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My little 2 year old rabbit, Charlie, died in my arms yesterday on the way to a specialist to get her an emergency blood tranfusion and surgery. I've been a mess ever since. I was feeling silly about being so upset (to most she's "only a rabbit", to me she was a constant companion and source of happiness) so I'm really glad I found this site. It's comforting to know that others grieve the loss of pets as if they were family. To me, they are family. My heart goes out to all of you who are grieving also. Bless.

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I am deeply sorry for your loss of Charlie. No one here would say a baby was 'just a dog, cat, rabbit.'  This site is full of wonderful people, like you, whose little ones are our family.  We all understand your grief and heartache. She was your little baby and you just lost her.  I am truly sorry.  Please come here often as it will help you deal with your grief to talk about Charlie, share a picture, vent.  We will all be here to listen and support.


Could I just suggest you post this on the Grief Support forum?  Many more people will see it there and can get to know you and your Charlie.


Take Care



Eddie's Mom


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Thank you for your kind words. I didn't realize I posted this in the wrong spot, I will post in the grief support section.

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Sunshine K We all at one time have a crisis which needs I
Immediate attention.
What you Did For Charlie is what every Pet Owner would've
Done. But Also there's Circumstances beyond your Control
That not even you would've expected.
You and Charlie was meant for each other.
The Devotion you showed towards it is Amazing.
My Wife and I am very Sorry for your Loss there's no
Words that will bring Charlie Back.
I hope and Pray you come back here I am In Same Situation
We have to Put Our Pet Dog Sandy Down Today.

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Im losing my little dog, day by day..Shes 16yrs old..And we have beeen through evrything together..she has been my rock at times,Its breaking my heart..

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I am so sorry for your impending loss of your sweet baby.  It is very difficult to go through those final weeks and days.  I remember the anxiety very well, I'm surprised that I survived it.  I would like to suggest that you post this on the grief support forum here.  Then more people will see it and be able to respond to you.  You will receive a lot of understanding and support.  I apologize, I wish that I had noticed sooner.  Please let us know how you are doing.

Kodiak & Bailee's mom

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You shouldn't feel silly at all. 

I would think you're heartless and callous if you didn't.

My thoughts are with you, I hope time helps heal you.

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I agree, I lost my baby this morning, i miss her terribly. it's after midnight and I can't sleep...she has always slept next to me. I have been reading posts all day, the common theme....unconditional love, I loved her, and she loved me. i am so so sorry shes gone, but I'm also so grateful for having her in my life even if it was for just a short time.
I'm happy I have found this forum where there are wonderful people like you who truly love their pets. I feel so lonely but I have found some kindred spirits reading post like yours. Your a shining star, your baby was lucky to have someone who loved her....I send you a hug.

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I'm sorry for your loss. I lost my buddy Max tue evening from an illness which took me by total surprise. I too have not been able to sleep. I miss the big guy dearly. He was a german shepherd and was 6 yrs old. I have cried everyday since.

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Dogs are such wonderful animals, I sometimes wonder if they are always the ones in control. How do they grow to be part of us. I only had Liffey 18 months, when she was a little, little puppy, toy poodles can be so tiny, she was not that friendly but then without me even knowing when she grew to be part of me...part of who I am. She should be lying under my chair now or telling me to play ball. Losing her is like losing part of me, like an arm or leg, like I have a handicap without her.
I can't sleep and haven't eaten anything since she has been gone. I need her, I really really need her.
Her best friend is my brothers dog, a big dog, she thought she was a big dog too. She could run like the wind and could always catch his tail. When I was at work they were together, I wonder how he will cope without her. I would watch him greet her in the morning, head down, ears down, tail wagging and I would watch him sulk when I picked her up after work....he would mope. I hope he will be OK, I know I'm not.
I feel your pain, I wish there was some sort of magic that would make coping easier. I lost my first dog in 2009 and the sadness for her is still raw, I still cry for her, she was 16 when she died, I knew I was lucky to have her that long, but it still wasn't long enough.
Rambling through the tears, sorry, I hope you feel better soon.

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I know what losing a pet "by the day" is like. My Yorkie, 17 years 4+ months died at home (loving vets came to my house) Friday. I've been a mess since.  I need to go to work tomorrow. Dreading that. I miss him. Everything that made him my family's. His absence is a presence. Having also had a guinea pig be it a rabbit, cat, dog or otherwise, grief is grief. This little dog with a heart of gold and a character larger than life meant so much to my family. I can't imagine not having him around. I've been crying and sleeping. Grief is so complex to deal with... I'm literally at a loss.

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Grief is natural response when you loose your dear ones, I can understand the pain and suffering you must be going through. Anger, Isolation and depression are the common recation over this kind of situation. But you have to accept the fact and move ahead. My Grief loss counselor has really helped me with this situation.

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What is it that you have to accept? I accept that grief is real, as is love and loss.
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