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My Sweet Molly,
It's been 8 months today that you went to the Bridge. My life without you goes on, but oh how I miss you. I am weepy this morning; I'm not like that. I am the strong one, the one who's in charge, the one...You get the picture. I am not myself today.
Thursday night, we had that storm come through and the sirens went off twice. The tornadic winds caused damage just a mile away. I was so upset, I had a bad seizure. Friday, when I laid down in the middle of the day because I felt so bad(remember when we used to do that together?), right as I was laying down, I felt an indentation on the bed. Just like you were with me, laying down there and providing me with your calm assurance and comfort.
I miss you Sweet Girl. My heart is heavy with my loss of you today. I am crying so hard I can't see what I'm writing. I love you so much. You were my rock; your schedule of eating, drinking, pottying, meds all required that I try my best in spite of these darned seizures. You gave structure and meaning to my life. Taking care of you wasn't a chore, it was a labor of love.
We like to think of you having Molly's Fine Biscut Shoppe at the Bridge. Bake yourself something special today.
If it's this hard for me at 8 months, what is it going to be like at one year?

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I am so sorry.  Your little Molly is just so sweet.  I know what you mean about their routines.  My Basil was on meds for 5 years, twice a day.  His heart pill had to be given at 6pm.  To this day, I still think that there is something I should be doing at that time, and then I remember......It must be harder for you if you are unwell, I imagine that perhaps you wouldnt be able to get out and about too much, so your Molly was your everything.  Thinking of you, Love Di xxx


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Dear Mollyboltsmom--

     I had tears in my eyes reading your post.  I'm right behind you in bridge day months and feel the same pain.  As I wrote in my other post, the sadness doesn't go away, it just stays there and waits for these triggers to remind us of our loss.  Many of us here who had older furchildren can relate to the later years of giving meds and extra attention.  I know that also kept us closer to them and cemented the bond that was always there.

       Happy 8-Month Bridge Day, dear Molly.  What a little doll you are!  Your Mommy misses you so much.  Please give her a sign and let her know that you're happy & healthy at the Rainbow Bridge.

        All my thoughts are with you at this hard time---

                                           Teddy's Mom

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Dear Mollyboltsmom:
Molly is so adorable and your post so beautiful.  It brought tears to my eyes as I felt every ounce of your pain.  Christopher has been gone for over 14 months yet the pain never leaves.  He is on my mind every moment of every day.  Life is just not the same without them and never will be.  They will Always be our Shining Stars; we will miss them Forever.

Big Hugs
Georgeann and Christopher

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I know that the biscuits are especially delicious this week in honor of Molly's 8 month anniversary.


I sometimes feel the same thing in

my bed. The bed goes down

as if someone is climbing on.

(Spartacus was huge and used to

crawl on like a lion.

They were lion hunters and I swear he

slinked like a cat.)


I've been told that Spartacus

is Molly's best customer.

(she bakes special steak flavor just

for him.)



Molly you have a busy time ahead.

Father's Day is almost here.


Love and Hugs,





Posts: 493
Your Molly is so precious...I know exactly how you feel, it was 9 mos. last week since my Chiquita left to the Bridge..and like you I go on, but most of the time I am blocking it off. I miss my Chiquita just as much as you miss your Molly. I don't know when it will get easier if at all.

We're all in this together...Keeping you  in my thoughts and prayers.

Chiquita's Mom

Posts: 5,100
Dear Molly's Mom,

I just returned from vacation and saw this thread.  I love reading your threads and posts, even when I am reading through my tears.  Your words are tinged with sorrow and sadness, but also always, always with some little ray of HOPE.  You are a terrier mom!   Don't our terriers fill our hearts to the brim with the most incredible joy?   I can just see my Betsy helping Molly make the biscuits!   Betsy is getting so excited she keeps distracting Molly with her "WooWooWoo".  Molly is telling her to be patient--they will be out of the oven soon.

God bless you MollyboltsMom.  You have instilled some hope into my heart today.  I had a horrible nightmare about my girl last night and needed to hear about those biscuits. 

And now for Molly:

Dear sweet Molly, I hope your 8th month BridgeDay was filled with joy and savory biscuits!!   Please visit your loving mom in her dreams and be beside her always.  She misses you so.  Please watch over my Betsy for me, until we can all be reunited.  Have fun little girls!!!

Healing hugs and peace,

Betsy's forever mommy


Posts: 909



Mommy and Daddy,

I am so happy at the

Rainbow Bridge.

I have a little shop

where I make wonderful biscuits.

I'm all well now and I think

I eat up the profits.


I have everything I need 

except one thing it's true

and that's what I'll have

When again I'm with you.




Love and Hugs,




Posts: 991
To everyone,
Thank you again for all the kind words. I seem to post on a Sunday, which is my hubby's come home day. Then I'm away from the computer for Monday and Tuesday as he keeps me busy while he's off, mostly away from the house. I think it's really hard on him to come home to a Molly-less house. They were so bonded; it was the first time in his life he'd ever had that kind of relationship with a dog.

Melissa, I am sorry to hear that you had a nightmare instead of a pleasant dream about sweet Betsy. I can only pray that in the future you won't have any more bad dreams. Betsy and Molly keep a supply of those special roasted chicken biscuits that Betsy loves so much. Molly is a chicken lover too. Heck, she likes anything, except lettuce and onions!

Carol, I can just imagine the dent your Spartacus made in the bed. The larger breed puppies do just seem to lumber up, don't they? Molly says that now that he's at the Bridge, he eats all the snacks he wants, no trouble swallowing. It is her pleasure to make him the steak-flavored treats he loves.

I have read for months your wonderful tributes to Christopher. I know that you miss him so dearly. I'm sure my Molly is making his favorite treats. No, life will never be the same again.

I remember your sad story of losing Chiquita when I first came here to petloss. I'm not sure if it ever stops. The only thing that keeps me going during the sad times is the knowledge that Molly is healthy and happy waiting for us at the Bridge. Without that hope, I would be in despair.

I responded to you on your thread. Let me say here, that like the rest of us here, I block a lot of thoughts about Moll to be able to function. I have the good memories, and I no longer dwell on the last 6 weeks of her life. And yes, I think the constant vigilance that goes with having a sick furbaby strengthens the bond we have with them.

Like you, I look at the clock at the "special" times during the day and think, this was when Moll did such and such. Your Basil was such a cuty; I saw the picture of him under the covers.

Peace to each of us grieving the loss of their precious furbaby.
Molly's Mom

Posts: 1,288
Dear Molly's Mom,

First, thank you for your response to my post, I know that feeling you have about them just being "away." They should be coming back inside or they are out somewhere and should be back. I do that with their pictures also. I can have a moment where things feel normal and then I look at their pictures and realize all over again, THEY ARE GONE and I cannot do a thing about it.

I know how hard this has been for you in that when you have such a set schedule of taking care of them, when it is gone you are lost. I had a very set schedule also and I understand that feeling so well. They become such a part of us, our psyche, that without them we are devastated.

I wish I had words that would help take away some of the loss and pain but at 14 months I still have so much of my own that I don't know if there are adequate words to help. Just know that we all care and hope that you find some peace during this time.


Posts: 991
You say you have nothing to offer. But you offer me the best thing that you possibly could; you let me know that I am not alone, and I thank you for that.
I pray that you find a little peace today.
Molly's Mom

Posts: 1,328
Molly's adorable. That sweet little face. It's so hard to lose them. They mean so much to us.
 The grief can be so overwhelming. I lost my little calico, Puffy, in Jan. and I miss her so much more now.
Take care.

Posts: 991
You're right about the grief being overwhelming at times. I think that sometimes I just want to forget the last 8 months. And then, like Georgeann said somewhere, I realize that Molly's memory deserves more than that. And I go on.
January is not very long ago. I am sorry for your loss of Puffy.
We all go on because we must. But it is far from easy.

Every one find a little peace tonight in a sweet memory of your beloved furbaby.

Molly's Mom

Posts: 613

I just saw your post, I don't know how I missed Molly' eight month bridge day. The month markers are all so hard, we will never stop missing them, and it is wonderful how we can share the love we had (and have) for our fur babies with our pet loss family.   We feel like we know Molly, and as others have mentioned here, when we talk about our petloss friends, we can describe their fur babies as if we had really known them.  We will always keep their memories alive here, and they must be doing the same at the Rainbow Bridge, talking about us, and the love that they too miss. Molly was just the cutest sweetest little girl, and I surely understand the pain of losing your precious soulmate.  We just love to hear the stories of her life, she was such a very special girl.   Hugs from Houston, MsSavion


Posts: 763
Happy 8 month Bridge Day darling Molly! I hope you invited my Mr. Meowgy to your celebration. He loves partys!

 It really doesn't get much easier as the months go by. These anniversaries are so very hard. I wish you peace and comfort. Donna, Mr. Meowgy's mom

Posts: 991
Thank you for your kind words about my Moll. It helps me knowing that you all here kinda know who I'm talking about when I talk about my sweet girl.

Molly let me know that your Mr. Meowgy was present for her celebration. In fact, he's a regular at the Biscut Shoppe. She makes biscuits for all the kitties and puppers.

Everyone have a blessed day. I'm spending the day working on Molly's pictures in my Aperture program. I'll share them as soon as they suit me.

Molly's Mom

Posts: 258
Molly's Mom,

I am just back to the site after being away for awhile and saw your thread.  My heart goes out to you as you pass another marker for your Molly, and miss her so much.  These markers are so hard - it's almost like they refresh the grief and sadness that we feel.  The yearning for our precious ones is so painful and so hard at these times.  What a beautiful tribute your posting is to your sweet Molly.  And what a sweetheart she is!  I think that this may be the first time that I saw her picture - what a cutie!

I hope that there is comfort for you in knowing that we are all going through this together.  Not one of us ever would have chosen to be a member of this family, but here we are, and we have each other to understand and help us through.  I am so grateful.  You and your Molly are in my thoughts and prayers.

Max told me that we should take out stock in Molly's Biscuit Shoppe - he is her number one customer and business is booming!

Happy Belated Bridge Day, Sweet Molly! All of your little friends at the Bridge are so happy to have you with them! I hope that you had the day off and that someone else cooked for a change!  Maybe Betsy WooWooWoo brought some of her famous roast chicken, and I know that Max would bring a cream puff, because it wouldn't be a celebration without one!
Sending warm hugs,

Posts: 991
Max's Mom,
Now Molly has never had a cream puff; she's wondering if she can make that into a biscuit flavor for Max.
Molly just loves her Bicut Shoppe. Betsy and some of the others help with the baking and of course EVERYONE gives suggestions on the flavors they'd like to see there. And Missy Moll is more than happy to accommodate; she always was such a social little pup.
Have a peaceful day.
Molly's Mom

Posts: 1,015

Dear Mollyboltsmom –

I’ve seen so many of your postings and feel the love you have for your cutie pie little girl – oh she’s so sweet. Each milestone we “cross” is harder than the next, or so it seems. I find that each Saturday holds a certain amount of sadness as that’s the day when my Rusty set out on his new journey . . . . I understand what an empty place in our broken hearts there is since they’ve left us. And your situation is compounded due to your medical condition – I can only imagine how hard it is for you.


I love to hear about Molly’s biscuit shoppe. I hope Rusty has found his way to share in the fun – he was always so wonderful with all other animals, so I imagine he’s the same at the bridge.


I also thought Carol’s poem and images of Molly at the bridge were so precious.


Dear Molly, your mommy misses you so much, even more so as time passes. She’s sending you extra special love on your anniversary day at the bridge. Please stay safe and warm.


With much affection and peace,


Rusty’s Mom – Allison.


Posts: 991
Molly says Rusty is a regular at her shop. She keeps very busy keeping up with everyone's requests.
I understand what you're saying about Saturdays. For a long time, Monday was very hard for me since it was on a Monday that we sent her on her way. It's not so bad now. Hah, I say that knowing full well that with the right trigger, I'm back to sad.
Working on Moll's pictures is helping. I could say a whole lot of technical stuff here(I guess I'm a photography nerd at heart) but suffice it to say that it will be a black and white tribute, since she was salt and pepper.
Have a peaceful day.
Molly's Mom

Posts: 657

Mollysmom, I just read your post today.  She is an adorable baby.  You said two things that made me remember a couple of days in February.  I got the flu really bad and had to stay down for two days.  My baby never left my side.  Feeling them close was the best feeling on earth.  You also mentioned about giving life routine and meaning--I loved that.  It is such a struggle now that it is gone.  I am sorry you had such a bad day--I, too, wonder how it can possibly be any different a year from now.


Posts: 991
They are the greatest comfort in the world when no one else is there, aren't they? Molly was so good about staying with me; on days when I had multiple seizures and I was up and down in and out of bed, she'd come along, whether it was getting up with me(after only 10 or 15 minutes), or join me laying down.
I too miss the structure that taking care of Molly gave me.
Have a peaceful day.
Molly's Mom

Posts: 1,400
I wanted to say that I feel your pain.  Your Molly was beautiful.  I know you loved her with all you heart and youwill see her again and be together in happiness. 

My sweetheart Meister was taken from us on June 6.  The pain is devestating.

I will pray for your Molly.

Posts: 540
Dear Molly's Mom, I just wanted to say a Happy Belated 8 month Bridge Day to Molly. What a sweetie pie she is. She has got those same big brown soulful eyes that Peanut had... the ones you can look deep into and know exactly what they are thinking and feeling and exude love and devotion.  Sounds like you were having a rough day missing your girl and I am so sorry for your loss. It is horrible to have to learn how to live each day without our furbabies that we lived each day to be with.  I was touched when you said you felt her indintation on the bed with you when you laid down that was so sweet I am sure she was with you curled right up trying to provide you peace and comfort. I also want to thank you so much for your kind words to me in my post regarding Peanut's one year bridge day, you are so sweet and said the nicest things despite your own pain and suffering and I appreciate it so much.  I love the Molly's Fine Biscuit Shoppe. I do hope that Peanut took her up on the free offer today, although that might not be a good thing as I am sure Peanut could probably put Molly out of business by eating all the dog cookies.. faster than she can bake them, HA!  Take care my friend and I do hope that with more time peace and comfort come to you in knowing that Molly had a wonderful life with you and that she loved and misses you just as much as you love and miss her.



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Yes there are days when my only comfort is that Moll is at the Bridge, once again healthy, and waiting for our time to join her.

I am sure that Peanut, like Miss Moll, led a charmed life. We are so fortunate to have these special little bundles of fur in our lives at all. I think that God certainly knows who will bond so securely with whom. I've had many dogs through the years; I have grieved more over Molly than the rest of them put together. And I loved each one of them fiercely while I had them. Moll was just so different. And it's that difference that makes it so hard when we lose them. There are many "one-in-a-million" furbabies, but each one is the only "one-in-a-million" to his humans.

Have a peaceful day.
Molly's Mom
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