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It has been just over 24 hours since we said good bye to Ginger. Ginger was a ginger tabby who came into our life when the previous owner passed away and her husband was allergic to cats. We took her in to our home when she was about 2 years old. We saw her through diabetes and twice a day shots. The periodic pancreatitis and trips to the vet. We put up with her bossy attitude - since she ruled the roost so to speak. She was my alarm cat - i haven't used an alarm in 10 years - and there was no snooze button for her... . Sun is coming up and she wants to be fed - meow, get up! Give me yum yums. Now her little bowl sits empty and and my heart is broken.

She started to behave odd like Friday. She left her bedroom and slept on the love seat next to the sofa near me. And she slept for 4 hours, get up, drink water, eat a little and go back to bed. We had our cuddles and brushies but she just wanted to go back to sleep. She never cried once. She just stopped drinking or eating Sunday morning. I opened the frig door and she stuck her head in as if looking for something to eat - or drink. I couldn't find anything that she would touch. She never ate people food and always loved her cold watewr fromt eh frig.

Luckily the vet was open Sunday for 4 hours. Since our special needs kitty was a patient over the years, they got her in - and we walked her in her carrier a block down the street. Yes she looked sick, lets run some tests. We'll call you in about 45 minutes. The worst call ever. Ginger was very sick.

Doc said ER was urgently needed, liver failure and high sugar levels and other things. Ginger never said a meow. She remained perky and curious but doc said a feeding tube was needed, maybe cancer - just a very sick kitty. With a small chance to recover. So we made the hardest decision we've ever made for her - to let her go before things got worse. While she had quality of life. Before the stress and pain got to be too much for her.

So doc explained the steps. We are both crying over the next 5 minutes. The first shot pretty much put her out - she was very sleepy. She laid her head down between our arms and went to sleep. Doc took her away and brought her back with the final tube in her little leg. I held her in my arms wrapped in her favorite blanket and she left peacefully within 5 seconds.

My heart is broken, i loved that sweet innocent kitty with all my heart. I feel so guilty for ending her life but i couldn't in my heart put her through the stress of a hospital or surgery or feeding tube. I decided to send her over the Rainbow Bridge to wait for me. I just hope i deserve to see her again. 

I know it will get easier to live without her and that her final hour shouldn't outweigh ten special years with her. It just hurts so much right now.
I love you Ginger, may you rest in Peace and enjoy your time in heaven.


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I know how you are feeling.  Tomorrow morning our vet will come to our home and we will be watching as my sweet boy will cross over the bridge and join my six other babies waiting there for all of us.  I know the heartache.  My kitty is still here with us.  He is sitting in the other room on my husband's lap but we both know that tomorrow morning, we have to let him go.  I had already hospitalized him, given him sub-q fluids, tons of medication and I could have hospitalized him again.  But, is that fair to him?  No way!  He deserves better than to be a pin cushion for his last few days and hours.  I know your heart is broken.  Mine is broken and he hasn't even left us for good yet.  It hurts deep and it hurts for awhile.  I still cry for years over my others but eventually you just appreciate that they were in your life and you know you loved them for every second they were here with us.  Take some comfort in that.  I take comfort in knowing that my baby is tired and weak.  It is selfish of me to put him through more grief.  These decisions are never easy but have faith that you actually granted a gift to your sweet Ginger.  No suffering and no pain.  

Wishing you comfort and peace.


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Thank you for your kind words. How are you doing with your loss? Almost four weeks and I still cry every day. I am working on a book of stories and photos to memorialize Ginger. It helps to organize my thoughts and memories.

Take care and I pray you kind peace too.

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Oh my god I know exactly how you are little baba,,Gucci passed over on thurs 26.he became suddenly I'll...shivering,couldn't walk,listless,just wanted to lie,he stared at little beautiful boy passed away...I miss him,his curls,his kisses,his wanting to sit on a certain part of sofa and I had to move as he wiggled his little bum right into the spot he wanted!!he tapped me with his little paw when he wanted treats,which happened a lot!!we all loved this little precious soul,of course we still do...I so look forward to seeing him and his big brother Jazz,my horse who.passed in 2010...I too pray,like you that I will deserve to be with my babies again...if that's soon,that is totally isn't worth much right now without them....I hope you learn to cope with your overwhelming loss.....coping is all we can expect...this forum is invaluable,wish I knew abt it when jazzy passed...lots of love,Bailey is a very special kitty....Bailey and Gucci are together now....I demand of God that they are safe and being cared for now,when we can't do it for them...
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