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I was on another forum a few days ago and heard this expression.  I had never heard it before--a heart dog.  That is what my dog was---I had had other dogs and though I loved them I never loved them like I did Libbie.  So now I know what that expression means............she was my heart dog.  When she died, she took the biggest part of my heart with her.


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To me a heart dog is; The one who has left us but is still in our hearts, yes they do take a piece but there they will stay forever, in our hearts.----Jerry in Oklahoma.


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To me a heart pet--dog or cat--is one that affects your feelings/heart in a profound way. You relate to each other primarily throught the heart and that's why it's such an intense bond, and when you lose it--you feel such loss. All of my animals are like that, that I ever had. I feel for animals, all of them, even ones I never met. I can cry if I see something on TV about an animal passing away or whatever. Or, if I see an animal walking down the street and think it might be stray, I get depressed about it. I wish I wasn't so sensitive about these furry little fellows.


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I too, like Nancee get very emotional about animals and any pain or discomfort they go through, whether it be the wild animals in their natural habitat in Africa, the bears and apes being poached in Asia or the beautiful majestic whales off the coast of Japan being slaughtered each and every day. I pray all the time that man will learn to co-exist with the wonderful creatures of this world - and to give them the respect they deserve. I guess all we can do is start in our own backyards - with our own beloved pets and like a ripple in the ocean, we pass on that empathy, care and protection to all living creatures, great and small.

It's comforting to know everyone here loves their animals in such a beautiful, caring way.

Jesse's Mum

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I have a close friend and we both lost our "heart" dogs very suddenly and unexpected and often talk about how different it has been versus losing other dogs or pets. It's a term many of us that train and work with dogs use for that really once-in-a-lifetime dog that is so rare and special and just takes a huge space in your heart that no other really can. We form a bond with them that goes beyond our normal love and relationships with our pets, and they seem to have an understanding and ability to read us and respond to us in ways that are often quite extraordinary. You will often hear people use this term when talking about a truly special assistance dog, or therapy dog, or even just a pet that you might have had during a difficult time that helps you through it. There certainly are all kinds of "heart" dogs and I'm sure for many people, they consider every dog to be one. But it certainly doesn't mean the loss of other beloved pets is any less difficult, or that they weren't loved greatly as well. But a "heart" dog just has such a special place in our hearts in ways that are almost impossible to describe, and that leave such a huge gaping hole behind when they go that simply cannot ever be filled. I often wonder if the reason my special boy was taken from me so abruptly was to spare me the almost unbearable pain of having to make that decision given different circumstances. I've always been able to let my dogs go in the past when it was the right time, but just the thought of losing Taz was too painful to really even think about, and so much worse to actually go through. I would consider myself beyond lucky to ever have a another "heart" dog again, but at the same time, I'm not sure I could go through losing another.

Taz, Dearly loved by Mary Jo, 4/28/95-5/25/08
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