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Hello to everyone,
I found this message board last night and am emotionally destroyed over surrendering a kitten to a shelter yesterday. It was a painful experience I’ve never had to do before. I hope I’m posting this on the correct area in this forum. I’m looking for some support as this was very very difficult for me and my daughter.
A little over a month ago I was dropping my child off at school. When I walked into the cross walk to go to my car(mind you this parking area is crazy busy in the mornings) I felt something furry between my ankles. I looked down to see a tiny five old kitten in between my legs. It went to walk directly into the street. I didn’t want it to get run over so I picked it up. You could see that it hadn’t eaten in a long time. I asked around the parking lot and asked inside the school for a week but no one claimed the little guy.
I contacted a local cat vet and they said it needed to be bottle fed. So I went out got what I needed and bottle fed it around the clock. At first I had no intention of keeping the kitten. As the days and weeks went by the little kitten became part of my family's routine. Without realizing the kitten was helping my family in more ways than I could of imagined. I suffer from serious chronic health problems. Having the kitten around was helping me with anxiety and took my mind off of my fragile health. My teenager who suffers from anxiety and stress from school wasn’t acting out anymore etc.
My spouse who works all the time originally told me to keep the kitten. As the kitten got older and more playful as kittens do my spouse was slowly getting annoyed with it. The kitten did cry at night, but in opinion that’s not a reason to get rid of it. A couple days ago my spouse decided he had had enough and threatened me to get rid of the kitten. I tried to explain how attached the children and myself were getting to it and the help the kitten was doing but my spouse said he didn’t want to hear it. I asked around, called several shelters, and finally found a no kill shelter and made an appt. Yesterday my spouse made sure our children were with me when I had to surrender the kitten. My daughter and I were very sad.
I don’t know how the kitten got in the school that day or if someone dropped it there on purpose abandoning it. I honestly feel a coyote would of eaten it, got hit by a car(which is common where I’m at), or someone could of grabbed it for medical experiments. So I feel like it was a good idea to help it, but because the kitten was so young and had to be bottle fed and slept with a stuffed animal sucking on it. I feel like I failed the kitten. I use to work at animal shelters and I know what goes on in them. Some say no kill but that’s not true. I don’t have a negative view on shelters but I’m not completely positive about them either.
I feel like a failure who abandoned this little kitten. My autistic child is asking where is milo(the kitten) and my teenager is hurting. I’m upset my spouse honestly doesn’t care but I personally feel like I did something wrong. We own two other older cats so taking this kitten in wouldn’t of been that big of a deal. I’m very hurt and emotional today.

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You did a great thing by rescuing that tiny starving kitten and taking care of it. It is rather sad that the circumstances forced you to have to give the kitten up. As you already own two cats, it would seem like a third one shouldn't be that big of a deal.

I am hoping that if you keep at trying to get your spouse to allow you to take back the kitten, he may relent at some point, and then this story will have the happy ending it deserves...

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Thank you taking the time to read my post and reply. Unfortunately my spouse is not willing to let us have the kitten, saying we care more about the kittens feelings then his😔there are so many animals at shelters. It’s sad I had to put this kitten there.

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But you saved that little life. It will find a new home. Grieve your little one and hope she finds a new forever home. And thank you for your kindness. ❤️
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