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Last weekend, my bf and I were standing in my yard, and a car slammed on its breaks in the road beside my house to keep from running over a kitten in the road.  It ran into my yard to us and I realized immediately I was committed to SOMETHING regarding this kitten.

I have two older cats and a tiny house, so I knew I couldn't keep him, but he was thin and sweet and friendly, so I started making calls to all the local shelters, animal control, and rescue agencies.  I was told by the new fancy no-kill shelter "we don't take cats, because there's no ordinance and they can roam wherever they want", but I reported him found in case anyone was looking for him.  I posted a picture of him to all the local lost and found pet sites and on FB.  I put up a poster across the street with my bf's number in case someone was missing him.  No one ever called or messaged looking for him, and it seemed like maybe someone had fed him here and there, but that no one was actually caring for him.  

We fed and gave him some water.  He appeared to have not had anything to eat or drink for a while.  We left him in my bathroom while we went to talk to the local Humane Society.  They told us they were all booked up with cats but could put him on their foster/adoption waiting list, which we did. 

I bought him a kennel to stay in, in my spare room, away from my cats in case he had anything medically wrong with him that they could catch. 

For three days, I fed him, let him run around the spare room, held and played and talked to him.  I made him a vet appointment, because at that point, I'd had no luck with finding any group that could foster or adopt him out, and was strongly leaning towards keeping him, against my better judgement, because I wasn't going to take him to the pound. 

I dropped a good chunk of money on his vet bill, for a checkup, all his first shots/de-worming/mite/flea/tick treatment/blood work.  His health was good, despite having ear mites. 

The next day, a local cat rescue group got back to me saying they could take him in and adopt him out at one of their adoption events.  I met the volunteer lady and handed him over. 

I'm still tearing up when I think of his little face.  He was looking at me like I was abandoning him when she put him in her carrier.  I broke down and ugly cried going back to my car.  I feel so guilty for not keeping him, but my situation doesn't allow for three cats to live comfortably in my house, especially two seniors and a kitten that wants to play all the time. 

They neutered him yesterday and the adoption event is supposed to be tomorrow.  I keep checking their group page to see if they post any pictures or info about him, but they haven't yet, and that makes me worried that something is wrong or that something happened to him.  I keep having to talk myself out of going and getting him back.  I think I know I did the right thing for all of them, but I still feel like I betrayed this stray kitten somehow.  :\

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I don’t know much but I don’t feel you betrayed the kitten. The thing that stood out is that you even got a call from a rescue. That’s rare. As wonderful as he sounds. Someone will
See him and love him!
When you have a heart such as yours, something would probably be wrong not to feel some form of guilt. My goodness. You are a beautiful person. As I had to surrender Fen. My heart is broken. I’m here if you need to talk. You did a selfless thing. You gave this baby a chance at a fun, loving home and I know if you could’ve kept him you would have. God blesses those who help those in need. You did that.
With love,

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You rescued him. He almost died from hunger and bring driven over by a car. Give yourself some credit PLEASE!!! if you feel that he is meant to be yours go to that rescue and ask for him back. He probably was6adopted out the first day. You are a beautiful person. I admire you for that.

I also rescued two kittens from the streets but my senior kitty was territorial and wouldn't approve so I found one a home and another to a second chance rescue group nearby where I live.
I cried but my loyalty was woth my baby. I had to assist her with crossing over last month so I'm a mess.

If you regret handing him over. Go and get him. You saved him though and he looked at you with gratitude cause he knew it :-)
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