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I don’t know how to start this , I’m in a lost of words. It all started 4 years ago I already had a kitty but she was an indoor / outdoor cat that I had adopted . one afternoon she started showing up with a stray cat that I’ve never seen her with, I was surprised that she was making friends and enjoying the outdoors . This stray cat started showing up a lot more and hanging around my house even when my cat wasn’t outside I tried getting close to her but she would run off , she wouldn’t get close . I would leave food for her and watch her eat it , she was like that for a year then coming end of 2017 I would sit outside with my cat and the stray would get real close to me and she would only let me touch her sometimes but she was still skeptical it took till the begging of 2018 for her to get comfortable with me , she eventually started coming in the house and being really friendly for a stray cat . It was surprisingly weird so we posted her on a the neighbor app asking if this cat was anyone’s and nobody responded . (still till this day nobody has responded)

so I took her under my wing , I was so excited to have another daughter that was named doppelgänger, we named her that because she looked identical to my other cat kitters , few days later we took her to the vet to get all of her shots up to date and to get her spayed but the vet told us someone already had her spayed , it was confusing because nobody claimed that it was their cat . After that day Me and her spent so much time together I would only let her out somedays early in the morning with my other cat . They were both amazing listeners because I would yell their names and they would always be close to home and come back to eat and go inside. We had amazing holidays , I surprised them with 2 more kittys that i adopted they got along so well it took time but it was amazing , we all loved each other . She was a talker and she was so sweet it was beautiful , she is beautiful .

(I’m not leaving in all the details it’s hard to talk about this or even type I’m trying my best )

2020 , we were all going into the new year strong and healthy . doppelgänger still lived with us , I never thought much about us . we continued to make life and everything felt fine till last Sunday I walked in my room and she was on the floor lifeless . There was nothing we could do she didn’t have a heartbeat i knew one day this would come because nobody lives forever but I didn’t expect this young . we didn’t know how old she was , when she found us . she look young for an stray and beautiful.
she took care of herself , she was an angel to me I don’t know how to cope with pain now , I wish it was me and not her , I wish I was there with her even if I couldn’t do anything . This pain is unbearable for a 16 year old to go through I don’t know how to do this it was like loosing one of my kids my heart wants to feel her touch , see her again , cuddle with her . We still had so much planned in the future , I had my own memorial with me and my family a special one in my backyard , she glows when it turns nighttime , her flowers look so pretty , when we buried her I let her take her favorite toy to go play with
her new friends with and a picture of us so she can show all of her new friends who her mommy was and will always be. Dealing with the death is the most uncomfortable and hurtful thing to deal with when you love someone that much she is my everything I’m still waiting to hear her meows when I walk into my room still waiting for her to make burgers on my chest or bed when we go to the bed . I’m still waiting to kiss her wet little nose , I’m waiting for a lot but I know I have to be some type of way of strong. I feel like falling and never getting back up but I have other kids that also need me . I cry a lot and that’s okay it helps me some type of the way mourn with the pain , I am blessed with the time I had with my doppelgänger.

love you baby my guardian angel
fly high with my furiso ( was my bird )

forever in my heart doppelgänger

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Cherish the memories.  They will help you in the days ahead. 
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