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Hello- I'm happy I found this page. I lost my Skipper (13 yr Papillion who was my everything) Saturday night because my other dog Sunny (5yr Dach/Spaniel Mix) attacked her.  I was sleeping on the couch & Skipper was sleeping at other end by my feet. I assume she jumped off couch & landed on Sunny causing her to attack Skipper. I woke and flew to the floor trying to stop it. It all happened so fast & I believe another one of my dogs (Aja 7 yr Shep mix) who was right next to the scuffle added a few snaps in too. Once I was able to get Skipper away she ran outside & I ran out to get her/observe injuries. She was frantically pacing the backyard in shock. I picked her up- there was so much blood. I could see a bit of the injury but knew it was more than just a puncture wound. I ran her to an emergency vet & after they removed her harness the extend of the injury revealed itself. The Dr. came in to discuss the situation. She said she would need to call in the surgeon- she couldn't fix it herself. There was nerve damage & her jugular vein was almost exposed. It would be a long recovery if she made it through. I cannot believe how all around her neck & shoulder was torn open like she was skinned! Being that she was 13, had a heart murmur & the extensive wounds I felt it was best to end her suffering. I was with her alone for a while & giving her as much love during the administration of the "sleep medicine".
I can't help but resent Sunny & have had the thought even rehoming her. Skipper & Sunny have been involved in scuffles before- Sunny was always the attacker (mainly food aggression which I've been working on)- I was always there & able to stop it. After things would calm down Sunny would find Skipper & give her kisses. One time I did take Skipper to the vet for a few knicks that didn't need stitching. Sunny has gone after Aja a few times too with food present but it's more noise & no blood shed. Aja is much bigger but a big baby & doesn't fight back. I was bit by Sunny on the lip a few yrs ago & needed a few stitches- I gave her a kiss when she was sleeping & startled her so I blame myself for that. Other than the aggressive issues with Sunny she is a very smart, fun, loving dog.
Skipper was the sweetest little dog and I feel sick that she got hurt so badly by Sunny & can't help but think it's my fault. I blame myself for so many things that lead to this and what I could have done differently to maybe have prevented this from happening.

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Dear Deedre,

I am so sorry for your loss and the trauma of seeing such horror.  You mentioned Sunny has “gone after” Aja as well.  Warning bells are going off in my head. I would get a trainer in to try to deal with the food aggression and see if there is anything that can be done.  I don’t know about this but think if he can do it once he is apt to repeat the behavior.  Sunny may need to go on medication to calm him down.  He is a danger to the other animals.  You must keep him separated while he eats and as the others eat.  I am unsure if he would attach a person.  My dad adopted a dog out of a shelter and he attacked me once grabbing my shoeless foot in his jaw puncturing through the skin pulling me out of the house on my rear until my dad came dad and got the dog off me.  I never had another thing to do with him. You have a problem you now must deal and cope with for the safety of all.  The reality is the “hurt” you describe Skipper rec’d from Sunny was that the pup was actually killed by Sunny.  Something must be done with Sunny so he cannot do this again.  What does your vet recommend regarding Sunny?  I’m sorry if this sounds cold.  I fear for the rest of the household.  Stay well.


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Jackie-  Thank you for your response. Ugh I'm sorry you were attacked by your dad's dog- I can't imagine how horrible that must have been! Yes something has & will be done with Sunny. I am separating her when there is food involved, have made a vet appt to discuss her issues & started exercising her more.  It's so hard b/c I can't look at her the same and all she wants is my love.  I was an active dog rescuer/foster dog mom for years before having kids & when I have the thought that Sunny needs to possibly be rehomed I feel like I'm giving up but she in the end killed my beloved girl Skipper. If I wasn't there to break up the fight yes- I believe sunny would have killed her right there. Skipper was very small/old and wouldn't have stood a chance.  I was reading up on dogs that become aggressive if startled out of a sleep and trying to understand a dogs thought process & it is more common than I thought. Hopefully medication and/or training will help in addition to more exercise & addressing food issues. 
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