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2 weeks ago I welcomed 5 new "fin-babies" into my heart and home: a betta and 4 false julii corydoras. It was love at first sight and I was looking forward to spending many years with them.

Before getting them, I did tons of research to ensure that the 2 species could be housed together, and corydoras were often listed as good tankmates for bettas. Though as part of that research I learned that some bettas are too aggressive to be housed with other fish, so I knew that there was a chance that my betta would not get along with the corydoras and that I might not be able to keep both. I was just really hopeful that it would work out, but sadly that was not meant to be. 

The night I got my fish I put the corydoras in my 10 gallon aquarium, and added the betta the next day to help foster coexistence. Upon introduction, the betta was a bit snappy at the corydoras, but I figured that he was just really stressed (he was also constantly flaring at his own reflection) and that he would come to tolerate them once he calmed down. And at first, it seemed like that was the case: he would only nip at them if they kept getting into his face, but otherwise he would ignore them. But on Christmas Eve, the betta started to steal the corydoras' food, chasing them off whenever they tried to eat. And last night, he started to actively pursue the corydoras just for being there, biting them whenever he got the chance to. That behavior was even worse this morning.

I decided that the betta and the corydoras had to be separated ASAP before the former killed or seriously injured the latter. I do not have the space for a second aquarium at this time, so I had no choice but to rehome either the betta or the corydoras. After some thought, I decided to rehome the corydoras since they had a better chance of receiving a good new home than the betta did (as he would likely be put into a tiny tank or bowl by someone else). So this afternoon, I returned the corydoras to the pet store that I got them at.

I am now feeling grief, relief, and worry all at the same time. Grief because I love those little corydoras and I am going to miss them. Yet also relief because I know that they will be safe from my betta and ultimately happier for it - assuming that they get a good new home. And worry because I don't know if they will get a better home or not. My pet store has a good aquarist so I'm hopeful that they will be given a good new home, but I can't help but worry. I just want to do what is best for my corydoras' welfare, and I hope that I made the right decision by rehoming them.
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