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The seasons are changing and

it will soon be spring here and at the bridge. The shamrocks and heather are peeking out from the ground. Flowers are blooming, birdies are singing...

Well you know this is heaven. Everyone lives in harmony at Rainbow Bridge. The dogs, cats, wolves, and bunnies all are friends.
Every holiday is celebrated with great

 There is always a great meeting in the town square when the holidays are announced.

Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Welcomes

are celebrated every day with great aplomb.

 Newcomers at the bridge are given very special attention so that no one is left out.

Please join in the fun at Rainbow Bridge. 






Posts: 909

Everyone is helping with the gardens. Flowers are

blooming everywhere. It looks and smells so wonderful. There is going to be a huge party on

May 1st-May day. The bunnies are again in charge

of baskets-and say that every resident at the Rainbow Bridge will have a beautiful basket delivered to them in the morning. They will be filled with goodies and flowers. The girls are decorating while the boys try to set up the May Pole. Lets just say it is a learning experience.

Everyone knows to stay clear as they never know when the pole will fall with a mighty crash.

Betsy asked how the flowers grow when it never rains and Brandy told her-they are watered by our parents tears.....the love in those tears makes the

flowers grow so beautifully.



Love and Hugs to our babies,

CareWolf aka Carol




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Mother's day will be so grand.

Dinner will be in the great hall.



No one would ever dream of buying

anywhere but Molly's.



All the mother's will have

special flower necklaces.

Spartacus told me he is so excited.

Almost all of his brothers and

sisters are there to

give their Mom, Pandora,

a wonderful day.




Pandora and Spartacus



Pandora with her baby

 Rhodesean Ridgebacks.


Love to all,







Posts: 5,100

Dear Carol,

What a beautiful post.  I love the photo of the elegant Mother's Day setting.  I can imagine my little girl Betsy looking for her canine mom and finding her.  She will be telling her all about me.  "WooWooWoo" will fill the hall.  Spartacus will spend the day with Pandora and the rest of his brothers and sisters who are at the celebration.  My GSP, Easy, will be there as well looking so dapper.   And Brandy, Hershey, Molly, Sophie Esther, and Maedy Susan and all the other beloved babies will join in the festivities....Nike will bring fresh cut roses, and (as usual) I am sure Betsy will prepare the roasted chicken.   Do we have a little pastry chef up there?  I know Molly will bring delicious biscuits for all.

Again, thanks Carol for such a lovely, lovely image.



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The horses would love aplle and carrot flavored treats and also some alfalfa mixed with molases.

Hershey , Maedy and Schatzie are working on some poems and songs and stories to put in the baskets. It will be complied under the title Tales from the Homefront. Please send us tidbits that you would like included in the book.

Meriam, Silver, Mozart andKuggel

Posts: 555
Hi Molly,
Aurich will help you locate your Mom at the bridge if she has not found you all ready.
He learned to look up things on the computer from me and it won't be any problem at all.
By the way Aurich would like to put in a request for steak and cheese biscuits.
They could be called Philly Steak and Cheese biscuits.
Don't worry Molly you will be just fine as long as the biscuit tasters have some limit on how many they can taste when each new flavor is created.
Love and Hugs,

Posts: 1,234
Oh, the Hershala is a fine accountant. Put him in charge of limiting the tasters and he will keep tabs.

Schat, Maed, Sophie and Hershey would like everything bisquits. They would also like schmears available. \



Posts: 909

Posts brought over from the

Pet Loss Cafe


Hershey, Brandy, Spartacus

 Betsy, Aurich and others invite everyone to the new book club cprner at the Cafe. The kids selected the The Dogs of Bedlham Farm by Jon Katz as theri first choice. Everyone is busy reading the first five chapters by breakfast. Help is available for those who have trouble with reading. Betsy is very good about reading aloud and so is Hersh.

Join us in the morning for a good discussion coffee and other goodies.





Greetings to everyone here from Molly.
Molly wants to announce that Molly's Fine Biscuts Shoppe will be running a special on Bridge goodies for Mother's Day. She will take special orders up to May 10 from any baby needing to send something to mom. Molly will try her darndest to make good on every order placed.
Molly's Mom




Betsy has pledged to help Molly churn out as many biscuits as ordered, with some to spare.   They will be two busy girls.  Hershala, Spartacus, Aurich, Brandy, and the Schatz will be running errands for them and providing moral support.   They have also volunteered to be tasters, of course.

Aurich reminds everyone the book club is still going strong and will meet after the all the biscuits are out of the oven.




Well, I've made an executive decision. My mom is going to go with my dad today in his Walmart truck so I am going with them for the day. I am leaving Betsy in charge of the biscut shoppe. Boy, this is the first time I've ever left anyone in charge. Usually when I take a roadtrip with mom and dad, I just close up.
Betsy, don't fail me now! You've helped enough now that you know what needs to be done and how to do it. If there's any questions, just remember my motto: TERRIERS RULE!!!




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Okay, I just got word from "Betts" aka Betsy Noodle that she plans to roast a LOT of rosemary chicken for Mother's Day and is wondering if anyone wants to volunteer to do some briskets.   She also wants to know which vegetables everyone prefers with their dinner.   Molly will be handling all the biscuits and sweets and is pretty excited about surprising everyone.   The weather has been splendid at the Bridge recently (well, it is actually ALWAYS splendid unless someone requests a gentle shower to remind them of their earth home), so everyone is in a festive mood.   She is a terrier on a mission right now, so watch out!!


Posts: 909

Pandora and Loki offer to help-but they said that

the last brisket their Mommy, Stacey, made had to go back to the store. (it was tough)shhhhhh

but she tries.

Loki is celebrating 6 years at the bridge, Mutzy 12, and Brandy and Pandora 6 in April.

They all watched the candle ceremony and saw the tears their Mommy cried. They saw the candles she lit for them from the special hill all watch from on Monday nights. 


The glow from the candles

and our special stars

light up our Rainbow colored sky

and the love that we feel fills

our hearts with hope.


Love and Blessings,



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Hershey is passing out fake cigars. his giddy-ap pal, El Al delivered, er dropped her foal earlier this afternoon. She had a filly who is named Piper Sullivan. She is a roan witha white blaze. baby is standing a nursing just fine. Hershey is beaming because he rodeAl even while she was preggers. He is so proud you would thing he was the daddy.

So his earth brother join with the Hersh in saying Mazel Tov to Al and Piper. This will be Als last foal. She is a most excellent momma.

All of us need some sleep, it was a long horsey labor.

Lift your cups, mugs and glasses high and say,

L' Chaim.

Meriam, Silver, Mozart and Kuggel and from the bridge Hershey

Posts: 909
The residents of Rainbow Bridge are so happy for
Hershey. They know how special Al is to him.
He was down watching and talking to her during her whole delivery. He thinks she is beautiful and was one of the first to see the baby foul. Al was so excited that Hershey can see her now and her new baby. He made a beeline back home to tell us
all about the new little one and show us a picture he drew of Piper.
 Everyone got a bubblegum cigar in their honor.






May Day




The day is bright and beautiful.

The birds are singing special songs.

The gardens are so beautiful thanks to everyone's

hard work.

The rabbits have been busy making May baskets

for weeks. There had to be one for everyone and some extra for new furangels that might arrive.

Molly and Betsy with lots of help came through with some wonderful treats.

Spring has really sprung.







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Oy veh, those bubble gum cigars are being used in a contest to see who can blow the biggest bubble. Somehow, I think that Spartacus will come out the winner here.

Mother and baby are doing well. Piper is a feisty little gitl and nurses well. She is a curious little thing and wants to know what is going on beyond the walls of her loose box stall.

The boyz are waiting to get ready to up to the out buildings and visit Al and Piper. Kuggel is still a little bit leery of the large animals. He sticks close to mom.

Have a good May Day.

Meri and the boyz

Posts: 909


Rainbow colored bubbles

fill the air as everyone tries

to make the biggest one.


The girls say there is no

way they will get bubble gum

on their beautiful coats-

but boys will be boys.



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Betsy had to clean some of the boys' coats, but she says it was not too bad.  They were so happy to celebrate Piper's arrival.  Hersh kept running up to everyone, saying, "She is just PERFECT, just PERFECT!".  All the furbabies understood how proud he is.  Spartacus blew the biggest bubble.   Loki, Mutzy, Brandy, Pandora, Hershala, Shatzie, Maedy, Sophie Esther, and all the other beloved furbabies were giggling the whole time, because Spartacus put great effort into this. 

A good time was enjoyed by all.


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Hey Moms Evrywhere,

Attention, we are all getting ready to celebrate Mothers Day at the Bridge. In the morning there will be a gathering in the art department so everyone can make a card or two. The orchestra and band members are practicing songs dedicated to Moms. New outfits are being sewn and gifts are being put in the mail.

Most eveyone is sending slurps to their earth Moms. I am send an additional greeting to new mom Al, Piper is to young to know abouth Mothers Day. My Mom is sending greetings to everyone on my behalf.

So, even though we had a big paint ball fight, all is ready here at the bridge. On Sunday look for greetings.

Happy Mothers Day to all.

The Hershala and everyone else from the bridge.


Posts: 909


Mother's Day


Everyone was up extra early.

Smiles were everywhere.

The cats just couldn't decide

what to wear.

Muffin had an especially darling

outfit on.



They were so excited that they would

start doing their Friday Dance and it was Sunday!!



24729594-61696591.gif picture by Carewolf 



Betsy just wanted everyone to stay neat. she had worked so hard

getting all the bubble gum off their



Girls.jpg picture by Carewolf


You could hear her WooWooWoo

all over the bridge.


The costume shop made special

scarves and bows for the occasion.

Everyone looked soooo cute.


mothers_day_balloon.gif image by Carewolf



There was a huge line at the

art department where everyone

wanted to make some cards.

They are so proud of their



happy_mothers_day_dozen_roses.jpg image by Carewolf


Spartacus,Brandy, Mutzy,

Shezam and Magoo

all worked together on a card with roses. daddy always brought Mommy

roses on special days.


 5350a.gif picture by Carewolf


Aurich said he had already

 made a trip down to

see his Mom and give her a kiss.

His Daddy was working and he wanted

to make sure she had a lovely breakfast

surprise. Ollie was very excited to see

him but sorry Aurich didn't bring any

for him too.


Happy_Mothers_Day-2.jpg picture by Carewolf 


They had a great chat and Aurich told him

that he could lay in his spot today

by the fireplace.


Everyone was going and coming

from the bridge. they wanted to give

their Mommies a special kiss and hug.

goodmornbearnhugsnkisses-1.gif picture by Carewolf 


They couldn't take the cards with so

they each had a special card box.

When they were together with their

loved ones again, they could give

them all the pretty cards.


Music could be heard all over the bridge.

The sun was shining-of course-

birds were singing-flowers were


It was another beautiful day.


Then the bell was ringing for

dinner. Everyone lined up.

The special birthday

celebrants were all together.

They would sit at the

special birthday table.


1202856129.gif picture by Carewolf 


The doors opened and everyone gasped.


The dining room looked so beautiful.

Molly and Betsy and all their helpers

had done a wonderful job.


Hershey just beamed.

The garden club led by Max

had put flowers everywhere.


Two kitties ran in breathlessly.

Are we late?

We were working on our special card.


Mothersdaycat.jpg picture by Carewolf 


They held it up for all to see.


It was beautiful.

They decided to have a card parade.


happy_mothers_day_flowers.gif picture by Carewolf 


674742_1204262336.gif picture by Carewolf 


mothers.jpg picture by Carewolf 




Each  one of them

 was beautiful and made

with such love.


The food was so good that most forgot

their manners and ate like "animals"

Betsy ran around,

"Remember your manners."


The sun was starting to come

down on this special day.


All the food was making everyone sleepy. except for the cats who were still jamming.


thheavymetal.gif picture by Carewolf 



The residents of the bridge

all drifted off to sleep

dreaming of their Mommies

and wishing them a


1106241cyq8lup5ij.gif picture by Carewolf 



Love and Hugs,

CareWolf aka Carol






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 What a beautiful happy story about Mother's Day at Rainbow Bridge.

Aurich sent a message that this was the most popular Mother's Day card for everyone.

They all carried their cards in the parade and though they were all decorated with the love each has for their Mom on earth they all had this message.



Everyone had a wonderful time telling each other all about their special Mother's Day silent visit with their earth Moms.

They all just knew that their Moms felt them close when they made that secret visit.

Aurich and all of his friends at the bridge wanted me to pass this along to all fur Moms here at petloss.


Love and Peace and a wonderful Mother's Day to our pet loss family.





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The Babies at Rainbow Bridge are getting ready for Memorial Day celebrations.

Can you imagine the excitement in the air.

Please add your thoughts about how they might celebrate.


Love and Peace,




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Hershey asks for a moment of silence for his fallen cousin, Rex Fox, last friday night. He is now at the bridge with Hershey.

All of my boyz love a military band and march music. They have been listening to me practice John Phiilip Sousa since the end of the regualr symphony season. They know that with this Memorial Day weekend and June 14th, Flag Day and July 4th, there will be march music and concernts and parades to attend.

Hershey is ready to be decked out in RWandB and also knows TAPS on the bugle. He asks the Aurich and Rex help him fold the flag for presentation to our military service dogs at the Bridge.

All of the earth babies and myself will be at Malmstrom Airforce Base to honor those in service to our country. There is an interfaith service at the Chaple and pur F17s will fly formation over the city of Great Falls. To add a funny note, two years ago when the dipped wings over our yard and home in honor of my late husband, all the pictures in the den came crashing down.

Please, in your own way celebrate and remember those that served and those that are serving.

Meriam, Silver, Mozart and Kuggel

from the bridge Hershey, Schatzie, maedy and Sophie Esther

Posts: 5,100
We are flying our flag proudly this weekend in memory of  my beloved uncle, Tommy Ferguson, who was killed in Vietnam on his 21st birthday in 1968.  Oh, that was a terrible day for my family.  My little nephew, Tommy, is his namesake. 

Betsy has told me she will be celebrating in a most solemn manner as she and our beloved German Shorthaired Pointer, Easy, will be standing right beside Uncle Tommy at the Bridge Memorial Day parade.   Beloved Arthur, Hershala, Aurich, Spartacus, Teddy, Chancey, Digby, Christopher, Rusty, Choo Choo, Lollipop, Whiskers, Snowball, Nugget, Maedy Susan, Rexie, Libbie, Sophie Esther, Schatzie, Hankie, Gizmo, Max, Sherry, Daisy, Mr. Meowgy, Grunt, Tweeny, Rudy, Riley, Jessie, Rebel, Puffy, Kelsey, Golda, Herbie, Belle, Molly, Dakotah, Snuggy, Rosie Bear, Beau, Sydney, Neko, Onyx, Peanut, Bennie, Harry, Cheeseburger, Jingles, Abby, Lucy, Simba, Lila, Vicki, Nikki, Sam, Tai-Chi, Nina Maria, Emma, Gus, Gypsy, Luna, Psalty, Sammy Sus, Baby Bunz, Alfie, Tempo, Rupert, Crystal, Amber, Bear, Spy, Princess Leia, Bosco, Zacky, Dakota, Buddy, Paco, Savanna, Pup, Sunni, Brucie Lucy, Scoutie, Brandy, and ALL our other furbabies (including all the innocent furbabies that were senselessly slaughtered up in Big Sky Country where Meri lives) will be standing tall with them.  God Bless America will be sung with pride.  A feast will follow that will include any and all service men and women who may want to come.

Please help Betsy, me and my family honor my uncle and all of our fallen heroes.   My heart is filled with sadness and pride when I think of all the men and women who lost their lives...and continue to do so in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Love and hugs,

Melissa (Betsy, Easy, Arthur)

Posts: 1,234

Yesterday, in the rain a cargo plane landed at the Billings, Montana International Airport. Aboard that plane were eight service dogs returand will livening form their tour of duty in the mid-east. The Red Horse Squadron of Malmstrom Airforce Base and the Air-corps Marching band nad pipers was there to greet the dogs, their handlers and others awaiting service men and women retruning from war. The plane appeared out of the clouds, it hit the tip of the runway and began to taxi. The eerie sound of the pipes picked up steam and then John Phillips Sousa greeted the men, women and animals as they deplanned. I have to admittt, that there was also some Doxie singing going on in the bakcground. So, in your own way and in your own home towns across the country please welcome home, Sgts Rusty, Mac, Panda, Lou, Fritz, Joy, PT109 and Jack, all bomb sniffing and land mine finding dogs of the Red Horse. They are now retired from active duty and will live as civilians with their handlers and families.

Hershey and Betsy watched the enitr ceremony and cheered each service dog as the alit form the plane. Rexie was holding the flag high for them and Spartacus was leading the band in military march.

Tomorrow, the boyz and I will join the parade on Central Avenue. Thank the men and women who protect, while we go about our daily schedules.


Meriam and the boyz

PS, Thank you Melissa for remembering those that were slaughtered by a mad person for no reason.


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Posts: 1,234
Hi everyone,

Please remember to raise the Flag tomorrow all the way, then to half staff until Taps is heard, then back up to full staff.

Please buy a poppy from a Vet, they will be stationed all around town and cities in the United States. Say thank you to them for serving.

To those of my Petloss family who are military, Thank you. To those of us who have lost loved ones in Wars past and present, we salute their efforts to protect the country we call home.

Peace on this Memorial Day of 2008.

Melissa, here is the levity of the day. Mozie ate his popy and attacked Kuggels. Kuggel got angry and tore at Mozies little flag. Silver stepped up to the plate and got in the middle of the argument. From the bridge, the long, regal snout of Sophie Esther appeared and suddenly there was silence.

Have a Good Parade tomorrow.

Meriam, Silver, Mozart and Kuggel

Posts: 5,100

Count on Sophie Esther to keep the boyz in line...and save the day!   :-)

Boy, did I need this chuckle!  Thank you my friend.




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Hi everyone,

Hershey just sent word that the next National Holiday at the Bridge will be Flag Day on June 14th, followed by Fathers Day on the 15th.

Hershey says he and Betsy will attend the Flag Day ceremonies at Flag Overlook Hill in Great Falls and have breakfast with us in Montana. Our city is very windy, at times worse then Chicago, so our Flag really takes a beating when it is in full furl and standing straight out on the hill. it is a wonderous sight to see the flag as you enter Great Falls from the west and are driving or walking to the east.

The marching band is tuning up, the costume shop is in full swing and we urge all to stop in at the cafe for hot dogs, pop and apple pie.

Sil, Moz and Kugs will carry little flags, I did the sticks in hamburger juice so they hang on to them and all of us will pay tribute to the Red, White and Blue.

All the fur babies will then watch the antics at the Doxie Day picnic and get ready for Fathers Day.

The Patriotic 4th of July concert is really on the 25th of June in Great Falls. Mom will be playing with the symphony that day and the boyz will be sitting with Aunt Luella.

Have a grand time preparing for the upcoming holidaze.


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I know Memorial day was observed in grand style.

Flags were waving everywhere.

Aurich and all the other babies who have a parent serving in the service proudly marched at the front of the line.



Behind them were the Service Dogs marching with heads held high. They knew how important they were to all they had served.


Behind them was a special group-the dogs and cats of 9-11.



Then there was a hush as the Rescuer dogs of 9-ll

proudly marched by.


Then came a special group.

the dogs, cats, horses, bunnies,

piggies, and all the other beloved pets

who had not been at the bridge 2 years.



Spartacus, Brandy, Pookie, and ShiShi  and Muffin lined them up and gave

each a beautiful flag.


Vicki, Hershey, Betsy, Molly, Arthur, Hershala,  Teddy, Chancey, Digby, Christopher, Rusty, Choo Choo, Lollipop, Whiskers, Snowball, Nugget, Maedy Susan, Rexie, Libbie, Sophie Esther, Schatzie, Hankie, Gizmo, Max, Sherry, Daisy, Mr. Meowgy, Grunt, Tweeny, Rudy, Riley, Jessie, Rebel, Puffy, Kelsey, Golda, Herbie, Belle, Molly, Dakotah, Snuggy, Rosie Bear, Beau, Sydney, Neko, Onyx, Peanut, Bennie, Harry, Cheeseburger, Jingles, Abby, Lucy, Simba, Lila, Vicki, Nikki, Sam, Tai-Chi, Nina Maria, Emma, Gus, Gypsy, Luna, Psalty, Sammy Sus, Baby Bunz, Alfie, Tempo, Rupert, Crystal, Amber, Bear, Spy,Elsa, Princess Leia, Teddy,Bosco, Zacky, Dakota, Buddy, Paco, Savanna, Pup, Sunni, Brucie Lucy, Scoutie, Bear,Brandy, and ALL our other furbabies new

to the Rainbow Bridge held their

flags high.

Vicki had been reluctant to come out

because she was afraid of fire crackers.

Spartacus told her there NEVER are

nasty noise makers at the bridge so don't be afraid.


She was smiling as she marched and saw

that it was true.



The food was set out in great style

and gobbled up by our hungry babies.


Ooops almost time for the welcome party

so everyone was off to the Grand Reception Hall.



Love and blessings to our special babies,



Please add your babies' names in the story

so they can take part. 



Posts: 555

What a beautiful picture this story paints.

All of those special babies celebrating at the bridge.

The best part is they can now enjoy the beauty of the colors of the fireworks with no more fear of the noise.

I bet they can't wait for the 4th of July now.

Happy patriotic celebrating to everyone this summer.

Love and peace,






Posts: 175
This is so amazing. I just LOVE it. It is so wonderful to read of all the things our furbabies are doing over the Rainbow Bridge. It brings them all back to us. Thank you so very much!



                 Much love to you all,

              Jacki, Baby Bunz mommy
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