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It has been about 5 weeks since we lost our sweet dog Beans. Our hearts were crushed when I came home from work one day and found out our neighbor of 16 years, had shot and killed our beautiful dog. He wasnt even 3 years old yet. 6 days later, our 14 year old dog who was his best buddy passed away as well. Im convinced he died early of a broken heart.

Unfortunately, Beans got under the fence and ran in their yard. The police said the neighbor had minor injuries and asked me if i thought he had done it out of spite. Yes, he absolutely did! Apparently, he tried breaking up a dog fight and was bitten, but they have 3 big dogs of their own. No witnesses, no clue which dog bit him. He also turned down medical treatment too because his injury did not constitute killing our poor dog. He just didnt like the way our dog barked and his wife would always yell at him through the window. We were always good about bringing him in whenever he would bark at their dogs.

This was a very traumatic event especially the way was handled. The police carried out poor dog over to the house and placed him in the garage and we said our goodbyes to him. Why is it ok to kill a dog without further investigation and zero justice? It should not be ok to take the life of an animal like that.

Our family is devistated and we miss everything about him every day. We have to look at their house every day too. I cannot wait to move. They make me sick! :( :(

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I almost had a similar thing happen.  We were living in a rented farmhouse and the people a short distance up the road had a small dog that would come around and harass our dog.  Our dog was a black lab who had a great deal of self control, but one day he just snapped when the small dog wouldn't leave him alone (and we were inside the house not noticing this was going on).  He grabbed the little dog and shook it.  The owners rushed over and made a huge scene, and it turned out the dog had a punctured lung, and we had to pay the vet bill.  They also threatened to shoot our dog if he came near their dog again, even though it was their dog harrassing our dog near our house.  We moved away after that.

So I can really understand how you feel.  Besides the agony of your dog being shot, you're probably feeling an incredible animosity towards those people and there seems to be no recourse.  Had they shot our dog, I really don't know how I would have reacted.  Not physically violent, but verbally for sure.

Losing two dogs so closely together is awful, sorrow piled on sorrow.  I hope the next place you move to has decent neighbors (or better yet, no neighbors!).  

I'm curious to know, though, if there is no law in your area regarding using a firearm within a certain distance of another dwelling?  If you're in the US, maybe not, which is a shame.  


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I am so very sorry for the loss of your beloved dog, Beans. From what you said, it does sound like your neighbor was acting in a contemptuous way. I am so sorry. Maybe you can look into a civil suit, I don't know anymore with 'stand your ground' states, neighbors have shot other neighbors for too loud of music. And got away with it. I am so sorry your beloved baby has left your side. Prayers for healing for you and your family. Your baby is still watching over you from Heaven, protecting you. xoxo <3 <3 <3

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There are different laws in different states if you live in the U.S. regarding abuse of animals.  There is a website I found which lists the law in each state if you live in the U.S.  It's called "" (without quote marks).  Or you can google your state or country and area you live in for laws regarding the killing of a pet.  This won't stop you from mourning your pet's loss of course.  But if there is no law on the books for this kind of situation where you live, perhaps you might make it your special cause to get such a law put in place, so that other pet owners do not have to suffer the same fate you have.
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