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my 3 or 4 year old cat just died very unexpectedly,a little before midnight. we'd had her about a year.  she was a healthy cat except for some food allergies;her only symptom was loose bowels.she was an active,playful cat with a beautiful coat (a small dark tortoiseshell shorthair).I adopted her last year in FRONT of the humane society when Ild gone in to file a lost cat report and on the way out, met an older woman who had been feeding her neighbor;scat since the neighbor had died,and needed to find the cat a new home.

I live with my thirteen year old daugher,who had just returned the night before from a week in costa RIca with Outward bound as part of a school wilderness adventure.both my cats )Willow and my big neutered male tabby Muffin were sitting onmy bed.Lia had fallen asleep and I was reading.

Willow gotup to use the litter box and I heard a strange, squawky-like sound, twice. I looked up and saw Willow lying on the floor near the litter box. she as limp and I wasn;t sure if she was breathing. we have a 24 hour vet within a mile or so of our house, and I got dressed, found my wallet and put ehr in the car after calling them.

I was pretty sure I'd lost her but was hoping maybe they could do something to bring her around.i suspected it was an anaphylactoid allergic response -I;d switched to the low allergen food with venison a few days before,since the kind she usually ate,made with rabbit (a bi t unsavory for this animal lover,all of it, but that's what happens when a vegetarian has friends among the carnivores!) was out when I went ot buymore at the vet's,and I know she is allergic tothe type with duck.

I walked in the doors at the vet at midnight, and they couldn't get a heartbeat. the vet on call was busy with some other animals but the vet tech helped me look down Willow;s throat and it was indeed swollen and looked blocked. I sat and talked with the tech for a bit and held my cat, the tech thought my hypothesis made sense.

Willow had not been acting sick at all during the day or evening -she'd been running around getting into usual cat trouble,chasing the other cat,knocking things off shelves, and jumping into my daugher's nap and knocking over her juice, just an hour or two earlier.

I'm not someone who grieves a great deal when someone dies at this point in my life; but I do miss them, and the animals I live with are no exception. I like to memorialize them with placing photos,a collar,a favorite toy,a card from the vet, etc in a sort of altar.

I'm glad I found this site...good to talk to ther people whoknow that animals are US at the core.

I had the same 4 cats (Peppermint, Showy, Asher, and Shadow) for 10 years or more...Shadow had been my cat for 14 yeas,and she and Showy were there when I had my baby at home in1994) and lost them all  between October 2006 and Nov 1 2007. Willow and Muffin came to me last summer, and now iIllow had an appointment on the Rainbow Bridge too. I willmiss her.

I did my best to give her a good home and a happy life and good care, and this was a freaky accident that I don;t think I could have prevented, though I;llbe WAY careful with any pet who as allergies in the future.

thanks for bums me out when people don;t understand why we care about our animal companions. and so many people I otherwise like say terrible things about cats! or jsut don;tcare.

anyway, that;s what brings me here...RIP Willow.


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I'm so sorry for the loss of your precious Willow.  She sounds like she was a beautiful kitty.  I know how hard it is to lose a pet at such a young age.  I lost my yellow lab Luna to cancer when she was just 4.  They're so special to us.  They come into our lives and we're never the same.  Know that your Willow is with you always and loves you very much.  You're in my prayers.  May God bring you peace at this difficult time.

Gerlie (Gypsy and Luna's forever mom)

Posts: 111
I am so sorry for the loss of Willow.  I too lost my cat very suddenly about 5 weeks ago after a very traumatic accident.  He had my heart wrapped around his long tabby tail.  There was a quote about how short animals lives are in comparison to ours, and the jist of is was that how God lets us borrow them for a while, then he wants them back.  Willow loved you very much, and she will be with you always,
Sending you blessings and hugs,
Heather, Hanks forever mommy.

Posts: 12
thanks folks. your kind words are good to read.I'm doing pretty well.last night after I came home from the vet was the first time i've visited this group/website  at all. we are I'm sure a very diverse group of people but what we ahve in common is that we lvoe the animals around us very much and want to extend a hand to one another.

I was saying on another forum that it's hard for me sometimes living around people who aren't as bonded or committed to animals and their well-being.I went out with a very pleasant man who LIKED my pets and rather admired me for the energy and care  I put into them, but it is sort of a foreign concept to him.  (we;rstill good friends,dated for about 3 years not so long ago.)

some years back, I worked with a book called Start the Conversation that's a different kind of spiritual guide to death and dying, that kind of gets yo past grief, recognizing sadness at ou loss, but als recognizing the continuity of life...the author is Ganga Stone, a yoga student for many years, and her basic premise is that when someone we love dies,it is as if they are "moving out of their apartment" and going where we can;t see them,but they are still with us.

again,thanks. I feel as though Willow had an appointment elsewhere that she had to keep,and I'm grateful she could check out with so little pain and fear if she had to go. I gave her the best home and care that I could for the year she lived with us. I'm also glad that if she had to just stop breathing like this, she waited until my 13 year old daughter returned from Costa Rica. I;d have had regrets (though again, it would not have been within my control) if Lia had come home from a week of running rivers and hiking in the rainforest to find that Willow had disappeared into the night while Lia was gone...

you are all such kind eharted people.I knwo your anomals are fortuante tolive with each of you.

blessings,andI'll talk to yousoon.



Posts: 686
Dear Judith

I am so sorry for the loss of Willow.  It is so hard when we lose one of our beloved babies.  They bring us so much love and joy.  It sounds like you gave Willow a wonderful home.  Her spirit will always be with you.

Kate (Gus' mom)


Posts: 174
I'm so sorry for your tragic loss.  Willow must have been a very special kitty and it's hard to lose a little baby who gives such unconditional love.  7 months ago I lost an older cat Daisy to pancreatic cancer and she had it for a couple of years and had a peaceful passing so I was more ready although it was still very painful.  Then 6 months later I lost my youngest kitty Sherry suddenly from renal failure and I hadn't even realized that she was so sick until it was too late to save her and she died suffering and had to be put to sleep by the time we got her to the emergency hospital at 3am.  It was horrible and she had an appt to go the vet the monday before she died.  I have tremendous guilt and sorrow and know how hard losing them can be.

Keep posting at petloss to get the support you need.  We're here for you.

Rena (Sherry and Daisy's mom)

Posts: 12
you folks are all so sweet! thank ou so much fiorcaring.

I'm really doing okay.  my daughter says I'm someone who "knows how to keep on going and get through"...she's such a smart, sensitive, and competent young woman herself at only 13. guess I'm not a :"ehavy griever" now that I;ve learned to say goodbye and appreciate every bmoment, and to do the best I can for those, human and non-human , in my care.

animals are real healers anyway; they bdoin't care about your politics, how you dress, who ou should have said something differnt to earlier...they jsut want to be fed, loved, and appreciated for who they are.

Willow was a good little cat and she will be missed.
I've talked with the vet some and this is freaky but probably couldn't have been prevented.  and it was so fast..,.I do feel like she had an appointment she had to keep elsewhere though she would have preferred, perhaps, to stay here and chase around with us.

this is a little off-topic, but does anyone else here keep turtles and tortoises?  I wound up with four of them,  a red eared slider in a tank to a sulcataa tortoise that will need a bigger outdoor home soon,  to a pair of box turtles that just make me laugh because they have such an agenda, especially the male; what a determined little sheleld creature he is!

I;d understand TOTALKLY is someone needed to post here about losign a tortoise or an iguana or something else..."cold-blooded" does not mean "unkloved!"

anyway...thanks for all the good energy.  it;s made me stronger too.  and I knwo my cat Muffin is benefitting from the ways I;ve conencted with other animal people.


Posts: 67
That sounds horrifying! I'm very sorry you had to go through all that!  It sounds to me like you did everything just right & we're trying the best you could to take good care of Willow. I'm sure she didn't suffer and went very fast!  I'm glad you came to this site. You definatly aren't alone here. I recently had a sudden and shocking loss too:( :(

Shadow's mama

Posts: 12
hi folks,just checking in with my new friends here.  and my cat Muffin has been out longer than I like for him to be, hope he comes in for breakfast before I leave for work in an hour or so.I had a really sweet cat named Shadow too, a little black sem-longhaired thing with some Perrsian in her and big-kitten-like eyes.I got her from the Marin Humane Society when she was two she died of old age and renal failure last November 1.   we miss her but she "used it all up"and had a great 14 years with us.

I did get to talk to the last vet who saw Willow at the practice where I brought her after she collapsed on Monday night. .  my best hypothesis at this point is that she kicked up some dust when using the litterbox that had some particles of a food to which she was allergic,inhaled it and  - BAM.  the vet says this isn't unheard of thouigh its rare, and that they use epinephrine shots for something like that i their practice but can;talways bring it around in time.I;d better get going,just thought I;d check in.  thank you all for your kindness. your animals are lucky to have people like you in their lives.
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