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Hey guys, yesterday was Kaldi's two month bridge day. I haven't been on in awhile because something terrible has happened to one of my good friend's fiance. Two Fridays ago, at 9am in the morning my friends fiance got in a terrible car accident and he is still in critical condition. He was driving on a two lane road and swerved into a dump truck. There was another guy in the passengers seat who slept through the whole accident. When he woke up my friend's fiance Eddie was pinned in the car with blood coming out in large amounts. The ambulance came a few minutes later and he coded, but they brought him back. when they got him to the hospital, he had lost almost all the blood in his body. So far, he has received 21 pints of blood. The human body only holds 8. His leg is broken and his arm was ripped apart from the elbow to the underarm. The other guy he hit and the passenger in Eddie's car survived without a scratch. They finally got the bleeding under control, but then he developed pnemonia from laying flat. They also put him on a ventilator and sedated him. He hasn't been awake since the night of the accident. They transported him by jet this past Friday to another hospital that specializes in trauma plastic surgery.Yesterday morning he had a seizure in the ICU, so they brought him for a cat scan and found three blood clots in his brain. They say he had a stroke.The neurologist says he is very concerned there is severe brain damage and does not know if he will ever wake up. He is responding to reflex tests, but very little. To make matters worse, my friend's mother also got in a car accident yesterday morning, so she had to leave Eddie and go see if her mom is okay. Fortunateley, her mother was released from the hospital, but she does have a broken nose and fractured ribs. Her car roof caved in, so she is very lucky there weren't more serious injuries. Last night, the neurologist came in and had a conference with us. He said it doesn't look good and the brain damage they feel he's suffered cannot be reversed. After he gave us a very grave diagnosis my friend (her name is Christie) nearly had a nervous breakdown. It was so sad. I've never seen her like that before. She is a very strong person who is always happy and positive. She started screaming and crying. her whole body was shaking. She had reached her breaking point and couldn't hold it in anymore. Her grandmother was there as well as myself and other family members. Her grandmother held her as she let it all out. I went and got her some water because she was crying so hard she started hyperventilating. We finally got her calmed down enough to get her home. It was pretty late when I got back to my house, but I went and sat in the spare room where Kaldi's place is and I lit a candle for him and cried. I love him and miss him so much. I wish he were here to comfort me as I go through this very difficult experience with Christie. I miss my boy so much. But, I had to put all that aside to the best of my abilities so that I could help someone else who is going through those same horrific emotions that I have experienced recently when it first happened. I told Kaldi as I do everyday how sorry I am that he got so sick and I never knew. I will apologize to him forever about putting him through all the things I did to cure what I thought was treatable, and I feel so bad that I wasn't there, though God knows I could not have handled watching him die. Happy 2nd Bridge month day Kaldi! Mommy loves you and always will and I will miss you for the rest of my life. Please keep Christie and her fiance in your prayers. They have been together for 10 yrs and she loves him very much. Eddie has been through alot in his young life. he is only 31. he has already had lymphoma, Graves disease, and heart trouble. I really hope he makes a full recovery. God forbid something does happen, I'm sure my precious boy will give him a warm welcome. But, I hope it does not come to that. Kaldi Waldi, I love you so much and look forward to being together forever when I my time come to meet you at Rainbow Bridge.Thanks for listening guys, and God bless you all and your furbabies.


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Dear Sleepingbe,

I am just so sorry to hear of Christie's fiance's horrible car accident.   His injuries are so very grave and I know she is beside herself with worry and fear.  I will pray for her and her beloved Eddie.  I am lighting a candle for him at AurichWolf's thread and asking God to heal him.   Please keep us posted on  his progress and let her know we are thinking of her.

Also, I want to wish your beautiful Kaldi boy a very HAPPY BELATED TWO MONTH BRIDGEDAY.   I can imagine he celebrated it in style and was served the most delicious Roasted Rosemary Chicken by my sweet Betsy.  She loves to feed the babies on their special days.

Please, my friend, take care of yourself.   Be there for Christie, but rest when you feel the need.  It is so very painful to watch a dear friend suffer.   My heart goes out to you.  

Love and hugs,

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Melissa, thanks so much for your prayers. Christie just called me a few minutes ago and told me her father is now in the hospital. They think he may have had a stroke. My poor friend. How can so many things happen to someone at one time? So please add him to your prayer list. His name is Robert. I am sure Kaldi loved the chicken Betsey gave him. He used to go crazy when we had rotisserie chicken. Thanks Betsy for treating my boy so well on his special day! Also, my husbands boss had to put his 12 yr old dog Heidi down last weekend due to cancer. I'm sure Betsey and Kaldi welcomed her with open paws. Thanks again Melissa. You're always there for me and everyone on the boards. God bless!
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