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Emma passed away on Wednesday, March 21, 2018 due to euthanasia after months of us resisting and ignoring the idea of putting our sweet puppy down. Emma joined our family in 2008. She was a sweet and timid little girl who loved to snuggle in anyone's lap and could spend eternity having her belly rubbed while staring into that persons eyes with love pouring out of her big, black, beady eyes. Emma was playful and loved to play fetch, even thought she really didn't understand that she was to return the ball after fetching it. Emma loved to lay in the corner of the couch or engulfed under a blanket. Her favorite times were when she could lay, baking in the hot summer sun. Every time we came home,Emma would greet us and never held back sigh her kisses. Emma had the most precious eyes and no one could turn her away. I loved Emma from the moment I saw her and she will forever stay in a special place in my heart. I pray that you are laying in the warm sun and having your belly rubbed on your demand. I pray that you are running free and chasing after your favorite ball. I pray that you are happy Emma and that even though we made this decision, we love you and you will always be our puppy.

Emma was only 10 years old when we made the decision to put her down. She was healthy as a horse and always energized. As sweet as she was, Emma was aggressive. Emma has nipped and growled at our 3 year old and I always fearful of what may happen if I didn't keep her locked up. Emma had bit my niece in the face out of nowhere. Emma would attack your children and adults when they came over. On one awful day while working outside, Emma got through under our fence and chased down our neighbor. She left a nasty wound with that bite. Emma would attack our other dog, who is truly innocent as can be, leaving blood on the floor. During these times, she would attack always in her way. Due to this, no societies or others would take Emma. These are the reasons we out Emma down. I am so angry at you Emma. I am angry at you were so sweet but you let your demon take control. I am mad that we had to make this painful decision. After months of putting, we finally did it and put yput down. Now, I am MAD that you are gone!!! I am so sorry Emma that your parents, the ones you loved and trusted made the decision to end your life. I cannot forgive myself for what we have done and my heart aches every second. I regret our decision, yet I know it had to be done. This pain....I don't know how to cope. I am sorry that this is the way things went but Emma please know, I love you and will always remember why I called you my sweet Emma Bemma.

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Nikki I am so sorry for your loss and I feel your pain, as I am about to put our 10 year old Peanut down due to severe fear & anxiety which is causing reactive aggression toward human and dogs. 

Peanut spends his days pacing, panting and whining, we have spent $7,000 on 30-day behavioral rehabilitation, private trainers, Veterinary behaviorists, anti-depressants, Valium and Xanax, nothing I mean NOTHING helped, after months of discussing options with our Vet and Vet Behaviorist we have made the very painful, heart wrenching decision to put Peanut down.

As my Vet has said many, many times to me, sometimes we can't help every dog, sometimes there are neurological inherited defects or injuries that just can not be cured and our decision to put him to rest, is the final act of love that we can give our Peanut to relieve him of the pain and suffering he is going through, living with fear and anxiety on a daily basis. 

I know it does not help, but it sounds like you did the absolute best you could for Emma and you gave her a loving home while she was with you 😉

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Nikki - my Coco was 7 and started growling at my 10 month old. I know how hard your decision was. Believe me. She went after my other pets but we managed. somehow. But once my baby was involved we had to do the worst thing possible. I miss her every day. I know what you are going through. Know your Emma understands 
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