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Yesterday I had to make the tough decision to put down my beloved chocolate lab pup, Scoutie. He was only 18 months old, but he was a treasured family member.

Unfortunately, in a matter of 6 weeks Scoutie went from a healthy, happy puppy to complete kidney failure. His kidneys were malformed (most likely a birth defect) and they suddenly started causing problems.

Throughout these last 6 weeks he was a total little trooper. He put up with vet visits, IV's and all the poking and prodding. He took his medication daily and ate his special diet and seemed to be getting better.

Then, last weekend he took a turn for the worse and had to be admitted to the hospital. After a day of IV fluids and a few more medications, he once again seemed to be heading back toward recovery.

Sadly, on Monday night he suddenly lost the ability to walk. His kidneys just completely shut down and his lungs had begun to fill with fluid. He cried everytime I left the room, so I made a bed on the floor and slept with him there. I knew it was time to say goodbye, but it
was the hardest decision I've made in years!

My husband is a Marine and is currently deployed in Iraq. He had been unable to contact me for the previous 4-5 days, so had no idea that all that Scoutie had become so severely ill. Thankfully, he called me about 5 minutes before the vet arrived at the house. Although it was hard, he did get to say goodbye.

Scoutie left us on Tuesday morning at 11:30. I miss him tremendously, but want to thank him for allowing us to be his parents. He brought such joy and laughter to our home and was always so obedient. I know he's serving as a guardian angel to my husband now. I just hope that in time, the grief and loneliness I feel today will subside.

You will always live in our hearts Scoutie! You are loved!


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I am so sorry for your loss.  Your boy was so young and that makes it harder when they die tragically because of a birth defect in the kidney area.  It's a bad disease and unfortunately costs the lives of many dogs and cats.  My cat Sherry died of renal failure and I hadn't even realized how ill she was because I just thought that she was getting fat when it was fluid retention which in the end caused her lungs to be filled and caused seizures so she had to be rushed to the emergency hospital and put to sleep.  She was older than your scoutie so I know how much of a struggle through intense grief and sadness you will be feeling especially in the next several days and weeks.  We here at petloss are like a family of people who have gone through and are going through the loss of their furbabies and can relate to what this horrible loss can be like. Hugs to you.

Rena (Sherry and Daisy's mom)

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Oh my goodness, I'm sitting at my desk crying.  I'm so sorry.  Scoutie is just precious.  Look at that face!!!  Aren't labs just the most amazing creatures?  I lost both of my labs last year (Luna was only 4) and I'm still grieving.  In fact, I know now that I'll never be completely ok with their deaths, but hopefully some day I can cope with the pain.  You are in my thoughts and prayers.  I know my Luna and Gypsy will just adore Scoutie and will make sure he is never alone.  He's with you always in spirit and he loves you endlessly - never forget that. God Bless you both.  And I'm sending some prayers to your hubby in Iraq too - for God to keep him safe in his arms.

Hugs to you.

Gerlie (Gypsy and Luna's forever mom)

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I am so sorry for your loss. His is so adorable!!! It is so hard to lose someone especially at such a young age. My Barkley was part lab/german shepard. They are such wonderful family dogs. Scoutie has such a sweet face. The picture makes me want kiss him.  Again, I am so sorry about your loss.


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Sorry to hear about your loss.....he was a little cutie and I know you will see him again in heave


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My heart is breaking for you and your little Scoutie.  It is always so hard to lose a beloved furbaby, but it seems so much worse and so unfair when they are so young. 

Scoutie is adorable.  I love labs.  We have had 3 black labs.  They are wonderful dogs and such loving friends. 

Even though Scoutie is no longer physically with you, I know he is watching over you and your husband from the Rainbow Bridge.  My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Kate (Gus' mom)


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Thank you all for your kind comments. Today has been a really rough day, but being able to talk about how I'm feeling has really helped. I still can't quite believe he's not going to come bounding around the corner to bring me one of his toys, or running out in the backyard chasing butterflies. When the reality of this hits me it's overwhelming and I just completely shut down and cry. I know time will make it easier, but right now I just can't get his little face out of my mind and I really want my puppy back!

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Oh, I am so very sorry you had to say farewell to your gorgeous little Scoutie boy.  He is such a handsome fellow.   He could be the brother of my black lab, Gracie, who adopted us during a bad rainstorm in Sept. 2005.   My heart is just breaking for you.  To lose one so young is almost unbearably painful....and so unfair.  

Cry as much as you need to, but remember your little boy is still right there beside you.  You may not be able to see him, but I know you can feel him in your heart.   He still loves you so.

I am hoping Scoutie soon visits you in a dream or sends you another sign to let you know he still exists.   They always eventually do.

Sending hugs and prayers,
Betsy's forever loving mom
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