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I should have hugged her but I was just petting after the vet gave her sedative. I was in a shock. I was there in the room but I wish I would have hold her. Do you think she even knew I was there? Did she feel my pets?

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Yes. I believe she knew you were there. I think that’s the point. Whether you held her or simply stroked her may be less important than simply being with her. Judging from so many of the posts on this board I think we all have some level of guilt about something— especially when we are given choices about life and death at a time when we are scared ourselves about what they mean. My understanding is that the sedative the vets give first takes away anxiety and pain. I had one cat that had been so very sick. He actually started purring after the sedative was given and I petted him and told him he was a good boy. He was relaxed but not unconscious. Please give yourself credit for loving her so much that you did a most difficult thing and stayed with her to comfort her and ease her passing. Wishing you peace.

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Thank you <3 😉

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I know how you feel, I have the same regrets I didn't hold her in my arms but I was there ... I stroked her head and held her paw and told her it was ok, that she would be pain free now. I don't doubt for e second she knew I was there, that I was trying to comfort her.

She knows you were there and felt your love, don't ever doubt that!

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This sounds to me as though you were traumatized and in shock when all of this was 'going down' and as such...were not thinking like your usually do. Standing beside a child who is going to be dead in a minute or so is the most trumatizing thing in the world. Of course we don't think like we usually do. After my cat Pearl was euthanized I was left alone with her. I did not pick her her up and hold her. I was "too afraid to". Afraid of what? But in my state of mind, I was not thinking clearly. And not thinking clearly in the face of trauma is completely normal. The "real you" did not made the decision not to hug her. The traumatized you did. And that's what happens. Completely normal. Sorrowful, but nothing intentional or delibete. And of course she knew you were there. And yes she felt your pets.
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