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I wish I could return to this board on -good- terms, but then again the subject of petloss isn't really one for that is it? Years ago loosing my suzabell brought me here. In time I drifted away, not because I could cope I just couldn't keep myself here for some reason or another. I've lost other pets between now and then, but none of them have hit me as hard as Suzabell, and this one.

My rabbit, Cotton passed away today. In August she would of been ten years old. I laid in the grass with her outside, until she took her last breath.

My sweet baby girl, the world has never known of a rabbit as sweet as you. The cards in life you where delt, where iffy. You where born partially blind, but you where born to the right home. Which immediately gave you all the chances in the world. Your life was cut short and I wish I could of turned back time to prevent what happened. I can't and i've got to live with that the rest of my life. Ten years was not nearly enough, but then again I do beleive even a thousand years wouldn't have been. I never would of imagined I'd feel such a loss when I lost you. Maybe because I never dreamed of loosing you. Or maybe because I just didn't want to admit, you where a living breathing thing, and you would one day be lost. My sweet girl, remember i'll always love you. If I could turn back time I'd do it in a heart beat. You're safe though. I do know that. With Suzabell, your mother and your father, and the bridge babies of all the wonderful people of this site. Atleast you're not in pain anymore, that's the only thing that brings comfort right now. At 12:42 p.m. you left this world. The day was hardly over, but I did tell you to sleep because I knew you where in pain. I do pray you come back to me some day. Some where. Some how.


Sleep well my baby girls.

Posts: 131

I am so very sorry for your loss of Cotton. I know bunnies are so precious
and lovable. We can't imagine not having our darlings and when it
happens it's so very hard. I'm sorry.


Posts: 76
I'm so sorry for your loss.  I understand what you were saying about this board...  2 Years ago I lost my beloved Demon kitty 4 months before his 17th birthday.  Posting here and hearing from others helped me through it for sure.  However, in time, I drifted away frm the board; not because it isn't a great place, but because it was hard enough to loose him, but thinking about it and talking about it every day, after a while, went from helping me to prolonging the pain for me. 

Now, I'm back, only 2 years later as I'm about to loose my only other kitty...  My bestest friend anc companion for almost 17 years...  My sweet Wizard Kitty will be leaving me, the vet says "within a week" (that was this past wednesday, so I only have a few days left).  Like his "step-brother", Wizard will be leaving me about 4 months before his 17th Birthday.  Also, it appears he's be leaving me in the same week that my Father passed away 8 years ago.

So, I can relate and I I feel your pain and sorrow.  I wish you the best and my thoughts are will you.

Bob D
Wizard's Dad


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How sad that you lost your sweet bunny Cotton. She indeed was born into the right home! What a good mom you were to her, helping her in spite of her handicaps!
I too have remarked that they are gone too soon, but forever would never have been long enough. How honored you were to have her in your life.
My prayers will be with you as you grieve this new loss.


Posts: 95
I am so sorry for your loss. I, too, have lost many bunnies. They are beautiful little creatures with such distinctive personalities. Your bunny was so lucky to have found you and you her. Not many people would take an ailing creature. Bless you for that. You loved her and gave her a good home.

You are right: it is never long enough and time just seems to fly by in the blink of an eye.

Know that you are not alone. My prayers are with you.


Posts: 5,100
Dear GloryWolf,

I was so very sorry to read that you had to say farewell to your beloved bunny, Cotton.   You are so correct.   No amount of years with our furbabies is ever enough; not ten, not fifty.   We are never prepared to let them go.  You were at her side at the end, loving her, and she felt the strength of your love.   We should all be so blessed to have such a good passing.

At least you can be comforted by the fact that Cotton was met by her mother and father, and your beloved Suzabell.   What a homecoming that must have been for them!

May your heart be comforted by beautiful, loving memories of sweet Cotton.

Betsy's forever mom

Posts: 317

Dear Glorywolf,
I'm sorry for the loss of your little Cotton. It is like you say, even if our furbabies would live 50 years it would not be enough we wish they could stay with us all the time we're on this earth. It's so hard to let them go, so many memories and so many love we shared... I know Cotton is now happy and healthy with Suzabell and new friends.
Diana, Jessie and Neko's mom.

Posts: 457
Hello Suzabellsmom....I remember you when you were here mourning the loss of your Suzabell, and I'm sorry that you are once again facing the grieving process with your precious rabbit, Cotton...I've never owned a rabbit, but I understand that they are terrific pets to sweet and gentle...
I want you to know that my thoughts are with you, and that like before, we are here to support you through this loss....Somehow, it is comforting to know that they are no longer in pain....
Blessings to you......Kelsey's Mom  (Ruth)

Posts: 12
Thank you guys. This board has always been a special place. It seems like it was just yesterday Cotton was born to her mom at my house. The day I moved here. It's hard to beleive it's been almost ten years since that day. I felt it was best for her last moments to be outside. She loved it outside. Throughout her life, she'd spend the summer outside in her hutch (hotter days brought her into the ac) and the winter inside my room. She was used to this routine and it suited her well. The weeks prior to her passing even though the weather was fairly nice, she was too weak for me to feel comfortable with her outside. I also feared that she would pass, alone, afraid out there. So she returned to indoor life. The days prior to her passing, where stressful, I feared going anywhere as I didn't want her to be alone when she left. She became considerably weaker, which scared me. She had lost alot of weight, but was still eating and drinking fine.

I woke up the morning she passed, to her laying on her side in her cage. I took her out several times, held her for awhile and place her back. Later that day I knew she was leaving me. I picked her up took her outside and laid in the grass with her for a half an hour. Just petting her and crying.

The only thing I regret is not spending the whole day outside. As for there never being enough time. I don't think a lifetime is long enough for us to spend with our friends. Unfortunately some are called back home, all too soon. Others get to linger with us for a short time more. But in the end we're normally the ones left without our friends. I guess we just never know when they've completed the task they where sent here to do?


Posts: 699
Dear suzabellsmom,

I'm so sorry that your precious bunny girl, Cotton, has gone.  You're so right about there never being enough time.  One glorious day when our work is done here, we will see our Beloved Ones again and it will be forever.  Some days, that is the only thought that I can hang on to.

I've never been blessed with a bunny in my life, but people say they are such sweet and lovable companions.  I'm sorry for your loss.

Katharine, Grunt's Mom Forever


Posts: 1,015

Dear Suzabellsmom –


Oh your sweet little bundle of fluff, Cotton . . . I’m so sorry to hear about her passing. As we’ve all said . . . the time we have with our babies never seems to be enough. My sweet kitty Rusty was with me for 21+ years and I keep asking myself, where did the time go? He left me 14 weeks and 3 days ago and now, for a different reason I’m asking myself, where does the time go?


Your Cotton was so lucky to find such a kind hearted soul such as yourself . . . to love her and care for her and be there for her, holding her as she took her last breath. She felt all of that love and took it with her, so you will always be with her spirit and in her heart. Please don’t have any regrets . . . you wrote, “I guess we just never know when they’ve completed the task they were sent here to do?” And I think that is a very sharp observation. We beat ourselves up regarding the “what ifs,” “would haves,” “could haves,” and “should haves.”  I guess that’s part of the burden we carry as humans, along with the grief that’s left behind when our babies leave us. Now this is only my personal feeling for myself, but I know these questions that I ask myself . . . will never have answers and it’s best to try and let them fall away and be forgotten, because if I don’t, I know that I will surely lose my mind.


I imagine your Cotton had a wonderful greeting and welcome of joy from her beloved mommy, daddy and your Suzabell. While she is no longer with you, someone that I know loves her immeasurably, she is with others that love her and will keep her safe until that day when you will meet again.


To our sweet little earth angels who have gone on before us to the Rainbow Bridge . .  we love and miss you so.


Much affection,


Rusty’s Mom – Allison.


Posts: 12
You people are amazing. Seriously, if it wasn't for the love and support of this board, I would of never gotten through loosing my Suzabell. Cotton was a very special rabbit, she was with me for alot of things, including loosing my suzabell, loosing my moms Thunder, loosing Lance and Lakita (my huskies), loosing several cats (Jasper, Sebastion, Magic, Simba, Princess), and loosing alot more from birds, to rabbits, to chickens, to fish. She was with me through it all. We ALL question our selves with the "what if's" those questions come natural. We're human and most of the time we ultimately feel as if we've failed. More often then not, it's not the case.
She loved swimming in the summer in the kiddy pool, along with spending cool spring and fall days in her hutch, with winter days/hot summer days inside.
I would of been satisfied having her for a lifetime. But that's out of the question entirely. I'm not sure if it's harder loosing a pet you've had for a great deal of time, or loosing a baby. Suzabell was six months old when she was put to sleep. To this day almost five years later I still cry when I see her stuff (blankets/toys) and when I think about her. She would be turning five in june, and in December it'll be five years since she was put to sleep.
I know we all feel the pain of loosing our fur/fin/featherbabies. Which hurts more? Who knows, it all tears us up and turns us inside out.
I can only dream of the day we meet again.

The world has never experienced a soul as sweet as you.
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