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It has been two weeks today since I lost my beloved cat Webster Glenn.  Webster was only 6-1/2 years old.  He had kidney failure, thickening of the heart walls and seizures.  He endured 2-1/2 years of treatment including receiving subcutaneous fluids for his final two weeks.  Webster was an orange and white furbaby captured in a warehouse when he was only a few weeks old.  My grief is so great and I can't stop crying.  My heart just hurts so bad.  I know he is not hurting anymore and for that I am grateful. 


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i am so very sorry for your loss. It sounds like sweet Webster had a lot stacked against him, but know this - with all of that he likely would have left much sooner if you had not given him love and a home, and because of you he has someone to love and watch over and wait for at Rainbow Bridge. Because of you he knows love and has a name. We never get to keep them long enough, do we.

Prayers for your peace of heart,

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Thank you for your support.  It is so difficult and so hard to keep telling myself that I did the best I could.  I just miss him so much and just want to hold him again.  I love you Webster!!!


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Webster looks so adorable, I see why you are hurting so much. I don't
know why these things happen to our furbabies when they're so young.
My precious Pookie passed away 3 months ago and he was just going
to turn 8. I miss him so much, I cry every day and it is so hard to
go thru each day without him. He was my constant companion,
the love of my life. I still talk to him, he's here, I just can't see
him anymore and it hurts. I don't know how to help you, but
you are not alone. I hope Webster sends you some kind of
quick sign to let you know he's ok & still with you.


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I am so sorry for your loss. It is so unfair. You baby looks like mine would look if he ever lost weight. 
Sounds like you did more than everything you could. Heart disease with renal failure is so complex and so deadly a combination. You have to flush the kidneys with fluids and to much fluids causes the heart to overload. I am so sorry. Aren't the orange ones special as are every other color of cat and dog and every other one any color out there. All animals are such special loving creatures. You'll fine no better friend.
Please post here again and we are always ready to listen and it does help to know you're nt alone.

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Thank you!  I have asked my angels to help Webster send me a sign that he is okay!  He was cremated with his favorite fuzzy purple ball and a catnip pillow -- he just loved catnip.  Every day I hold the box with his cremains and tell him how much I still love him.  It is so hard to believe that he is really gone.


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Your Webster is just gorgeous........I am so sorry for your loss.  I hope that you will get a sign soon, in the meantime, here is a rainbow to remind you that Webster is safe and well.  Much love, Di xxx


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Dear Sandycat,

I'm so sorry you lost your Beloved Webster Glenn, a beautiful boy.  You helped him through long and difficult illness, and it's true, he probably would not have stayed with you so long without your loving care.  That he is free from pain truly is a consolation - that is the only comfort I felt after my Boxer, Grunt was put to sleep.

We are here for you, understanding your sorrow and loss.

With deepest sympathy,
Katharine, Grunt's Mom Forever  

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What a strikingly handsome kitty.  Bless you for giving him a loving and safe home.  You gave Webster bragging rights at the Bridge about how much he was loved.

I'm so sorry for your loss. I know how difficult it is as I lost my Cicio 7 months ago and it creates a huge hole in our lives...let alone hearts.  I'm still shocked everytime I come in the door to realize she's not there anymore.  It's too much for my heart to believe.

I also know how difficult it is to take care of a sick Cicio had diabetes and later a tumor on her heart.   It becomes a job for us and when they leave we feel like we lost our job as well...another hole in our lives.  But I too am so very relieved that she's no longer so sick.

Come and share some stories about Webster..I'd love to hear more.

Many hugs,


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Thanks, Donna!  I have sent in my tribute to Webster but it has not yet been posted.  Hopefully soon!  It is a very shortened version of Webster's journey.  There are times when I still cannot believe that he is gone.  Webster and dead are two words that just do not belong together.  Webster loved to sit in the sun -- both indoors and out. 

When he kept losing weight but still liked to go outside, he would wear his sweater.

He is such a beautiful furbaby and I miss him so very much.

Every night I kiss each of my furbabies and wish them good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite.  With Webster, I would also whisper in his ear -- no seizures, no seizures, no seizures.  I still wish him goodnight but I don't have to tell him not to have seizures.  He is healthy again. 

I love you Webster!


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Sandy Cat,

Webster is adorable.  Notice that I say IS.  That is because Webster still IS.  He is with you and he loves you and he wants you to be happy.  He is so thankful that you shared your life with him.  You did a wonderful job taking care of him and loving him.  I very very recently lost my kitty Rascal.  I can only comfort myself by believing that it was his time to go.  He waits for me and we will be reunited.  He visits me and I talk with him.  I also ask him to help me through this difficult. time.  Talk to Webster - he is there for you!  So saddened that you are having to deal with this.  Webster is well and happy.

Take care,

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Thank you!  I am so sorry for your loss also, Sheila.  And I know that my other four fur babies need me.  I talk to Webster all the time and light a candle for him every night.  I know he is well now.  My 22-year-old Siamese Samantha passed away in 1994 and although my grieving is not as intense for her as it is for Webster right now, it is still there.  And even though visiting this site is so sad, it has given me comfort.  Thank you!


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Sandycat--Sorry for your loss of Webster Glenn. He is so cute, with his little sweater on--just adorable. I can see how you would love/miss this little guy.

 I had an orange/white cat years ago, Peanut, who passed away quite unexpectedly one night--only 5 years old. I think it must have been his heart.

Sounds like your little fellow had alot of medical issues for such a young cat. He surely found a good momma to take care of him. Take care.

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I wrote a tribute to Webster that has now been posted on the Tribute page.  These sentences just kept running through my mind and I knew I had to put them down.  It is a very shortened version of Webster's life and doesn't include all the sweet and great moments we had together and that he had with his brothers and sisters.  It will be three weeks tomorrow that he went to the Rainbow Bridge. 

Nancee, I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved Peanut.  We have them for such a short time but they are truly loved.

I miss you so very much, Webster, and I will always love you.
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