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Hello friends. I haven’t read anything here yet but want to extend peace to all who have posted. I found this site through a desperate search after coming home from having to just put down my cat out of nowhere. Tummy was about 12 years old, the size of a puppy, healthy as far as we knew, and sweet as could be. I just came home from a short trip (my adult daughter was caring for my pets while I was gone) to just get settled into pajamas and veg out when I heard one of our cats slip “up the steps”. I didn’t think too much of it until Tummy began crying out in pain. I thought he’d hurt his hind leg. After few minutes of observation I’d decided his injury warranted an emergency visit. It was 10:00 Friday night. I started to panick when I attempted to leave the room to get dressed and he kept trying to follow me- with what now appeared to be no use of either of his hind legs. I called my sister in tears with him crying in the background and she promptly located a 24hr clinic and alerted them I’d be headed there shortly. To shorten this already lengthy story- I was guided to a private room where the (very caring❤️) vet spoke Greek to me. Maybe my head was spinning but my kitty wasn’t coming home with me and I needed to decide everything. This was my first time with this. I had some time alone with my baby after they’d admistered pain medication and held him for the first injection but chose to not stay for the 2nd one where his heart would stop. He was experiencing congestive heart failure and even when I held him I saw his front paws had become all bent up by then. He still kept trying to get down- move around. I decided not to tell my college age children who I didn’t immediately get in touch until tomorrow. They’re both local but even if they’d rushed it would’ve prolonged his suffering.. I kissed his head one last time and hope he passed in peace. The amazing veterinarian told me it was okay to go, with tears in her eyes, and that she would stay with him after the 2nd shot until he’d passed. I made this trip on my own unknowingly and I just hope he felt comfort. I know he’s at peace now. It was just one hour he was alive and fine- and then...

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Im so sorry for the loss of your beautiful cat Tummy, it’s just devastating when they pass, no matter how, but when it is so sudden it is even harder to come to terms with.

I lost my boy Raisin 2 and half weeks ago, very sudden. He was fine, full if life, even playing as I went to bed, I got up in the morning and found him downstairs, he’d passed. I’m still absolutely devastated. I’m just telling you this as I want you to know that I understand what you are going through and know the pain you feel.

You are right, he is at peace now, happy and not in pain and maybe playing with my Raisin.

Your pain will ease little by little, I know that is so hard to believe right now, but it will.

Be kind to yourself and post on here anytime as we all understand.

Vicky x

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Hi there. I know how you feel. Our pup appeared to be fine, and unexpectedly collapsed 3 days ago. We found out he had a very fast growing cancer, and was terminal. His tumor burst and was filling his belly. He had just had a check up 3 weeks prior. We let him go at that point. I think the hardest part was how unexpected it was. I don't know if I can say it gets better at this point, because it is so new to me. I just wanted to offer you some support. You did the right thing by not allowing your baby to suffer. I wish the best and future healing.

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I'm so sorry about what happened
Something similar happened to me 4 months ago today when I thought I was only taking my cat to the vet to be treated for a cold , to find out that he had been suffering from AIDs, leukaemia, tooth decay , and so many more things I can't even name them. The vet gave me the option to try treatment or to put him down but said the treatment would give him a maximum of a year of suffering left. My baby was only 2 and I miss him everyday but I promise it gets easier, I know you're probably not thinking about it now but a month after he passed I got myself another companion and he has helped me so much with the grieving process.
I wish you the best <3

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I'm so sorry for the loss of your Tummy. Nothing ever makes the loss of a fur baby okay. And I don't know if I'll be okay ever again. I hope that you are able to find some peace in time. Thank you for sharing your story.

I went through something almost exactly the same last night. My mom was out of town about 7 hours away and I was home with the pets. I heard my baby Gingy crying. He was always very vocal and missed my mom so much so I didn't think anything was wrong but went to find him. I then realized he'd lost the use of his back legs and was crying in pain and I started panicking and got him to an emergency vet right away. They gave him a lot of pain meds and he was able to hold on until my mom could drive back in the middle of the night to say goodbye. That brought him so much peace and happiness to have her there.

Turns out it's something called saddle thrombus. It's a nightmare. I'd never heard of it before but apparently it's more common than you'd think according to what I read. No warnings, just comes on in an instant. A silent killer.

I just want to hold my baby Gingy again. I'd do anything. I miss him so much. It hasn't even been 24 hours.
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