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thank you for all the prayers, but unfortunately my baby girl died today.  She died in my arms.   I felt her last breathe.  It was the most amazing and heartbreaking thing that I have ever experienced in my life.  I guess now after grieving for days knowing what was coming I can start to try to heal.  My heart will never be the same.  I will miss walking in my door and hearing her running toward me to greet me hello.  I will miss her beautiful smile that she always seemed to willingly give.  I will miss her kisses at just the right moments........ She was my best friend, most faithful companion, and my baby...... I don't know where to go from here.... Even though I knew that this was coming for the last few days, I guess I never forseen it being a reality.  I just don't know how anyone survives this pain more than once.... I don't think that I could do this again..... I just don't think my heart is strong enough.... To anyone out there that has gone through this multiple times, you are a true hero..... I don't even know if I can make it through this one..... Pebbles was my baby and she will always and forever be in my heart....  I will keep her memory alive and I will smile when I think of her face......

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Dear Samantha-- I'm so very sorry for your loss of Pebbles.  She sounds like such a beautiful girl.  I know how hard it is for you right now.  The pain is raw and new.  When you feel a little better, please show us a picture of your Pebbles.  We'd all love to see her.
    I lost my little girl Teddy 8 1/2 months ago, and I still cry every day and miss her terribly.  The only solace I have is knowing that someday I will be with her again at the Rainbow Bridge.  Know that your precious furbaby is young & healthy again and not in any pain.  We are the ones who suffer when they leave us.
                    All my thoughts & prayers are with you---Teddy's Mom

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My heart is with you today and I know I speak for a lot of people on this forum that we are all very sorry for the loss of your beloved Pebbles.  I know that she's watching over you and her wonderful memory will help you get thru this.

My thoughts and prayers are with you. 



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Dear Samantha:
I am so so sorry for your loss of Precious Pebbles.  I know what a nightmare your life is right now.  The pain is overwhelming and there is unfortunately nothing anyone can do to make it better.  I too knew Christopher did not have long to live. Although I was aware his days were limited I still was not prepared for his death.  I do not think that anyone can prepare.    

I lost my little Angel Christopher almost 16 months ago.  It was the worst day of my life.  I will never forget him dying in my arms.  A part of me died with him on that horrible day.  I still cry for him every day.  My only method of survival was the wonderful people on this site who were here for me day and night.  Please do not worry about Pebbles as I know that all our Angels will take care of her for you.  You and Pebbles are in my Prayers.  We are all here when you need us.

Sending Prayers and Big Hugs Your Way
Georgeann and Christopher Forever

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Pebbles' Mommy:

It hurts every time that we lost one of our animal friends--they're members of our family. But the truth is, sometimes is pain is worse than others. Sometimes you love them, play with them, make sure they have presents for all the holidays, feed them the best you can find and extra treats, etc etc. and you would protect them through thick and thin, forever, for as long as they live. But every once in a rare while one comes along who is different, and it is those fur-babies that become part of our souls, part of who we are; who become our heartsongs. We love the others, but we love these just a bit more--I understood that I would put my own life in danger first, just the way they say parents feel the moment they see their infants after birth. Layla was my special child--although I dearly love the others. That's how you "go through this again." You always feel sad and cry when you lose one of your fur-children, but it's those who have become a part of you that make you feel as if you've lost a piece of yourself and will never reclaim it. Not every pet who passes through our lives does that to us. I've loved them all and cried at each ones' passing, but one little guy who died more than 30 years ago still breaks my heart when I think of him and my Layla, who has been gone a month now, will always do the same. I can think of some of the others without crying--remember the good times--but the hole left by one or two in your lifetime is something where the pain never ends. BUT you have to risk your heart to ever find that kind of love.

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I am so sorry for your loss, I truly am. I am only 10 days behind you in the grieving process, my Mandy passed away on July 3, in my car on the way to the vet. I knew for months it was coming, but that doesn't make it any easier. I keep telling people, it doesn't matter that she was old, that it was her time, that I knew it was coming, I still just can't fully believe she is gone. I get up every day, look at her bed, and say to myself, she's really not here. It's shocking, no matter whether you knew it was coming or not. You think you have begun to prepare yourself for it, but when it comes, it hits you like a ton of bricks. I walked around the first few days like a zombie. I actually lost 10 pounds the first week. I didn't care when I cried, where I cried, who saw me, and who didn't like it. I just didn't care. All I cared about was that I wanted her back! Like your Pebbles, my Mandy was my best friend and always there for me, whether I was happy, sad, angry, annoyed, hurt, feeling good, whatever, she was right there for me always. I am so sorry for your pain and I truly think that talking to others who have felt this pain does really help.


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Dear Pebbles' Mom,

I am so sorry you lost your precious Pebbles - I feel the pain in your post and my heart goes out to you.  It is devastating to lose a Beloved One who has been your closest companion and friend, one that you have had a uniquely special relationship with, one you love deeply.  I don't think anything can really prepare a person, even when a furbaby is very ill and in decline.  It is just unthinkable that they would ever NOT be with us.

I lost my Boxer boy, Grunt in February and not a day goes by that I don't shed tears and ache because I miss him and our life together so much.  It hurts immensely not to have him here, just as it hurts you not to have your sweet girl, Pebbles there with you.  It's hard to go on without them.  Coming here helps a lot because everyone understands and cares.  Many of us can't give voice to our grief in our "real world" lives and we need to for healing our broken hearts.  Our babies would not want us to suffer - they were all about joy, if they were here seeing us so sad, they would be licking our tears away.  I have to remind myself of that every day.

Your Pebbles is in your heart and memories forever, nothing changes that.

Katharine, Grunt's Mom Forever 

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Thank you all soo very much for your thoughts and prayers.  I have no idea how  I made it this far today.  I have cried, cleaned, showered....all without thinking a single thought other than I miss my baby.  I have to agree 1000% with Gypsiemagic.  She said it best.... I have had other fur-babies and did not have the bond with them that I had with Pebbles.  Maybe it is because she is the one that I helped birth, and she is the one that has been in my life the longest.  She was there when I went to prom, when I graduated high school, when I got married, and when I had a baby.  She was the one that dried my tears when I was sad.  I currently have another fur-baby, who's name is Nash.  He is just over a year old and a big huge puppy!!!!  The best way to describe him is.....scooby doo.... goofy as can be and just bonkers... He makes me laugh and I love him, but I don't have the bond with him that I had with Pebbles... Maybe it will come with time.... I don't know..   I don't know if I can put my heart into another fur baby like I did with Pebbles.  I have been considering the possibilty of getting another, but I just don't think I can.   I want with all my heart to feel the love and soulmate type of relationship again with another furbaby, but I can't imagine even finding one that I could let myself get soo close to.  Also, I already feel like I am "cheating" on Pebbles even thinking about it.  My love for Pebbles was something that I will never be able to explain....When I was pregnant, I prayed for a boy because I already had my little little girl was Pebbles .....I got my baby boy :)  I was complete...I had my baby girl and my baby boy.....  Now, I have a broken heart....   I have no idea how I am going to make it through.. I am just soo empty inside.  I think about whether or not there is actually a heaven.  For people and for pets.  I hope, really really hope that there is.  I would love to believe that Pebbles is happy, healthy, and looking down on me.  That she is giving her famous kisses to everyone and every other fur baby she encounters.  Pebbles was a great friend and very loved.  When I held her in my arms today, I looked in her eyes and told her that it was ok, I loved her and I would always keep her in my heart and thoughts, and it was ok for her to go.  She put her head on my chest and took her last breath.  That was the hardest moment of my entire life. 
I just can't grasp the fact that it happened....that this is the reality and finallity of it all.  I knew that this day would one day come, I even knew that it was coming soon, but I just never thought of it as a real possibility.  I never did.  I was not ready to say goodbye.... But, then again, would I ever be????  Are any of us ever ready???????

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Dear Pebbles Mom:
I can't even begin to tell you how deeply sorry I am for your loss of Pebbles.  Yes, they are our children and the pain of not having them here is so overwhelming.  I cry as I write this to you.  I can feel the very special bond and years of happiness you shared with Pebbles and how much you loved each other.

When the time is right please send us pictures of your sweet Pebbles.

I will pray for you and Pebbles today.  I know you will be with her again.  She is watching over you now and waiting to see you again.

Many hugs to you.

Meisters Mom
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