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I lost my baby boy Quentin (he was 11) on Tuesday April 03 2018 from what we thought might have been a sudden heart attack. The day he passed he was not different at all, so his passing was a major shock. It’s been extremely hard and I miss him so much. 💔

The reason for this post was to see if any of you have experienced some sort of sign from your beloved fr babies since they’ve passed? One belief in my family is if you find a dime(s) anywhere they are from a loved one who has passed. We call them “Dimes from Heaven”. Since Quentin has passed both me and my husband have found numerous dimes in very random places. Of course we believe they are from him. Especially since it’s been awhile since either of us have found a dime before Quentin had passed away.

I take so much comfort in knowing it a possible sign from him telling us he’s ok and still with us in spirit. ❤️

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Yes! I lost my dog max very suddenly last weekend. I asked him to send me a sign he was ok - just for peace of mind as I was distraught. Anyhow the night he died there was a lot of noise in the house - like the heating was on or water was running - I've never heard it before and nothing was on. Next day my phone rang but there was no missed call and later that day my car radio switched itself on. Maybe I'm being fanciful but these strange things have helped a little.

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Yes here as well. I lost my Keeker on April 3rd also and it was after a sudden illness that made him rapidly deteriorate. I was still looking for options to save him and after another appointment, got a call from the vet that his bloodwork showed he was dangerously anemic and needed an emergency blood transfusion and they had also seen free fluid in his abdomen and they believed he was bleeding internally and could hemmorhage at any time and that unless they did multiple emergency blood transfusions and emergency surgery to removing the source of the bleeding (he had an extremely large vascular mass in his abdomen), I should schedule euthanasia very soon, a couple of days at the most. Although I knew his prognosis was poor and he was deteriorating I was faced with a choice I had to make very suddenly - subject him to multiple emergency procedures which he probably wouldn’t survive in his state, or end his suffering while he still had some chance of dying a good death. Something took me over and I chose the latter. I went that night. Since then I have been tortured by my decision. We were deeply, deeply bonded and he was only symptomatic less than a month ago.

I have been coping by talking to him and asking him to send me signs that he forgives me and that I did the right thing. The first full night after I let him go, I woke up wailing and tortured by the images and decisions of that night. I then open my eyes and in the shadows on my wall, I could see his head, ears and collar. I kept looking at it and I felt a calmness that allowed me to sleep. That shadow has been on my wall every night now.

I also asked him while I was in the shower, crying, to send me a sign that he knows how much I love him and that he forgives me. I got out of the shower and my mirror had fogged up in a streaky unusual way. One shape in the mirror looked like a light paw connected to an arm. I put my hand over that shape and felt calm.

Today I asked him for another sign and I felt like I saw his silhouette in a tree. From the angle looking out my bedroom window over the cat condo, there is what looks like a black cat sitting in a tree.

I also thought I heard a jumping, collar jingling sound in my bedroom today and I almost jumped up thinking “I need to go check on Keeker.” I’m not sure what I heard but I must say that continuing to communicate with him and seeing these small signs do give me comfort. All I need to know is that I did right by the creature I cherished more than anything and I hope I continue to see/hear these signs.

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On Saturday July 8 2017 we had to put my 12 year old golden retriever to sleep unexpectedly. The next morning at 11am I heard our wood screen door open i knew it was my Lucky spirit returning home. Then that night I woke up at 11:55 p.m. That was the time he passed away the previous night. Then one night I was crying so bad for him i had a very strong sense that he was outside the bathroom door. And sure enough i got a picture of his spirit of him he was waiting for me outside the door. Then other day he was laying at the bottom of the steps i have a picture of that. Then he jumped on the end of the bed. I can hear him and feel him all the time which is comforting.and if the Ed Sherran song "perfect comes on i can hear him and feel him more and also if I cry i can hear him more. Especially since my husband passed away in December and my dad in February. I know he was with me at there funerals because I could hear him

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Yes I have. I've lived in this house in the country for 20 years. I've taken the boys out at 11 oclock at night for 6+ years since they were babies, to go potty before bed. In the twenty years I have never heard an owl hoot. Not once. The night after my precious boy Cooper died I was out with our other boy Willie. It was January 20th colder than you can imagine and as soon as I sat Willie down I heard an owl hoot, not once but the whole time I was out there. It sounded real close and loud. When I went back in the house I told the wife, "Cooper says he's alright". I knew the second I heard it it was him. I have not heard it since.
I still cry just thinking about him, I don't know how long the hurt can go on.

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I know this will sound insane, but yes I got a sign from my dog Murphy,  that we had lost to cancer last April.  Every morning I would share my Cheerios with him.  He LOVED his cheerios.

The Monday after he passed away, when I went back to work (my office is at the end of a hallway and no one else walks that way) there was one cheerio on the floor.  I never brought cereal to work.   Call me crazy, but I swear it was Murphy saying he was OK and happy. 


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Today I got another sign from Quentin, 4 more dimes. This time I looked at the dates and they shocked me.

2 -2007 (the year he was born)
2-2018 (the year he died)

This was very shocking to me but I find a sense of comfort knowing he sent them. I’ve been finding dimes like crazy since he passed a week ago
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