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Last night when I was shopping I decided to get a stuffed bunny for both Sabrina and Buster, for Easter.  I brought them home and placed one on Sabrina's bench, and one on her rocking chair, so they wouldn't be so empty.  I positioned each of them with an arm around each of their urns.  They are big, long eared rabbits - nice and cozy and protective.  It made me feel so much better.  It was the first night since  Sabrina died that I was able to sleep in my room without bringing their urns in with me.  It was very comforting knowing they were being taken care of and loved by their new big brothers.

Sabrina & Buster's Mom


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How very sweet. You are doing the thing that makes life with out them bearable. I to do things that make me feel better even if others think I lost it. We need to heal and live a new normal.
Love and doggie hugs
Termy's mom

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Dear Termy's Mom,

You're so right about a "new normal."  I know what you mean, but I'm not even close to being there yet.

Thank you for making me feel like I haven't lost it.  I don't see anything wrong with guardian bunnies for my Sabrina and Buster, and I'm so glad you are doing what you need to bear your loss. People that understand are the only people that matter.

Have a Happy Easter.

Sabrina & Buster's Mom


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I am in total agreement that we should do whatever helps us heal. Our Bridge babies are renewed to perfect health, happily romping through emerald green fields with their new friends and I think it would make them happy to know we are finding a "new norm". None of my critters were particularly interested in lovies, little stuffed animals or something of the sort, though they do like warm afghans to cuddle under. I am biased enough to think that those of us who are blessed to love God's precious creatures are normal and everyone else should be willing to learn the joys they bring to our lives. Happy Easter to you both.

Posts: 26
You are so right...we are truly blessed to have these precious creatures in our lives.

Sabrina has a beautiful flowing water fountain. It's quite large, molded plastic, and has a water reservoir, and a high sloped "hill" where the water flows from the top down just like a river into a large round pool about three inches deep.  It's like a little waterfall and the motor underneath the fountain keeps the water cool and flowing down into the standing pool constantly. There is a filter in the motor, and also a little "fence" with narrow slits, to catch fur and any debris. The water is always fresh and cool and clean and Sabrina loved it.  Every time, she would first carefully and slowly dip her right paw onto the surface of the water to test the depth, then have a nice long luxurious drink. 

I have kept her fountain flowing as a memorial to her.  Every so often, I hear it gurgle and know she is there drinking.  I can feel her presence.  I smile, sometimes with bittersweet tears in my eyes.

I rescued Sabrina from a shelter and took great care in selecting her name.  Her full name is "Sabrina Lydia Anne."  She was given the name Lydia at the shelter.  I really liked it so kept it for her.  I chose Sabrina for her, and my middle name is Anne.  So, Sabrina Lydia Anne it was.

The name Sabrina is significant to me for personal reasons, but today I was researching names for her and Buster's guardian bunnies and I came across this:

"Sabrina" is the Greek Goddess of Celtic River.  "Lydia" is Greek for "standing pool."  And Anne is Hebrew for "favour or grace, prayer...God has favoured me." 


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