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I found my cat George when he was about 4 weeks old.I brought him home bottle feed him, kept his face washed to open his eyes, and even washed his bottom.As George got bigger he wanted outside mainly at night.He would come in during the day and eat and sleep.We got him nuerted so maybe he wouldn't wonder off.We live in the country.Well on June9th (10days after we got him nuerted)he came in and was hurt.It looked like something had ripped the inside of his mouth.We rushed him to the vet and his jaw had been broken so badly in 3 places, the worst the vet had seen.There was no way she could repair it and no way George would ever be able to eat.He was only 8 months old.My heart is still broken he was the first animal I ever had to PTS.A few weeks later I think I recieved a sign for him letting me know he was ok.In the living room we have a table that has 2 shelves on it on high the low.George loved to play around that table and on the bottom shelf is a pic of me and my parents.He always moved that pic, when I got up one morning the pic was turned sideways as I went to put the pic back the were  fresh paw prints right behind the pic in the dust.(hadn't been able to dust lately broken leg)I have 2 other cats and they have never been around that table so I really think it was George.

Anyway I bought the book animals and the afterlife by Kim Sherdin(very good book) to help me thur my grief.She talks about how sometimes a pet may come back to you maybe not the color or even the same sex they were before and sometimes not even as the same kind of pet.
Well three days ago went outside and there was an orange kitten under the carport.He's very scared and ran off, but we have seen him again.I'm putting food out for him trying to get him tamed so I can bring him in the house.
I think maybe it could be George returning.If so why is he so scared and why won'y he come to me?
Is this coincidence since I just finished my book? Could this really be George returning? Or have I gone completley Crazy?Thanks everone for listening.My George.I love and miss you so much.

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Hi.  I certainly don't think you are crazy!

I have no idea if this cat could be George but it does seem more than a coincidence that a stray orange cat would choose your carport to come to. I'd keep putting out food and see if he comes back. 

And I am really sorry to hear that you had to have George PTS.  I hope it brings you comfort to picture him racing around with all the other pets over the Rainbow Bridge.  Take care, Sharon  
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