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I lost my beautiful red-headed Flash dog this past Thursday morning.  I'm not sure what he died of, as he was only 9.  He had been coughing the past couple weeks, and the groomer discovered a tumor on him.  I took him into the vet the week before, but there was this unpleasant stand-in vet that just wanted to give me estimates for having his teeth cleaned and the tumor biopsied, and had a tsk-tsk attitude toward me.  All I wanted at that time was a diagnosis, since he was not eating a lot, and also had ear mites.....I felt like there was too much going on with him, and I wanted someone to help me put it together and make sense of it, so I knew my options. 

Well, two days before he died, I scheduled for him to have the biopsy and have teeth cleaned and bad ones extracted.....he was really bad on Tuesday, acting like he wanted to die.  I was going to bring him in early on Wednesday to have the regular vet look at him this time, but on Wednesday, he seemed suddenly so much better....he seemed more spunky, and ate a slice of cheese, I felt like he was going to make it through the operation.  Then I got up early on Thursday morning to find him passed in his bed.  I suspect congenital heart failure, since his teeth were really bad, and he had the symptoms, and it said they can die suddenly.

I have so much guilt over not cleaning his teeth sooner, and not demanding answers from that cold-hearted vet.....I also wonder if I've been so distracted with my three year old son, that maybe my dog had been sick for awhile, and I didn't even realize.  I feel so terrible, and I want to go back in time and do things right.  I've had many dogs, but this one was by far the sweetest, most loving I've ever encountered.  I do not know his breed, he was quite a mix, but he was so beautiful inside and out.  I miss him so much.  He died too soon...

In loving memory of Flash.

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I want to go back and do things too. I switched my dog from commercial food to Crock Pot Dog Food in 2014 (when my girl was 12) because she had suffered gastritis twice from commercial dog food and I was scared of the recalls that were happening. 

Before I switched foods,  my dog had great teeth and had not needed a dental. I stopped looking in her mouth until about 6 months ago. I was shocked at how dirty her mouth was because I was not giving her dog biscuits or bones to help scrape her teeth. I gave her some biscuits and that scraped a lot of the gunk off. I do not know why in the hell I did not take her in then. Even though she was 15 she may have been able to have a dental and get better arthritis medicine. This is all my fault. I could have scraped up the money somehow. It is all my fault. I know she was euthanized with sore gums. I did that to her. 

I do not know what caused me to go to the trouble of cooking for her, but not take her to the vet. She went to mobile clinics for her shots, but not into an exam room where a vet would have taken more time with her. It is as if I had become someone else and not the person that would have taken her in. 

She had shots, she had heartworm medication, she was flea free, she went to the mountains, she went to the coast. I have a ton of pics of her everywhere with me, but the last 3-4 years, I did not have a regular vet for her. She died on Wednesday and I have been begging her to forgive me. Her father was a multi-international champion and I let her die with f@#*g dirty teeth. I feel like I do not deserve another dog. 

I do not know why we humans drop the ball like we do. You are not alone in your thinking. 

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I understand your frustration.  I gave my dog treats for teeth and breath constantly, and his teeth just got really bad pretty fast anyway.....I really should have taken him in for a cleaning the past few years, but I've had several dogs, and never had any of them get sick or die from their teeth.  I've heard it could happen, I just didn't really believe it would happen to me for some stupid reason.  For all I know, it was his tumor that killed him....either way, I know I could have done more, and it hurts. 

You are really lucky that your dog lived a full life of 15 years, as hard as her death is, know that you gave her a full did good, and any other dog would be lucky to be yours.
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