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Today was the worst day of our lives we had to make the decision to put down our beloved dog due to lymphoma. She had got so bad within the past 2 days she couldn’t walk her legs had gave up on her, she was constantly panting and hadn’t gone toilet without assisance for 3 days now. We had a vet come to euthanise her at home in her own comfort and we kept her home about an hour after she started bleeding from her nose like fresh red watery blood and was clotting abit too. I just wondered why this could be and if it’s something additional to lymphoma any help would be appreciated can’t rest Thinking she had another problem

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I'm really sorry for your loss. I really feel you, since I had to put down my dog this Monday, and the pain is so fresh and deep. You did everything you could you help her, so please don't blame yourself. There are times in which we don't know what's going on, and sometimes we don't have enough time to discover all the problems our dog could have. Maybe the bleeding was just a secondary effect of the euthanasia. I really can't help you in that topic, but again, don't blame yourself for that. You did I EVERYTHING you could to help her, but even if you did more, if it was her time, nothing else would have helped her. I understand you though, I felt the same as you when my dog got the heat stroke that left him so sick. I didn't react fast enough since I didn't know what was happening and my dad was useless since he was panicking badly and we did not take him to he vet right away, we tried to help him at home. That ended up with him having a high fever for hours until the vet opened. But when I thought about it more calmly, I realized that maybe if we went fast, he would have lived one more month or two. But the damage was already done, I don't think he was gonna survive, no matter how fast I acted. Maybe I could have prevented those hours of fever and pain, but nothing more. Please, take it easy on yourself. We do what we can, eveb with all of our emotions messed up, we manage to help the beat we can, but there are always things that no matter what we do, we can't fix.
I hope you are doing okay and that you are taking care of yourself. Your beautiful baby wants you happy and healthy! So do it for her okay? Yes, take your time to feel sad! To cry your heart out, but don't let it consume you.
Lots of love and have a nice day!

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Bodily fluids of which blood is one, exit the body post mortem.  They exit through orifices (bodily openings) and so it would not be a rare unheard of sight if blood were to exit an orifice. One can speculate if they want to "dig deeper" as to whether it was the blood in her veins or blood that had accumulated elsewhere in her body that came out.  But without an autopsy, you would not know. Only an expert might know based on the consistency of the blood you saw and even the color.

Anyway, I am really sad to get this news. About the passing of your dog.

God bless you.

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