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Today is a day I thought would never come. My little Sammy, the baby of my original Orange Tabby Crew turns 17 or 84 years old today. Happy Birthday, my precious innocent little girl!

I found her all by herself, trembling in the store window in a mall, frightened by people knocking on the window to get her attention and too small to have left her mother and litter-mates. When I couldn’t talk the owners of the store into believing that she was sick, I bought her and took her directly to my Vet. When they called me in a week that she was ready to go home I was caught off-guard. I never meant to keep her as I already had 3 furry souls living with me and so I planned to find a good home for her. Punkin had other ideas. He sat outside the door of the room I kept her in and cried from 9 PM until I finally let him in at 3 AM so I could get some sleep. It was love at first sight and although he was only 16 months older than her he truly was the best parent she could have ever had.


My little Sammy when she was young

They did everything together for 10 years. Slept together, groomed each other, played together, ate together. What a sight they were. Often they would walk across the living room with one or the other’s tail casually draped over the other like 2 little funny elephants. When they ate together, Punkin often would push the bowl to Sammy first. 

Sammy and Punkin

Indeed she was not my baby but his. When she needed or wanted anything she went to him and was never easy or comfortable with people. Then 6 and ½ years ago, the safe world she knew ended with Punkin leaving us. I brought him home after he was put to sleep for her to see him and I will never forget the stricken look on her face, nor the lonely sight of her face during his funeral as she watched from the doorway.

Then one by one the other 2 rocks of her world left us over 10 months with both Elmo and Chloe going to be with Punkin.  A hard, hard time for my innocent little girl but gradually she started coming to me. The years have not been easy for her. The 2 rescues I took in liked to chase her in the beginning and she had not a clue about defending herself. She still doesn’t so the apartment is cordoned off to keep Parker away from her although she and Atticus spend about 12 hours a day together peacefully.

She has had health problems – from needing a feeding tube when she stopped eating from a virus which threatened to destroy her liver, as well as a misdiagnosed heart problem and for the last 3 years polyneuropathy which makes it hard for her to walk and kidney failure. But she is one of the lucky ones I know and is still with me although she needs daily fluids and medications. My illness has been hard for all of us but she still plays and she loves to be patted and cuddle. This time is very precious to me. I love her dearly. She really is the cutest little soul in the world (although I might be a trifle biased :) and I am so glad she has trusted me enough to let me know her and that she has stayed with me all these years.

Sammy starting to eat but still with her feeding tube and then 6 weeks later. I love the look on her face and how proud she is of her self that she did it!

All her life I have loved when I come to feed her and she turns to me and opens her mouth widely and only a squeak comes out – but I know from her excitement that she saying “Oh Mummy, my favourite!” no matter what I feed her.

Happy Birthday, my sweet little girl. Today we will celebrate with your favourite, as always. I love you with all my heart.


Little Sammy Orange Tabby Girl


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Dear Colleen,
I was so pleased to read your wonderful birthday story about your dear Sammy. I am so glad to know that despite her health, she is still with you, Atticus and Parker. 
The photographs that you included are adorable especially the ones from those years ago when Punkin was her protector and feline friend. The idea of them walking together with their tails intertwined is just too cute.
The years since you saw Sammy trembling in the pet store window have been a testimony to your loving heart for her. 
I believe that Sammy knew through your recent years of illness that she could give you her healing kitty love back and that would indeed make a difference as you convalescence. It seems that love has increased your energy levels and has meant that you are returning to Pet Loss from time to time. I am so glad.
Thank you for sharing your story of Sammy today.
Do give her a little cuddle from me? 
Blessings to you, Sammy, Parker and Atticus and to your fur angels, Punkin, Chloe and Elmo.
Wendy (Decker's mom) - your Canadian friend on the West Coast.

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What a beautiful, heartfelt message to and about your beloved Sammy.  I know there have been times when you thought she'd be leaving to join Punkin and the others, but you were blessed that she stayed around, loving you.  She is so blessed to have found you and found her way into your loving and generous heart!

Happy Birthday, Sammy!        

Much love,
"Aunt" Sharon 

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Dearest Wendy,

Thanks so much for remembering my little Sammy's special day and celebrating her with me. I am so blessed to still have her and I thank you so much for your kind words. She and Punkin had a special relationship and I know when it is time for her to leave me, he will be the first to greet her. It's been a tough year for me but she does keep me going and I am so grateful for that. I will give her a cuddle for you and I will buy you a drink of your choice in the Cafe after this!

With much gratitude and love,

Colleen and Sammy


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Dear Colleen:

What a wonderful and beautiful love story you share with your beloved Sammy.  I have thought about you often and wondered how you are doing.  I hope you are feeling okay and thank you so much for allowing me to read a bit about your history with your crew.  You are always in my prayers.

Happy 17th birthday Sammy!!!

ConnieV(Jakie's forever mom)


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My dear friend Sharon,

Thank you so much for sharing in today's celebration for Sammy. It has been touch and go over this past year as her kidney failure progresses but she always surprises us. Such a special little girl but then I am trifle biased. LOL I know one of these times she will be leaving but I am just so grateful she has made it this far. I don't know what I would have done without her after Punkin, Elmo and Chloe left. I am the one who is blessed by her sweet loving presence and I am so grateful every day.

With much gratitude and love to Auntie Sharon,

Colleen and Sammy


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My dear Connie, Jakie's Forever Mom,

Thank you so much for reading about Sammy and celebrating her birthday today with us. I also thank you so much for your prayers. It's been a tough year for me but my little furries keep me going. At times I have worried I might have to find them other homes as it is difficult taking care of them as they deserve to be cared for but so far we are coping as best as we can. I wish I could be here more but the fatigue is crippling. I think of you often too and wonder how your brother is doing as I remember he too had cardiomyopathy. It's a crummy disease but I am grateful it is me and not any of my furries who have it. Again thank you for remembering my Sammy's special day with me.

With great gratitude and love,

Colleen and Sammy

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