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I inherited a cat (family member who moved away), Coco, that I was unable to take with me from Hawaii to Arizona. I desperately tried to find someone to take her, all of the Foster homes and the animal refuges were full. She was also feral and only came in at night (sometimes) to eat, and to get petted. The day before I moved I had to make the painful decision to take her to our humane society. While I was signing the papers the guy at the desk was unsuccessfully trying to get her. I picked her up, she was scared, I handed her to the tech. As the tech walked away with Coco the guy at the desk said if she didn't start behaving in a day or so she would have to be put down. I ran out crying. A few months later I called them and told the person at the front desk what happen that day and she reassured me that he should not have said that and most likely she was sent with the overflow to Oahu, or the mainland. I should have stopped there. 5 years later I called back, out of the blue it was bothering me, I dreamt about Coco. I called and for some reason they were able to look up my case. She was put down that very day I gave her up. I don't know why they didn't give her a chance. I feel so much guilt. She said it was because she was feral. I thought, "should I have just let her be free in the wild?" Contributing to the native bird loss that the feral cats eat? Would she have survived? Should I have risked the cost and brought her to Phoenix? I lived on a busy street downtown, she was mainly outdoors. I have now inherited yet another cat (my mom's) and I've had him for four years he's my everything, my baby. And indoor only... He hates the outside. But I still feel so much guilt and need help with it. Thank you.

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Hi there

It seems to me that what you did was really try to make sure that Coco came to no harm and was looked after. Finally, you placed that decision in others hands. You were not responsible for the final decision that was made for Coco.

Being feral is a really hard life for a cat. If they get sick there is no one to help and nature can be very cruel. Yes, they can hunt and feed themselves usually. There is no way of knowing what would’ve happened to Coco if you had let her go free or tried to bring her with you. If we could see into the future then these decisions would be so much easier. Maybe they made the decision because they couldn’t handle her and her chances of being rehomed were very unlikely because of that. They wouldn’t have been allowed to release Coco into the wild and to have her contained in a cage for any length of time would be just awful for her if she is use to coming and going as she pleased.

You definitely tried to make the best decision for Coco, you tried very hard.

Hugs to you. X

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Thank you so much for your kind words! It meant a lot to me. Blessings to you.

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There are no feral cats. They're homeless and distrustful because no one loves them. All cats should only be outside when supervised and protected.

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My understanding is ferals are more wild in their DNA then strays. Regardless, that would not have mattered in this instance and situation.

I would be curious if you have any literature about it tho.
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