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So I have three beautiful dogs.
Vegas- Great Dane, black 70 kilos and just perfect.
Capone and Irish wolf x kelpie- very intelligent, has been used for pig hunting, has an attitude and not desexed so very dominant.
Viva- black bull Arab x Dane, her and Capone we got together as puppies. No relation, just best friends since life.
Viva and Capone are now 3 years old.
Vegas is 4 and is an inside dog where as the other live in the back yard. Out of town but close enough. We had decided that we were going to breed Viva so we had Vegas's brother Oxley come over and they mated and the Magic happened.
60 days on and viva is on her prime ready to give birth soon.
I go out one day and return to looking at Capone threw the fence but I see no viva. I walk up the back and look in her kennel and see her laying there breathing very slowly. Thinking she may be in labour as I ran to get my phone to call my partner I see a 3m Eastern brown snake killed by Capone about 2 m up from vivas kennel.
I scream with fright, and run to my car and 40 seconds down the road is the vet. I run and grab the vet and she comes and says there nothing we can do, the poison has killed all her babies and her as well.
My heart is shattered. Some thing that was suppose to be so gifting has been taken from me so quickly it's hard to believe what Mother Nature has install.
But unfortunely that's not all the bad news.
A week goes on and my partner had noticed how sad I was after losing my girl Viva. So he had organised for a charpay x Dane, mastiff 6weeks old to come and live with us and for me to take under my wing to help with the pain of my loss.
It was great, I named her Vice, I wanted some thing with V to remember Viva but not Viva, so we decided on Vice.
vice was beautiful, little wrinkles all over her face and she hated to be alone so I let her sleep with me of a night as I'm not working at the moment, so I'd set an alarm to wake up and take her out to the loo.
Capone is in grief. Howling of a night, and all day long, he missed viva and would growl at vice if she was to come over and play with him. We would command him in a strong voice to stop so he knew it was wrong.
6 days went on and Capone still never adjusted to Vice. I had read about dogs in mourning and I had tried a few of the tricks.
I went down to the super market and toke viva with me that afternoon, let her sleep in the at while I quickly went and organised dinner. I get home and let all the dogs inside,
I had white drop sheets for paining on the lounge room floor just incase any accident may had happened from vice while I wasn't watching. I heard a yelp when I was in the kitchen come from the lounge, so I had a quick look threw the door, I noticed a splash of blood up the White drop sheet, I looks at Vice and her head had been bitten, I yell out to my partner after picking up this gorgeous bleeding puppy and I scream at my partner asking what do I do, I'm covered in blood and run to the car with no shoes and drive as fast as I can to the vet. She was convulsing in my arms and a hematoma had started to grow on the top of her head as he tongue was sticking out.
I keep saying and prying to God to please not let her die. I park in the garden and run into the vet, screaming and crying. The lady makes me run straight threw to the metal table where the vet quickly ran out and asked for me to leave the room cause I was yelping my self. I could not believe it. I'm not upset with Capone as his grieving so badly but here I am sitting in this vet with what suppose to help my broken heart a puppy that bleeding to death.
I can't get into much more as I'm simply just so sad talking about it.
But end of the story after $600 and trying to keep vice alive he had bitten in such a critical spot on her brain that if she was to live she would of been blind so I had to make the decision of letting her go.
She's gone. I'm devastated. I'm sad and I feel that Mother Nature has really put it on me this a good person. I'm constantly helping people in need, I try and do the right things for my self and others. I'm not a selfish person at all.
I feel all this was suppose to be bring so much happiness to my life, and both things now have just been taken away so dramticaly and with in seconds life has really thrown a curve ball.
Pls any comforting words of wisdom would be appreciated...
If any of u know any thing about mourning dogs please I'm happy to take on advice as I need any thing I can get at this horrible time. Thanks for reading.
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