bible verses about animals in Heaven. I was touched to the depths of my heart to know that God--with all the important things He has to worry about--cared so much and went to so much trouble in sending that girl and giving her words of knowledge and the vision of our baby in Heaven.
I still grieve over Brutus but I cannot imagine how much worse it would be if it weren't for what God did for us. There are just no words to express how much it means to me that someday I will be reunited with Brutus and all my beloved pets.
 I went into a terrible depression over Brutus and for over a year it didn't get better. I never thought I could possibly love another dog again that much. But God wasn't done with me. He sent me Buster. 
I had another special Christian friend who called me and told me her husband said the pounds were overflowing due to the troop deployments to Iraq. I felt so bad for the poor pets and the poor troops and decided to see if I could do a good deed. Since I was friendly with the Doberman rescue lady and knew of Ursula at Boxer Rescue L.A. I called both rescues and told them what was going on down here. I asked if they had those breeds in the pound would they take them if I got them and drove them up. They said yes. So I called the Camp Pendleton Pound and they said they didn't have any Dobermans but they had a 2 year old male Boxer. I told them I was going to come and pick him up to take to a rescue.
I called Ursula back to double confirm that she would take him. I did not want to risk getting him and then having her change her mind for some reason. I missed having a dog of my own but the expense was too great for me because of vet visits and food and my health was so bad I wasn't sure if I could properly care for a dog.
But Ursula didn't call me back until the next day. When she finally did I called the pound back to confirm the Boxer was still there. They said they had a boxer there and he was 4 years old and the description sounded different from the day before. I figured that they were confused on the description and age because they were so overloaded. I told them I was going to pick him up for the rescue that afternoon. It wasn't until months later that we figured out that there had been a different Boxer there the day before that another Boxer rescue had come and picked up later in the day after I first called and that Buster had been brought in the evening before I went down. If Ursula hadn't been a day late calling me back I would have picked up the other Boxer and not my Buster. In fact no Boxer rescue would have known Buster was there.
I had a dental appointment up in L.A. in a few days and planned to keep the dog here with me until I went up. I was looking forward to having a few days with a bright, fun, pretty little Boxer like my previous one. You cannot imaging my disappointment when I went in and saw Buster. He was all dark and ugly and had a "funny" looking face. Not "cute haha" funny--ugly funny. And he just laid there. He didn't even look at me when I tried to talk to him. I realize now that he was in a massive depression. But my heart just fell--I was so disappointed at what I saw. I didn't even load him into the car myself. I just had the pound people do it.
When I got home with Buster and got a better look at him in brighter lighting I was even more disappointed--I thought his face was even uglier than before--ugh : ( !!!  (I don't know what was wrong with me because I now see that Buster is the most beautiful Boxer in the world).  But when I brought him into the house I was overwhelmed with a feeling of safety and security.  It was very strange because I had lived alone for years in a very safe neighborhood and had never been worried or felt unsafe.
Later that evening Buster looked at me in such a way that I saw the soul in his eyes and immediately fell deeply in love with him. My dental visit, and thus my trip up to the rescue, got delayed through a series of circumstances. I loved Buster more and more each day I had him here. I decided to try to find him a good home myself down in my area so I would be able to visit him.
My mother owns the house I live in and when she found out Buster was still here she said that she didn't want a dog in her house and ordered me to get rid of him. She would call me every night asking if I had gotten rid of him yet. I told her I was trying and I really did. I worked very hard trying to find him the best home in the world and got some good leads.
But my sister and I had a strange feeling about Buster and finally convinced my mom that we should call the Christian girl who had prayed with us and Brutus when he was dying to see what Gods will was for Buster. I got ahold of her and asked her to pray and she agreed to and said she would get back to me. In the meantime I got a call back from a fireman who had fallen in love with Buster. He wanted Buster to meet his wife and their pug dogs and I arranged for a Boxer rescue lady down here to take them to meet on neutral territory the next day.
 I cried my heart out all that evening thinking I was going to part with my Buster. But then the Christian girl called back and said that God wanted me to have Buster and that He had sent him to protect me. Protect me? From what? That made no sense whatsoever. I told her it was too late and that I had promised him to the fireman. So we prayed that if it was Gods will that Buster wouldn't get along with the pugs and would be brought back to me.
The next morning I was sick at heart as the rescue lady drove Buster away. I cried and cried. But then I got a phone call--Buster didn't get along with the pugs and was on his way home!!!  I cried with relief and happiness when the rescue lady pulled up and Buster ran joyfully back into my arms : ) !!! Because of what the Christian girl said my mom agreed that I could keep Buster.
About a month after that it became clear why God sent Buster to protect me. I live in what was a very safe, residential family neighborhood. There is a house directly above me that looks down into my house and yard. It went up for rent and instead of a family moving in a drug and alcohol detox business opened up in it. We have a law in California that allows this in any residential neighborhood as long as there are 6 patients or less.
These patients are actively going through withdrawal from heroine, crack cocaine, methamphetamine  etc. The majority of them are extremely unpredictable and some are even outright dangerous. They are not kept locked up but are free to wander the neighborhood. There have been many terrifying incidents. They have even gotten into neighbors homes.
You cannot imagine the fear they have caused me. They stare down into my yard and house. All my windows are in the back of my house and I had to live with my blinds closed because they could even stare down at me in bed : (  It was like living in a cave. They yell down and cuss and throw things. They climb on the fence. It has been a nightmare and there is not a darned thing I can do about it legally. Not all of them are bad though.  One young man really liked Buster and always spoke kindly to him even when he was going through the worst of his withdrawal. However he and a few others were exceptions. Most of the patients have been very scary.
Thank God for my Buster!!! He may be my big cuddly baby but he is also a very formidable watch dog. People who don't know him are very frightened of him because he looks very fierce and mean. He has kept me safe and has protected me from the patients who were dangerous.
The God who created the universe, the God who sent his Son Jesus Christ to personally pay for all my sins and everyone else's who wants to accept by faith the free gift of pardon and salvation, loved us enough to take the trouble to send us that Christian girl to pray for us with Brutus--just imagine that with all the important things He has to do that He would personally go to all that trouble--so we could be comforted and assured that our baby was safely in Heaven.
He personally arranged circumstances for me to get my Buster--not just any dog--but my Buster. I never thought it would be possible for me to love another dog as much as I loved Brutus but to my amazement I love my Buster every bit as much. He sent me Buster to help heal my heart, to be my beloved baby and to protect me because He knew that detox business would be opening up in a month right above me.
And He arranged for you personally to read this story for a reason. He loves and cares about you and what you are going through over your loss just as much. 
With love,

Nita and The Fabulous Buster
2 websites about how the Bible says animals go to Heaven-

Click here: Animals & Heaven  (Be sure to click the bottom of each page where it says "More About Animals In Heaven" or "Next Article on Animals in Heaven" to advance to the next page)
Click here: Bible Study, Discussion, and Commentary From (This is a very large site which even includes entire books online that you can read for free such as  All Creatures Here Below - A Biblical Study delving into the question of whether or not animals have souls and spirits.)
2 websites for comfort--

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Thank you so much for this. I have not also opened my mind to Christian beliefs my whole life, I have suffered a lot. Within the past year my own Mother nearly passed away but lived....and of course the same month this year of May, my beloved Underdog passed. Since these events I have opened my mind, heart, and spirit more to spiritual beliefs of my own amongst Christianity. I believe in my heart that I will be with loved ones including Underdog someday when it's my time.

It's a good sign I read this this morning, because I woke up in my usual grumpy mood. I have received little signs from my Underdog and my dreams are typically unpleasant.....therefore I questioned my beliefs, I guess that's normal. I have read your post and re thought these things better, thank you so much.

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How strange that God moved in my life through a dog's death around Christmastime too.  Just before Christmas 1996, I lost my dog Jessie to pancreatitis.  In the pain of her death, I found myself both questioning God's very existence and then clinging to Him so tightly almost at the same time.  My choice to trust in Him in those dark hours changed my life forever - it is no understatement to say that I am who I am and where I am today because of Jessie's death and the decision I made in the wake of it.  God does indeed care.  He cries with us.  But somehow, He can also find a way to use even our deepest pains to bring about good. 

I wrote the story of that time several years later.  I hope its ok that I add my story to yours on this thread.


A Christmas Gift of Life


            How could she be gone? Why did it end this way? It was just before Christmas in 1996, and my beautiful crossbred border collie was dead. I was utterly lost.

            Jessie’s illness came on suddenly, without expectation. On Thursday night, she seemed a bit off, and my mom and I talked about her, wondering if she was okay. The next afternoon we took her to the vet. By Sunday night she was gone, a victim of pancreatitis.

            I had worked at the vet clinic for a few years by this time and had learned a great deal about veterinary medicine and animal health. Two of our veterinarians tried to explain to me the seriousness of Jessie’s condition. I should have been able to see it myself. But I refused to see it or hear it. I couldn’t accept any possibility of losing her.

            Jessie was my best friend. She had come into my life at a time when I beginning to experiencing my first real rejection from schoolmates and friends. Over the five and a half years Jess and I were together, people’s betrayal had dissolved many of my relationships with my peers. As a junior in high school, I was left with one close human friend and much distrust of other people. But I still had Jessie. I needed her.

            I prayed that God would save her and bring her home to me. Although, looking back, I can see that I didn’t ask Him, but rather demanded it of Him instead. He was supposed to be there for me – so He had to heal her. There was no other option I could accept.

            Sunday afternoon, I went to the clinic to do my usual cleaning and patient care. I treated the other patients and tidied up around the clinic, coming back frequently to Jessie’s cage to check on her. When I finished my work, I hugged Jessie and told her that I would see her later. As I prepared to leave, I wondered if maybe I should stay there with her that night, just to keep her company. But it seemed silly, so I went home for the night. Her cozy dog house, its open back against my bedroom window, sat empty.

            The evening passed quietly, with no call from our vet. I assumed that meant that everything was fine. I went to bed that night hoping Jessie might be able to come home the next day – Christmas was only three days away, and I had her present under the tree and was eager for her to enjoy it.

            Anxiety weighing on my heart turned to exhaustion, and I slept deeply that night. I did not hear the phone ring at 11:00 – the phone call indicating that everything was not alright. I missed her gentle brown eyes greeting me from her usual place in my window in the next morning, yet I still felt hopeful when I got up and went upstairs. But one look at Mom’s face, and my hope disintegrated. Words were not necessary. I knew – Jess was gone.

            How could she be dead? Why didn’t God heal her? Why did He let her die? How could He let her die? Did He even hear me? Was He even real? In the intense pain and grief, I heard myself question everything I had always believed to be true. Tears poured out as I sought to release the sorrow and confusion.

            And then, in the midst of the hurt, I instinctively found myself turning to and hoping in God, the same God who moments before I had questioned even His very existence. I needed Him -- I had no other choice. I could not do this on my own – on my own I just wanted to follow Jessie to heaven. But I found reason to hope and reason to go on living in Jesus. He had the answers and the hope I needed.

            But there were still many questions, and the answers did not come right way. As I began to process the reality of Jessie’s death, my questions turned from God to myself. Should I have stayed with her? Even if I couldn’t have saved her, at least I would have been with her when she died. Did I do something to cause her death? Did I miss early signs of her illness? Could I have gotten her help sooner and saved her life? Could I have even had stronger faith in God to heal her?

            So many questions, so much sadness. At first it seemed as if that was all there was. It took time to reconcile these questions and emotions. Slowly I began to see the workings of God and His love for me seeping through the blanket of pain. Over the next several years, God took me on a journey that would change my life forever, a journey that began that night when Jess died.

            I learned how to let go and say goodbye. I had difficulty doing this with Jess when she died and only understood it several years later. I learned to accept the hurt imposed upon me by other people so many years before. A hurt that I had masked with the love of a dog. I learned to forgive and trust people again. I learned to both receive and give away love to others and to God. And I learned that God truly does have a plan for my life. He sees a much bigger picture that I can even comprehend. I began to understand God always has a reason for the way He chooses to move.

            Yet, in the midst of all I had learned, one ultimate question still remained in my soul? Why. Why did she die? Late one night, nearly nine years after Jessie’s death, God unexpectedly revealed the answer.

            Why didn’t God save her? Because He had chosen to save me instead!

            My choice to hope in Jesus – that’s what it had all been about. He could have saved Jessie’s life that December night. He could have given me the desires of my heart, and it would have satisfied me for a time. But she could never truly satisfy the deep longings of my heart. Only relationship with Jesus can fill that place for all time. God showed me that it was not my fault. That night He allowed Jessie to die so that I might be shaken from merely believing in the God of my parents, to receiving Jesus myself – accepting all He had to offer me. I saw that this was not an easy thing for Him to do. He knew my sorrow and cried with me. He also knew that one day the lessons I would learn throughout those difficult days would be worth it all!

            And it has been. Over a decade has passed since Jessie died. Though there are still occasional times when I miss her, the relationship I have with Jesus has been worth it. The source of my deepest pain has turned into the source of my deepest hope.  As I look back to that day, I remember the sorrow and grief – but then I remember Jesus and feel His love for me. Because of His workings through a dog named Jessie, my life will never be the same again. Recently, I learned that one of the Hebrew meanings for the name “Jessie” is “gift” – how wonderfully fitting. Romans 8: 38-39 tells us , “I am convinced that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”  I know that I have been given far more than I ever lost. I have been given the amazing love of God!


            Shannon H.



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I just found this post and wanted to thank both of you for sharing what you touched me in a way that I desperately needed, and most of all, it reminded me of truths I already knew, but had put on the back burner.  In the midst of my sorrow over losing JJ, there is still hope.

Thank you again for sharing.

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Dear pmbrcb,
I'm so sorry about JJ...I know how badly it hurts.  But yes, there is still hope.  I am glad that our stories have helped remind you.  Truly, I know that for me (and perhaps doggymommy too), knowing my story, has brought help to someone else, makes what I went through even more meaningful - there was purpose in the pain.  And it make's Jessie's life all the more precious to me as well.

You will get through this time.  You will always remember the pain.  But you will come through this stronger because of it.  And that strength will be JJ's living legacy in your life.


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Thanks for this post!  I'm a Christian too, and I believe our pets are in heaven.  The Lord wouldn't create life just to let it cease to exist, would he?

My beautiful orange and white cat, Gippie, died October 21, 2009.  When I went to bed the night before, I knew we'd be taking him to the vet first thing in the morning.  That night I dreamed that I was walking behind Gippie along a trail.  We were entering a short stretch of woods, and I could see a big grassy meadow on the other side.  Every few seconds Gippie glanced over his shoulder at me, as if asking permission to run on ahead.  When I woke up, I knew he and Jesus were asking me to let him go. 

After reading your post, I wonder if the green meadow in my dream was the same one as in your friend's vision of Brutus!

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I know for a fact that God cares about animals. Just this past Sunday we were studying the book of Jonah. I skipped ahead a chapter or so to where God was chastising Jonah for being upset that the city that Jonah prosecied was going to be destroyed iin 40 days was spared by God. When God said, and I am paraphrasing here, What about all the people, and the animals? That just struck me because I knew that message was for me. On my to church I had seen this dog dead on the side of the road, most likely purposely abandoned as this was out on a busy highway. I could't understand why someone would do that to one so innocent. He could have just said, what about all the people, but no, he said,  and the animals. If God only cared about us humans because we have "souls," though I would argue some are SOULESS, then he would have disincluded them, so no, I firmly believe we will see our pets in heaven. And that the ones that were not loved her on earth will be with their heavenly father, much as we will.

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Dogmommy linked to this in another thread but I think it needs a bump. What a comforting thread. The video Father's Original Love Letter had me in tears. Every soul is precious, especially the ones residing in tiny bodies.

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thank you so very much shadowne for bumping my post up.  you are so right--every soul is precious, especially the ones residing in tiny bodies.  the fathers love letter video is so awesomely beautiful and comforting that even after watching it countless times over the years it still brings tears to my eyes.
that is the same incredibly loving Father who also created our beloved fur babies and is now personally caring for the ones who have passed over. They went straight from this earth into His loving arms.

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Thank you for posting, I just lost my sweet Mr. C yesterday, he was the baby brother I never had. Reading your story gave me some support. I never knew you could hurt this way and I miss him every second.

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Thank you so much for what you have written. I finally found someone who was in the same position I am in. Well, kind of. I am a Christian too. When my family and I went to see Sammy (my parent's dachshund, who was my dachshund before he bonded with my dad) I had a comforting feeling. We were so worried about whether or not he would make it. Sometimes when I am really worrying about something, I get this feeling that everything will be okay. And every time I have had this feeling, things have been okay. I guess that was God's way of letting me know that it was okay for Sammy to go to Heaven. I felt weird b/c he was my parent's dog, but he really was our baby. My parents, my grandma and I adored him, even when his behavior was less than stellar. It has affected (effected?) me much more than I thought it would. I have cried more in the last several weeks than I have in the last several years. It is hard to believe that such a small dog could have such a big personality and be so loved. We would have done anything for him. And we still love him, b/c he still exists, he just exists in Heaven now. When Sammy was 7 or 8 (he was 14 when he passed) I went to the same breeder and got a female dachshund. I named her Abbie. I found out later that she and Sammy had the same father. She is a completely different dog (no one could ever replace Sammy) but I can see some similar traits. And Sammy's passing has encouraged me to be more affectionate and appreciative of my other "babies" (Abbie and Goldie, she is a Golden Retriever). I am not okay with Sammy passing. This is the first time I have been able to really write about it. And I did not mean to go on and on, but I am really grateful for what you wrote. God bless you and your family, furry and human.

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Thank you all those above for your stories of hope and reminders of the big picture.
Although reading these stories in April 2015, I see some were written three years early in 2012 proving to me that God has no boundaries in sending his voice and love through others.
I am a Christian and have had faith and trust that my Father and Jesus do love me and are there for me. However, at present I am merely accepting that Christian belief as is taught, but to be honest I often feel the separation of God.

The death of my dearest most beautiful friend Chloe Lab four weeks to the day has hit me so hard. I feel it has triggered such overwhelming sadness and loneliness, I'm finding it hard to see the picture God has in mind at this time. It has made me really question Gods concern for our happiness and peace in this life.
I can't help feeling God is just watching at a distance. I am trying to keep my eyes focused on Jesus and to walk in the spirit but the soul is filled with such emotion and pain, which is hard to overcome.

Chloe was 13yrs old and had never had any real sickness in her life which was a blessing, just a bit of arthritis. I knew she was getting old but thought we had a bit more time to go with her. Thought I would get some physical warning. I had taken 2 mths off work and was so looking forward to just spending more time with her.

I prayed earnestly to God if he could give us this time together to share. Chloe died after only two weeks of my leave. She died outside alone during the night. She wanted to stay inside but I forced her to sleep on her bed outside as was our usual routine. I feel so devastated the way she died. I so wanted to be there for her, to give her comfort and love when her time came and I her let her down.
I was told Gods time is not our time but it doesn't make it any easier. I can only pray that I will see her again to hold her and tell her how much I love her.

I feel so hurt and let down by God that he chose not to answer my prayer to give us these 2 mths together. I was standing in faith that God would give us our hearts desires if we ask as his word promises, but he chose not to.

Chloe was my whole life, I would call her " my happiness" as she truly was. I remember thinking to myself I had felt happy and content with Chloe and me cosy at home which I hadn't felt in a long time, and within weeks that happiness was stripped away in an instance. It was as if I was not allowed to feel happy or content in this life, which I looked to God to ask Why? But no response, just an absence, just as the absence felt without my beautiful Chloe in my life.
I went to church last week and cried my heart out, the message was on " defining moments". Oh so true.


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Dear Susang,
I am so terribly, terribly sorry for your loss of your beloved Chloe : (  Please accept my deepest sympathy and heartfelt condolences.
Your Father God and your personal Savior Jesus Christ are right there with you even though it can hard to feel it when you are overwhelmed with the horrible fresh raw pain and indescribable grief of being separated from your beloved Chole even though your separation from your baby is just temporary in the grand scheme of things.
As humans we cannot see the big picture the way God does who knows and sees everything from the beginning to the end. When we get to Heaven we will understand it all but until then all we can do is to trust in Him.
God could have taken Chole to Heaven when He did to spare her from an upcoming painful death from a developing disease that you didn't even know she had yet and to spare you the agony of having to make the decision yourself to end her suffering. Or any number of other reasons we can't possible even guess. And please don't think that Chole died alone--Jesus was right there for her with open arms. And He will personally care for her until the glorious day when you are reunited with your baby--never to be parted again. 

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Dear Dogmommy
Thank you for caring and your healing Christian words that I know are true.
I know God is sovereign, only he knows the plans he has for us and I have no right to question his actions.
I am really struggling to trust and give it to God in fear of being let down again. I pray for Jesus to hold me in his arms me but truthfully I feel so empty and alone. I feel a deep dark cloud hovering over me with little hope of anything bright in the future. Chloe leaving has wounded me down to the depths of my soul.

I know you have been through the pain of losing dear Brutus. Am happy for you to have a new love in Buster. I am so sorry for all the grieving people at this site whom have lost their loved ones, my heart goes out to them all. I feel like a self absorbed idiot who's drowning in their own misery when I hear such sad stories of loss.

It is truly heartbreaking to lose my Chloe so unexpectedly. Not to say goodbye and say thank you to my dear friend for loving me for so long. Most of all I miss my best friends companionship desperately.
I miss her laying on my feet, licking out my yogurt containers, gardening with me, howling at the sound of sirens, waiting at the gate for me, just living life with me.

You lightened my heart when you wrote Jesus was there for her with open arms. The picture in my mind of Chloe, my happy playful pretty girl, a very big clumsy yellow Labrador running full speed toward Jesus did make me smile.

God bless you, Buster and your family.


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Thank you... I needed to read something encouraging. I just lost my baby kiki 5 days ago.he's been withvme for 15 years (cat). I miss him terribly. I cry and grieve a lot. I can't seem to want to go on cause I mizz him so much. I've pray to God for help. I've numb with sadness. I pray my baby is in heaven. Miss him so much..

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Hi, I was wondering if I could ask anyone who is around to pray for my student who is 8 years old. ( I am his aide in a 3rd grade class.) His name is Kyle. He did not come to school today because he lost his dear cat Cuddles, and his other cat Grim, who was his favorite, had to be given away--Grim tried to attack Cuddles' one surviving kitten and wounded Cuddles. This is a little boy who has had many obstacles at home and at school, and I know how dear these cats were to him. He talks about them all the time and has a very tender heart. I also understand his pain because I lost my beloved Sixtoe Kitty to cancer last May. I still miss him. I have been in a weird place with God for many years but I would so very much appreciate anyone responding. Thank you so much. 

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Hi slynn1,
I am so terribly, terribly sorry for Kyle. That is just heartbreaking : (  I will pray for him and my Christian friends will pray too. God bless you for being there for Kyle and caring about what he is going through--you might be the only person he has in his life who does. Your own tender heartedness, sympathy, kindness and understanding is something that he will never forget for the rest of his life.
And I am terribly, terribly sorry about your own loss of your beloved kitty. We'll pray for you too.

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Hi slynn1,
Sending prayers for Kyle.

You are so caring to post for him. I was a teacher once and thank you for the work you do.
I'd love to hear how things are going for Kyle. Has he returned to school? I'm so glad he has you to help him, especially to understand what he is going through.

((((((slynn1)))))))) Wishing you peace and healing for the loss of Sixtoe Kitty.


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I lost my cat, Sirach, on Feb 16th. He would have been 13 this Friday (St. Patrick's Day) and he was a fine little leprechaun. I am new to this site and click here and there hoping to find a word of comfort or wisdom. I have two other dear buddies at home, Bennett a 7 year old grey tiger and my almost 9 year old Cairn terrier Gabe. I am trying hard to come to grips with my grief and let it out when I can. I want to be able to give more of myself to my guys left behind. In the last (almost year) Sirach needed a lot of care and attention to deal with his kidney failure and we were doing pretty well until the last few months. The decline was difficult, the decision to euthanize was gut wrenching, but I loved him so much and I promised him I would never let him suffer. In any case there is no more I can do to help Sirach and I need to get on with life and give what I can while I deal with my sadness.

The question of heaven lays deeply within me. Peoples words and links have just helped me a lot. Faith, the belief in things unseen....Sometimes I just need a little sign, that when I pass over too, Sirach and all my dear ones who've gone before will be there and the hole in my heart can mend.

Sirach was my soulmate, I knew him and what his name would be in a dream. I so often reach out for him. People are kind and understand as well as they can, but the sadness wears on people. So I'm working at finding people who get the pain. I want to heal. I want to believe I will be with him again.  So thanks for the words, stories, links and compassion. This post has not been active for a year, but just letting out a bit of my thoughts and feelings helps a little. To anyone reading I send you my prayers and best wishes and understanding and pray God gives us all strength to carry on to work out our next adventure.


Mary W (mom of my beloved Sirach)


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Dear Mary,

I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet baby. What a beautiful name. I lost my Golden Retriever Goldie to kidney failure in November 2015. Even the words kidney failure make me cringe. My husband and I had decided not to let her suffer and we had to make the decision. I know she is with God. I remember the pain and just getting through it. This message board helped so much. I also read the book "Saying Goodbye To The Pets We Love" which was a really good book. I pray God comforts you in your pain. You are not alone, He is with you. And you came to the right place for love, support and understanding.
I lost my grandma January 16th. It has brought back my sadness for Sam. He was my dachshund, then my parent's dachshund. He had just turned 14 and died in October. 2014 from heart failure. He was my first baby and his passing changed me forever. I read through all the posts bc I have been questioning my faith recently. I needed to watch the video and read the posts. I am glad you wrote your story. I hope you continue to write about your feelings on this message board. It hasn't even been a month since you lost your baby. Be gentle with yourself. Take care and keep writing. Hugs to you.


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I am in the process of losing my beloved Harley right now. I believe that the Holy Spirit has given me the love that I have for my dog and he takes joy in it. My dog has been a blessing and I can't wait to meet him in heaven. I pray for peace until that time comes and thank Jesus for the time we've had. Thank you for this article it was really wonderful.

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Thank you so much. I feel that this was a sign for me.

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Thank you for redirecting to this post Dogmommy.
Since my Coco went to sleep last week, I have been trying to find out if dogs (and all animals) really do go to heaven, so your post has given me some comfort.

I only had Coco for 4 short years. I have a 14 year old daughter and my two dogs, a 7 year old and Coco. The three of them are my babies.

When I found out Coco had kidney failure, I prayed to God for a miracle. He obviously has other plans as we had to let her sleep 24 hours after her diagnosis. She would have suffered immensely over the next day if we hadn't.

After reading your story, I wish I had brought my Nan over to pray for Coco and talk to God for me. She had called me earlier in the day and said she wished she could be there for me. At least know I know Coco is in heaven waiting for me.

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Thank you SO MUCH for posting this. I cannot wait to see my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in Heaven, I cannot wait to be with our Heavenly Father...and I cannot wait to be reunited with my dog Braveheart again. Thank you for posting this...


God bless you


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Dogmommy- thank you SO much for posting this. I picked up my Yorkie girl's ashes today and have been knocked over by another wave of heartbreak and sadness seeing her teeny tiny urn. How can a creature so small make such a HUGE impact on a person's life? I found great comfort in your words. Thank you.

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Dog Mommy
I know for a fact your post is Gods gift to those who find it. I lost my Sweet Amber Thursday March 22nd 2018. I got her when she was a grown cat I would say she was 3 years old and I have had her 15 years. Her health has been declining for some time now and was diagnosed with a thyroid condition and put on thyroid medication October 2017. Over the years her bones structure has changed, massive amounts of weight loss, unable to climb stairs and jump. I understand she was old but watching the decline has been heart wrenching. The last 2 weeks before her death was the hardest, she stop eating, drinking and unable to even walk. The last straw was when I noticed she wouldn't even raise her head and she urinated on a rug and just sat there. This is so unlike her because she would always clean herself. She was such a fighter and eventually her energy level was simply gone. She was just laying on her side with a slight meow every now or then and I feel so terribly I didn't rush her to the emergency then but my Amber would always get better but this time it just got worse. It was at a point I had to bring food and water to her and this time when I brought water she just sipped a little while laying on her side and rested her head on the water bowl.. omg tears were rolling down my face. I woke up one morning and found her sleep in her litter box unable to move, she had litter stuck to her tail and all over and at this point I knew I was taking her to emergency. I picked her up and bathe her and while doing this her head was just laying on its side and I could see life leaving her body but she was looking directly at me. I started to cry with my tears of sadness dropping all over her. I laid her on the counter in a towel to dry her off and she had no movement just a little meow however she always looked in my eyes, feeling I needed to rush her to the emergency room and my husband agreed. I'm sorry if I'm jumping around with my story but I'm just so heart broken😢. I placed baby girl in a towel and held her close to my heart talking with her to just hold on that I got her. I put her in the car and rushed to the pet emergency which was 20 minutes away. I know it was god protecting us and other people on the road because I was doing at least 85mph down the expressway. While I was driving I had my hand on her belly and her breathing became less and less. I heard one more meow and her take a breath in and then her belly did not move anymore.. omg. I miss my baby so much she has been in our life through all the ups and downs when no one else was there and I miss her so so much. My husband and I have so many regrets of we didn't take her to the vet enough or we didn't do this or that but God only knows my true pain and that's when he led me to your post and I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart because I know this message you write is from God. Thank you dear friend

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I totally agree with the post above and I am so sorry I haven't communicated with you as of late. I have been changing many things in my life, I'm baking stuff now to add to my cooking repetuare. Made some basic muffins and they came out perfect. I also ditched regular coffee for my new, flavorful and exciting cappuccinos with flavors like cookie-dough, chocolate mint and toasted marshmellow along with seven other flavors. I'm now a mad scientist of the coffee world. Trying new things has been a big factor in helping me deal with the loss of Rockie but many here at Petloss especially yourself has helped tremendously. God has helped me to make the right choices as well and given me insight and motivation, you know, good old fashioned "Gumption". Sayonara, Kerry and Rockie(Spirit).

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This really helped me a lot right now. I lost my 41 day old kitten. I've had her since the day she was born since her mama is my cat. All of a sudden she stopped eating and in less than 24 hours she crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I kept asking God "Why?". I went to an event this evening and the testimony that was given part of it really touched me. The gentleman that was giving his testimony said "We won't know the answer until we are in Heaven.". I don't want to say I'm mad at God because I'm really not. I just wish He would've stopped Satan from taking her. I know He has a much better purpose though. I know I'll see her again soon. I wish I could get kisses from her and for her to yell at me if I stop petting her or if I put her down. She hasn't been gone 24 hours and I miss her so much. I feel like my heart is literally breaking. Forty-one days just wasn't enough.

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Thank you, Dogmommy. I know this post was MANY years ago, but I stumbled across it when I needed it the most.

I lost my cat, Cleanne, a little over 6 months ago - right before Christmas. She had been having nasal/breathing issues for awhile and we were closely monitoring her. However, she began to decline in health and we had to make the awful decision.

Cleanne was almost 18 years old. She and I met when she was 15 years old. She was left at my vet’s in search of a home due to an unfortunate situation. I loved her. I remember the first night at my house she jumped up and slept next to me. We bonded quickly. She was great and I still miss her so much.

Thank you for sharing your story. I am in a rough place right now - wishing I had more time with her and falling into the trap of guilt for how I could have done things differently and if I did enough. This grief is making me feel as though I failed her somehow. It can be tormenting.

I am thankful for being led to people like you who are a guiding light in this time of loss.

Thank you.

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Thank you, Dogmommy. I know this post was MANY years ago, but I stumbled across it when I needed it the most.

I lost my cat, Cleanne, a little over 6 months ago - right before Christmas. She had been having nasal/breathing issues for awhile and we were closely monitoring her. However, she began to decline in health and we had to make the awful decision.

Cleanne was almost 18 years old. She and I met when she was 15 years old. She was left at my vet’s in search of a home due to an unfortunate situation. I loved her. I remember the first night at my house she jumped up and slept next to me. We bonded quickly. She was great and I still miss her so much.

Thank you for sharing your story. I am in a rough place right now - wishing I had more time with her and falling into the trap of guilt for how I could have done things differently and if I did enough. This grief is making me feel as though I failed her somehow. It can be tormenting.

I am thankful for being led to people like you who are a guiding light in this time of loss.

Thank you.

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Currently struggling with my faith. I believed in FAITH and TRUST regarding the promises that God makes - “Ask and you shall receive”. “Have faith to move mountains”. My beloved Joey was a HEALTHY, STRONG 8 yr old tabby. He was my “heartthrob”. We loved each other sooooo much. Even others in the house knew there was some kind of bond they had never seen before. Joey had to have 3 teeth extracted. That stated a whirlwind of problems - an esophageal stricture, a pyloric stricture resulting in a pyloromyotomy. The esophageal stricture was at least able to have a feeding tube passed through and to the stomach. Joey went from 12 lbs down to 8 1/2 lbs during these 3 weeks as he was unable to keep anything down although he was HUNGRY. We tried Reglan, Cerenus, Pepcid, Carafate, steroids - thinking it was nausea, acid reflux, smooth muscles of intestines needing to wake up. The day the nasogastric feeding tube was place, I brought him home and all was well for about an hour or so. Then he blew so much phlegm that he was in respiratory distress/failure. I saved him and then rushed him to Emergency Vet where he crumped again. He was in flash pulmonary edema. I chose to put him down rather than see him drown again. I had begged and PRAISED God for healing Joeys esophagus. Such a simple healing. But God chose not to heal my beautiful otherwise young and healthy baby. I can’t even phathom loving another baby like him. There will NEVER be another Joey. I can’t wrap my brain or faith around God having a reason not to simply heal him. I feel trust has been broken.

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I had to put my big orange tabby boy to sleep earlier today.  He was 19 years old and had health issues and I could not bear to see him suffer.  My heart is broken and I am so lonely even though I know that God is near (even though I can't feel him right now).  I have to have faith.  I decided to sign up for this website to try and find comfort.  I read Dogmommy's post and fell apart.  You see my sweet tabby's name was Buster.  I'm pretty sure that it is no mistake that I was led to this site.  Please pray for me and ask God to get me through this grief.  I live alone and the emptiness is so big without Buster.  


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Dear Without:

I truly feel your pain, and I am so sorry for your loss. It is so heartbreaking when we lose a beloved pet. It is certainly no mistake that you were led to this site - God’s hand has led you here - to let you know you are not alone.

Your boy had such a good life to live to be 19 years old! I lost my cat over a year ago - she was almost 18 years old. I was in a similar situation as you in having to make the difficult decision because her health was failing. It is never easy, but sometimes making that decision can later be looked upon as a final gift that we give our pets to stop their suffering - a way to help them at the end of their life for all the good and love they brought to our lives. Your boy was blessed to have you as his friend and companion for so long.

I know it hurts - it hurts because the bond and the love was so special and real. May that give you some peace and consolation - your pain and grief is proof that you and your boy loved each other - and that should bring you comfort.

The world needs more people like you - someone who truly loved a precious 19 year-old big orange tabby boy. God brought the two of you together. He cares for you. You and Buster will always be together in the memories you will always have in your heart.

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Thank you so much for your caring message. Even though I know that there are lots of people out there experiencing the same pain as I am, it is comforting to have someone acknowledge it. I live alone and am in a high risk group so with the isolation that Covid19 has caused this is a terrible time for losing a beloved companion (even though no time is good). I appreciate your words of encouragement. God bless you.
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